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Cleaning Up

      There are two reasons why I have not said anything about these matters all along. The first is that I wanted our students to cultivate to maturity on their own, to see these problems for themselves as they go about cultivating to maturity, and to get through them on their own. The second is that [I wanted] to see just how far those who orchestrated things would deviate. I was going to say something only when the human attachments had fully revealed themselves. Now that you have seen the problem, I’m going to say a few words.

      The goal of some of the activities and projects that our students run is to save people and help Master validate the Fa, but time and again the only people it reaches are our own students, rendering these as internal things. We can’t go on like this. For one thing, those efforts cannot save people, and secondly, they interfere with our students’ cultivation and saving of sentient beings. At the very least such efforts consume a great deal of manpower. Dafa disciples are to help Master rectify the Fa, and you mustn’t consume our human resources this way. If some of the websites run by students can have a positive effect saving sentient beings, then you should continue to run them and do so in a healthy way. If they cannot do this, however, then don’t let them end up serving as interference. I would especially suggest that you shut down all websites that drive a great number of new students as well as those who haven’t studied the Fa deeply or who have strong human attachments to join in. Ordinary people’s websites, things done by those who think of themselves as promoting certain activities on Dafa’s behalf, and online activities by self-proclaimed practitioners have nothing to do with Dafa disciples’ validating the Fa. From this day forth Dafa disciples should not participate in them anymore, especially the politically-oriented activities. Toppling the wicked CCP is not the goal of cultivation. Rather, for Dafa disciples the ultimate goal in cultivation is to reach Consummation. We expose the persecution in order to help people see the evil for what it is, and thus be saved. The disintegration of the wicked CCP is Heaven’s mandate and a historical inevitability, and not something worthy of Dafa disciples doing things solely to that end. There are a few people among our students who, because they believed some nonsense from ordinary people early on when they first got close to Dafa and did not realize that it was divine beings probing their minds, have long held doubts about the cultivation done by Dafa disciples. So many years have passed, yet they still keep looking at Dafa with a human mindset and cannot forsake their attachments to politics and the power and gains that may come from such things in the future. Time has waited for you too long. Don’t do Dafa things with impure human attachments. Dafa disciples’ cultivation is solemn. No matter how clearheaded you may think you are, in reality, all of your involvement stems from your wisdom having been clouded by the attachment of pursuit that you have had since early on. Though you have made it to where you are today, you have always been the object of ridicule by divine beings. How sad it is that you have come close to Dafa, but cannot enter.

      Let me address another matter. The human mind is unstable, so don’t think that ordinary people are going to have righteous thoughts. There are some ordinary people who identify with Dafa’s principles, but they have not actually done cultivation that is based on Fa. They have, via the media, spoken up for Dafa disciples and opposed the persecution, and this has led some students to consider such people extraordinary, and even treat them like Dafa disciples, not making a distinction between the two. And then there are others, even more foolish still, who regard what those people say as Fa. Being flattered by more and more people, these [ordinary] people can’t help but grow delighted with themselves and forget who they are, which then leads all sorts of attachments to emerge in them. They then become so bold as to say or do anything, even to the point of disrupting Dafa disciples’ normal cultivation and validating of the Fa. The truth is, this phenomenon can’t be blamed entirely on these ordinary people. These people—who sympathized with Dafa—have been ruined by some of our students who lack righteous thoughts, are irrational, and don’t do things based on the Fa. Since what we do is to broadly save sentient beings, then people, no matter their frame of thought, are to be given a chance of salvation, and thus, human thoughts of every type are going to manifest among our students. I knew about all of this even before I first imparted the Fa. What is key for you is to study the Fa a lot. With a great deal of Fa study, you will naturally have righteous thoughts and, as you go about validating the Fa you will naturally do things based on the Fa. And only then will you take the right path. Master doesn’t want you to always take the wrong path, and even less can he bear to see you being persecuted. Oftentimes the hardships you endure really are brought about by human attachments. When your human attachments are strong and you don’t realize it, the old forces’ factors will use the evil to capture you and send you to labor camps for persecution.

      After reading this student’s article, I wanted to say a few words to help you clean things up. It is still up to you yourselves to walk your paths well hereafter. When you have all become mature, the next stage will begin.

Li Hongzhi
August 6, 2009

The above is in regards to an August 6, 2009, article run by Minghui.org entitled, “Don’t Be Self-Indulgent and Draw Demons to Ourselves”.

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