Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Changchun

Question: Teacher, you have said that now is the Fa-Ending period, and Buddhas, Taos, and Gods are no longer concerned with matters of ordinary people. Then why are you concerned?
Teacher: Because I am a person among ordinary people. Even when nobody else is concerned, I am. This is something I myself want to do. However, it is not something that can be done just because someone gets an idea in his head to do it.
Question: My husband practices [another type of] qigong. Is there a conflict with my practicing Falun Dafa?
Teacher: You practice yours, and he can practice his. If he wants to practice Dafa, you can teach him. If he doesnít want to practice, then you just practice yours. Fear is also an attachment. It is no problem as long as your mind is not moved.
Question: I donít have the thought of cultivating to high levels and just want to stay at the level of healing and fitness. I would like to ask the Teacher, can I reach Consummation? If I follow my conscience among societyís ordinary people to be a good person, where will my soul go after I die?
Teacher: If you donít even have the thought of cultivating to high levels, how could you reach Consummation? See, the problem is ďI donít have the thought of cultivating to high levels.Ē If this is where you are starting from, then what Consummation will you reach? Itís hard to say what you will be reincarnated into in your next life, but perhaps youíve accumulated virtue and done good things. By doing good things, accumulating virtue, and enduring hardship, you might gain a lot of virtue. Since you donít want to cultivate, it wonít be transformed into gong, so in the next life, perhaps you will attain good fortune in return.
Question: If some practitioners do research on the Book of Changes, will their cultivation be interfered with?
Teacher: The things in there are just principles from our Milky Way galaxy, not greater principles. But the Fa we practice is greateróthis Dafa is enough for you to research for a lifetime.
Question: Because I had a face-lift, there is some silicon rubber material in the bridge of my nose.
Teacher: It doesnít matter. Some people have told me, ďIíve had contraceptive surgery,Ē or ďIíve had something removed.Ē It doesnít matter. Let me tell you, in the true body of yours it wasnít removed. You should practice all the same, and everything can be cultivated.
Question: Every time I think about Falun in my mind I shudder. Why does this happen?
Teacher: If one has animal or spirit possession, this might occur, but in the classes I got rid of them for the vast majority of our students, with the exception of the very few who still hadnít changed their way of thinking and werenít firm about cultivation. When I was getting rid of those things, I didnít investigate further.
Question: If getting a promotion is pre-determined in oneís life, then is it true that a person doesnít have to work hard to make a good showing, and can wait for everything to happen as pre-determined by fate?
Teacher: The Fa is taught to cultivators. If I were to tell an ordinary person today that this is how things work, he would still fight and struggle for things, because he is an ordinary person and wouldnít believe [this principle]. Thatís just how ordinary people are. Ordinary people donít believe in this. It gets to the point where it is inevitable that a person will fight and struggle to obtain things.
Question: When I practice the exercises, my body sways involuntarily.
Teacher: Donít sway, donít sway involuntarily. If you just canít stop swaying, then open your eyes and the swaying will stop. Do this until you donít sway anymore.
Question: While practicing Falun Dafa, especially while practicing the second exerciseóFalun Standing Stanceómy hands feel like theyíre holding a mass of qi. If I donít consciously control it, the mass of qi will pull the hands inward or sometimes push them outwards.
Teacher: This is the Falun turning. What you are feeling is just the feeling of the Falun rotating.
Question: Would it have any negative effects if I do the exercises while under the effects of the Lengyan incantation?
Teacher: I have said that reciting incantations is actually asking to be strengthened by that practice. You have my Falun and Law Body to take care of you, so what are you reciting that for? Do you want to stand in two boats at the same time? Do you want to add other things to your cultivation? Isnít that your intent? You wonít gain anything that way.
Question: I often move. Will your Law Body help me to purify my place of residence?
Teacher: Wherever true cultivators go, they will be helped. If you just want your homes cleared up when you move, you wonít get anything. I didnít come here to clear up your house.
Question: If I stop the exercises when images appear, will it have any effect on my cultivation and improvement of gong?
Teacher: Are you saying that when you see an image in front of your eyes, how will it affect your practicing if you stop the exercise then? It has no effect. But often when an image appears in front of our eyes, itís best for you to quietly observe it until this image passes. If once it appears you donít look at it, and itís as though you donít want it, then perhaps your state is as though you are giving it up. So we still want you to look at it, but donít develop any attachments.
Question: Does looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend count as an attachment?
Teacher: Many of our young people should find a boyfriend or girlfriend and form a family. Cultivating among ordinary people doesnít mean you should become a nun. This is not a problem. This practice of ours is mainly about cultivation in this complicated environment of ordinary people.
Question: After my child attended the class he couldnít continue to do the exercises. Will the Falun protect him forever?
Teacher: If a person canít continue to do the exercises, then it wonít work, right? One has to keep doing the exercises. I came to save cultivators, not to specifically protect ordinary people.
Question: When I feel the Falun in my body turning, sometimes it changes direction before it completes one circle. Some people feel the Falunturning more than a hundred times before turning the other way. Why does this happen?
Teacher: This is because in the beginning, when it is adjusting things in your body, the Falun doesnít follow a set pattern. It is an intelligent being and knows how to adjust things for you, until you have been adjusted suitably. When your body is finished being adjusted, and after you are completely acclimated to it, it will quite naturally turn forward nine times and then backwards nine times. But at that point you wonít feel anything, you wonít always feel it. We all know that the stomach moves slowly, but do you feel your stomach moving? When [the Falun] becomes a part of your body, when you have adapted to it, you wonít feel its existence.
Question: Can we tell those who donít practice cultivation the Fa and Heavenís secrets as told to us by Teacher?
Teacher: Donít casually talk at a high level to an ordinary personóhe wonít believe what you tell him. If he believes, then you can tell him. But otherwise those who donít believe it will undermine Dafa.
Question: If a practitioner can get rid of attachments, can he still have an attitude of striving hard for things and doing his utmost in accomplishing things?
Teacher: At the current level, itís unrealistic to ask people to give up everything and be in a state of no intent. At your current stage, although I have strict requirements for you, being among ordinary people you are bound to still put effort into personal gain, and thereís no major problem there. But slowly, as you improve, all of these attachments have to be reduced gradually. Itís not realistic to do it instantly. Also, you said that you would give up attachments while still striving hard for things. Isnít that an attachment itself, for you to want to keep doing it? Your question contradicts itself.
Question: I already used your photo to consecrate the statue of Buddha, Buddhist scriptures, and the Buddha shrine. Is the Law Body on the Buddha statue your Law Body? Can I burn incense for it now?
Teacher: As a matter of principle I donít do these things, and we are not looking after ordinary people. As a cultivator, if you donít really believe in these things, it will be even more difficult in the future.
Question: As soon as I do the exercises, I sweat all over. Is this a good thing?
Teacher: Of course thatís good. Sweating by nature expels bad things, and it means that your body is hot. When people have health problems their bodies are cold. It shows that you have practiced well.
Question: For a person with great virtue, do many people have to drop down and lose virtue before he can collect great virtue?
Teacher: A person with great virtue has great forbearance, and he can endure the hardship of hardships himselfówhat does this have to do with others?! Itís not that in order for him to cultivate to a high level, others have to lose virtue. In the process of cultivation, people will seek you out so that you can pay back the karma you owe, unless you leave this environment to cultivate, in which case you will have to switch to another way of paying back karma. Even then, it wouldnít be you that was cultivating, so it is a must that you cultivate in this environment. People will inevitably provoke you, just as you will inevitably create karma among ordinary people.
Question: How many times should I do the exercises in one day?
Teacher: If you have time, then do more; if you donít have time, then do less. However many times is okay. In the beginning, itís better to do the exercises as much as you can. Your doing the exercises is strengthening the mechanisms. The true increase of gong, the changes in your body, and the strengthening of abilities are all results of the mechanisms that we installed in you. Your doing the exercises strengthens the power of the mechanisms.
Question: In ordinary human society itís inevitable that a person has all kinds of thoughts. Will thinking about various things distort the shape of the Falun?
Teacher: Its shape wonít be distorted. Thoughts in the regular course of working and regular thoughts are normal in the process of cultivation. If you are always thinking about personal gain or how to keep others from doing things to you, how can you improve then, given that your thinking is the same as that of ordinary people? That will hinder your improvement.
Question: When meditating there is a sound in my ears, and my mind goes blank.
Teacher: This is a good thing. It means that your distracting thoughts are goneóthis is very good. But you have to be aware that you are practicing.
Question: When developing gong energy, should we cultivate until the master consciousness (zhu yishi) is in charge?
Teacher: Thatís not the right way to look at it. The subordinate consciousness will practice along with you, and he too will gain gong. But in the future he will always exist as the subordinate consciousness. You are always the main body.
Question: When doing the exercises, I feel like Iím in a bit of a trance.
Teacher: If you feel like you are in a bit in a trance then just open your eyes to do the exercises. Donít do the exercises while in a daze anymore.
Question: Can I lie on my back to do the four wheel-holding movements?
Teacher: Donít do it like that. I didnít teach you to do it like that. Perhaps some people find it comfortable and not tiring to do the exercises this way, but how could that be okay? Can you not endure that little bit of hardship while doing the exercises?
Question: When I did meditation in the past, some scenes would appear. Is it because the sub-consciousness was closed off that they stopped appearing?
Teacher: Donít be concerned with this. Donít be attached to it. That is something that happened in the past, and whatever situation occurs in the future while doing the exercises, just go with it naturally. As long as you arenít attached to it, seeing something is in itself a good thing.
Question: I didnít attend the class. Will I see results if I frequently read the book and study?
Teacher: Those who didnít attend the class, but can study on their own and are truly able to follow the xinxing requirements that guide practitioners as they cultivate, can achieve obvious results just the same.
Question: Whatís the lowest Attainment Status of the Buddha school?
Teacher: The lowest Attainment Status of the Buddha school is that of the Arhat. Below that, there is no Attainment Status and the cultivator didnít reach True Attainment Status and didnít go beyond the Three Realms.
Question: Is it true that all Falun Dafa practitioners, as long as they are diligent enough, can reach the cultivation of the Buddha Body?
Teacher: Dafa is boundless. The Buddha Fa is boundless. It all depends on the cultivation of your mind. When you reach the cultivation of Beyond-Triple-World Law, the cultivation of the Buddha Body begins.
Question: Arenít the subordinate consciousness and the master consciousness two different people?
Teacher: They are all you, just one person. They have one name and come from the womb at the same time as you, but they are actually two consciousnesses.
Question: How do we pass on the practice and the Fa?
Teacher: Weíve discussed the matter of how our practitioners of Falun Dafa teach the exercises before. You can teach them and pass them on. When you pass on the righteous Fa, you are accumulating virtue, doing something good, and saving people. You can pass it on and teach people about it, but donít use your own words to teach people about it. You should use what Teacher said and what is written in the books. You should do it this way. What you are passing on is not Falun Dafa if when talking to others you mix in any of your own thoughts or any images that you saw! You are at your own level, and the principles that you have understood are not the complete Fa. When I teach, I am combining very high-level principles, so your own things canít guide people. Even though you may have seen something or come to know something, the problem still exists. Also, the way our practitioners pass on the practice is entirely voluntary; they are doing good things and accumulating virtue. If youíre a practitioner, what are you after? Youíre not after fame and fortune, right? What we are after is merit and virtue, so nobody is allowed to collect money. Also, nobody can use the form I am using to pass on the practice. Itís fine for you to hold discussion groups or for everyone to discuss things with each other at group practice sites. The reason is that you canít teach this Fa. Some people may say that they are schoolteachers, but thatís something totally different. This Fa has extremely, extremely deep inner meanings and provides different types of guidance at different levels. You simply cannot teach it.