Hong Yin V

The Grand Verses



Hongzhi Li


(English Translation)

June 25, 2020





Cosmic Rogues, Your Days Are Numbered[1]

Darkness blankets the sky,

And those once near are gone.

People look to the sky, and cry out:

“Is there any true God still there,

      if the universe has lost its course?”

All will turn to dust if I don’t renew the Way,

Those not approved of will become ghastly ghosts.

When one day the renewal is done,

      you will be made to dissolve without a trace.


September 30, 2006

The Future Is in Your Hands

Though we know not one another

The Creator mercifully protects us all

Though we may have different cultures

Our values are the same at heart

We all ultimately await His deliverance

Humanity is at the end of its time

Knowing this inspires me to share these truths

Modern thought and ways corrupt us

Atheism has turned us from the Divine

The theory of evolution devalues our lives

The Divine is sifting the good from the evil

And the Saving Ark shall sail without delay


January 2, 2015

Dafa Shows the Way

Though we know each other not

Together on this same planet we dine and dwell

And while our backgrounds may differ

We share common values in life

Mankind is now in its final days

And all the world awaits the Creator’s coming

So I share with you the truth

Let not modern thought and ways bias you

The Divine has been selecting which souls are saved

Each chooses for oneself between good and evil

Dafa shows the way to a future free of doom


January 2, 2015

The Ark Sets Sail

Busy as each of us may be

Pause for a closer look around

Behind dark clouds, an epidemic lurks hidden

Humanity heads in a perilous direction

The oppressor’s lies mean to keep us from Heaven

Modern thought and ways will not take us there

It is my mission to make everyone aware

Falun Dafa is saving lives

And each of us longs to finally be saved

Allow yourself to slow down and reflect

The Saving Ark you came for is about to set sail


January 1, 2016

Why We Came to This World

We await the Creator’s deliverance at the end of days

On the eve of disaster He spreads the Way that saves

But many lives are consumed by worldly pursuits

Though all the efforts of this life perish at the grave

We travel alone and empty-handed from one life to the next

Caught up in this world, we forget our purpose here

Many were sovereigns above before coming to the earth

They forsook their divine forms to save their peoples above

Worldly success is not that important in the end

Fulfill your sacred destiny to be renewed

Find the truth to break free of this maze

Fulfill your purpose on this earth to taste true joy


January 5, 2016

What Faith Is

Some ponder what true faith in the Divine may be

It is not about staunchly defending one’s religion

The only way to Heaven is to forsake attachments

And become gentle as lambs like divine ones have said

Holy Wars are meant to be affairs of the divine alone

To fight one’s fellow man over faith is to harm and kill

Man’s evil side grows stronger as his kindness ebbs

God bars from his Kingdom any who revel in killing

True faith in the Divine is shown when

We forsake all worldly attachments and wicked thoughts,

for Heaven welcomes only the good and kind


January 6, 2016

My Vision

A vision came to me, so vivid and real

At time’s end, the Creator restored the Universe and Way

Countless divinities came to this world to await Him

Followers of Dafa are telling of the Great Way that saves

The Red Devil uses lies and money to meddle with man

Its unbridled evil bars people from boarding the Ark

When faced with the choice of good or evil,

you must honor your promise to gain deliverance

Herein lies your ticket to salvation

I am divinely called to share this vision through song


February 9, 2016

The Wish

Man’s values have declined in these end times

Modern thought challenges the Divine

The Creator has come to save the world

Yet now the followers of Dafa are persecuted

Lies are trumpeted in order to bury the truth

Some go with the flow out of selfish interest,

only to sow the seeds of their own demise

Consequences are imminent for the oppressors

Avoid the perils at hand and seek the truth

Heavenly salvation is what every soul longs for


February 15, 2016

Making Clear  

We are followers of Dafa

Bringing goodness and blessings

Making the truth known and saving lives

As the world’s morals continue to decline

Modern thought and ways are laced with poison

Atheism now supplants the idea of the Divine

Evolutionism profanes God and man alike

Through song we depict things as they truly are

Dancing with the divine, we help unburden your life

Depart not from tradition, for the course is perilous

The Creator has set foot in the human world

He seeks to awaken and save us on disaster’s eve

Be not a fool, for the whole world awaits Him!

The truth shall take you to Heaven, so waver not


February 26, 2016

A Revelation

Though you may be on the ocean’s other shore

You continue to be in my thoughts

For the Way’s renewal is centered where you are—

The main thread of the divinely bestowed culture

Five millennia of civilization with immense beauty and depth

The Creator decided to here remake the cosmos at time’s end

When the trying times come, disciples of Dafa

      can be tempered in their practice following the Way

Morals decay when people depart from God’s ways

And the mad world shall perish in divine-wrought disaster

Most in this world came from above to await His summons

Seek the Way for [your] heavenly kingdom

to be remade, your holy place renewed

This is why you came here and assumed human form

And this is how you may fulfill your age-old pledge


March 1, 2016

The Divine Are Fulfilling Their Pledges

Through song I share that divine ones are fulfilling their pledges

The most guarded of secrets must herein be revealed

The universe had undergone massive changes, and many lives

sought to avert catastrophe, as futile as the effort may be

Myriad divinities descended to the earth, assuming human form

To await the Creator’s salvation and His making all anew

But one must meld into the Great Way to board the Ark

In this beguiling world, our divinity has been covered and lost

We are tempted by the lure of earthly things and affairs

There is atheism, the offspring of the Red Scourge

And evolution, a doctrine both speculative and false

Modern thought and ways take a perilous course

The oppression and lies lead men to damning acts against the Divine

Little time remains and the urgency only mounts

Sin no more and fulfill the pledge that brought you to this earth


March 12, 2016

A Dafa Follower’s Vision

A vision came to me, so vivid and real

At once magnificent and awe-inspiring

At time’s end, the Creator came to save the universe

and make right the Way of the Divine

Countless heavenly ones descended

and assumed human form, to await Him

But a Red Scourge arose and did acts of evil,

stopping them from boarding the Ark

Atheism and evolution are false and not to be believed

The ideas and ways of our day lead us toward ruin

In these troubled times, the Divine evaluates our character

Our souls are weighed on a moral scale

as we choose between good and evil

And in the balance hangs each life’s salvation

Seek out the followers of Dafa to truly understand

For the vision I had now unfolds!


March 22, 2016

Answers Revealed

What has brought us to this world?

The question has haunted many a soul

Worldly gain is often mistaken for the goal

We work so hard to store up more wealth

But fortune and power prove short-lived

A lifetime’s efforts end at the grave

Most people on this earth came from above

To find the Way and one day return

The Creator has come to teach Dafa, the Great Way

Seize the day, for the Ark will soon set sail

Our past lives were all for today

Dafa’s followers offer truth that shows the way


March 30, 2016

This World Is Not Our True Abode

Most lives came from Heaven above

And should not just strive for worldly ends

We come to this world empty-handed

And leave without even our physical bodies

Atheism and evolution have a hidden agenda

Modern thought and ways have disastrous effects

The cosmic cycle had come to its fated end

So the Creator formed the universe anew

     and spared no effort to save all living things

We came to this world to await His guidance and salvation

The Great Way back to Heaven, Dafa, is now widely taught

Mistake not this world for your true abode

Find the Way and return to Heaven, for this

     is what you have longed for over so many ages


April 13, 2016

The Foretold Comes True

In my homeland an ocean away

The culture runs five millennia deep,

and has immense beauty within

It is the central thread of a divine tapestry

Legend says the Creator will be born in the East,

and set forth a sacred path

In our lifetimes this legend has come to pass

His followers are tempered by ordeals

as they strive to save all lives

Most everyone on Earth comes from Heaven

We came to this world to seek our Creator

He restores humanity, values, and traditions at time’s end

To turn from God’s ways puts us at great risk

Many are misled by atheism and evolution

Modern thought and ways change us for the worse

What we truly long for is to return to Heaven

After so many lifetimes it now is possible!


April 17, 2016

Our Song

We strive to help our Master save lives

Performing around the world, on tour, is our mission

Our early years were spent studying

and on learning the fundamentals of dance

Most of our hours now go toward professional mastery

Through spiritual discipline our souls constantly ascend

Whenever we grace the stage, joy and laughter follow

Our sweat translates into thunderous, grateful applause

The best days of our lives are here, under the spotlight

We are so fortunate

Honored to be Dafa disciples

To be the ones called Shen Yun


April 17, 2016

Longing to Return

From Heaven above came most lives

But the memory has long been buried

Our true longing was not for earthly joys

Status and wealth prove empty at life’s end

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

The Creator has come to save all

Dafa’s followers act out of compassion

Seek them out for deliverance

And secure your place on the Ark


July 28, 2016

The Ancient Vow Is Calling

We hailed from the furthest reaches of the heavens

Our hearts brimming with compassion

Bearing others’ entrustment

Shouldering others’ hopes

We came to this world to await the Creator

Who would remake the universe and save

each realm’s lives, opening Heaven’s gates wide

We came with this longing, though now buried

Our purity and honesty fade as the world declines

And we often give in to earthly temptations

Modern thought strays dangerously far from the Divine

The Great Way that saves now takes the world’s stage

You have wished and hoped for this all these ages

Find Dafa’s followers and no longer walk in darkness

Listen, for your Kingdom is calling

that you may take up the divine path


August 21, 2016

Lost in This World

Some ask me why I do spiritual practice

The answer is that it allows me to find my true self

To know why we are on this earth

And where we are going from here

Most everyone came from heavenly realms afar

And is here to find Dafa and ascend anew

The Creator is here at time’s end, imparting His Way

He strives to save lives from disaster

But this world is a beguiling place

Modern thought and ways bring ruin to us all

Zhen, shan, ren is the universe’s immutable law

But over lifetimes we forget our purpose here

The followers of Dafa are spreading the truth

And have answers to life’s abiding mysteries


September 11, 2016

A Eulogy

Grief fills my heart

The ghastly spirits mustn’t remain

All the evil from other dimensions must go

Give me back my disciples,

give me back my grand plan 


September 26, 2016


The dark clouds will recede

For times are changing

The oppressors have been savage and feral

With little thought to what shall happen next

Carried away, heads filled with wretched thoughts

When consumed by lies, they do evil’s bidding

Even driven by greed to embezzle the country’s coffers

Wicked men conspiring together with endless desires

But arrest awaits, and then comes judgment

Hell’s fiends fire up the cauldrons,

hungry for their next course

Maniacs fattened by greed fry up all the more tender


September 30,  2016

Sharing the Message

Though we may be ethnically diverse

We share in a practice divine ones call Dafa

Our life’s purpose is to save the world

Most on this earth forget their divine beginnings

And that we came to await the Creator,

who shall spare us from disaster

Humanity now takes a ruinous course

Let not modern ideas and ways take you astray

Do not forsake God’s appointed ways

May this song stir in your memory

the vows that brought you to this earth

The truth you hear offers passage to Heaven

The final days of salvation now unfold

And so we share this message


November 26, 2016

When Compassion Surpasses Love

He can see the love in her eyes

But must pretend to be no less the wise

Her words are full of affection and care

But the truth is something he must air

For followers of Dafa are now oppressed

And togetherness would bring

only distress and frustration

He must but keep this love in his breast

Yet every time his eyes upon her rest

He wishes her to stay and not depart

On leaving he aches to spill his heart

But so that she may have a future bright

and for the sake of her enduring trust,

Do her right, on his part, he must

So that all living things may be saved

He honors those vows to the Creator he gave,

with every ounce of strength


December 10, 2016

To Bring Hope

An evening breeze dispels summer’s heat

And rays of moon illumine the starry sky

Most in this world came from the heavens

And await the Creator’s deliverance, in human form

It fills my soul with joy to follow His path

And elevate in spirit through Dafa, the Great Way

I wish to share this joy with others

I long to bring awareness to more people

Yet for this I am persecuted and cannot go home

I wish for all to know life’s purpose

And to bring hope to the world


December 28, 2016

For Deliverance to Heaven

I travel the world, from one stage to the next

Letting the truth be known through song

The divine dance opens the way to Heaven

Reviving tradition and restoring moral values

Most lives are from Heaven, though they have forgotten

They await the Creator’s cosmic renewal

and deliverance back to Heaven above

Dafa, the Great Way that saves, now spreads far and wide

Yet many are prisoners to status and wealth

Modern thought and ways defy the Divine

The persecutors of Dafa turn people against the sacred

Sealing their fates with unholy acts

Our greatest hope lies in holding fast to goodness

What I sing is the truth

And what I offer is hope



He Is the One to Deliver Us

People really do reincarnate

Yet who were we in each life?

From where do we really hail?

When may we return to our true abodes?

For what have we reincarnated?

What turns the Sun, Moon, and Milky Way?

‘Tis the Creator behind these, say Dafa’s followers

All of creation is His masterpiece

These questions have a soul-stirring response

We depend on Him to return to Heaven



Why We Bring You the Truth

Though persecution bears down on us,

Our minds are on others’ welfare.

However hard the suffering may be,

at least Dafa’s followers take a path divine;

While the public is poisoned

and harmed by profane Red lies.

In order to save as many lives as possible,

We brave persecution to bring you the truth.

You came to this world for the Way that saves,

To renew the body for Heaven by atoning for sins.

Yet many have fallen under the spell of this world,

With these truths may you see life anew!



Let the Truth Be Known

We come together though diverse

From throughout the world we hail

We are practitioners of Dafa

Out of a shared sense of mission

And a desire to save all living things

We seek to awaken memories of the soul

And offer truth that leads to Heaven

Humanity now takes a perilous course

Modern thought and values lead man astray

But we mustn’t veer from God’s ways

The end times of prophecy now come to be

At the Creator’s behest I spread this message



To Return to Heaven

Dwarfed by the immensity of the universe

Even how we came to this world is veiled

The Creator has come here from Heaven,

to renew the Way at time’s end

The universe shall last forever once He is done

Divine ones thus incarnated here,

where they would suffer in human form

So they might learn the Way

and return to Heaven, remade in body divine

But over all our lifetimes and trials

We forget our purpose, so busy with our lives

Now Dafa, the Great Way, is finally taught

And the truth is right at hand

The Falun’s turn shall renew the universe

And the Ark to Heaven soon set sail


January 20, 2017


We came from different heavens, each divine;

The new universe is born as the old comes to an end.

So that they may finally enter the Creator’s new cosmos,

Heavenly sovereigns came here to become human.

The old universe had crumbled, with dust raining all about,

And Earth was yet worse, in the Devil’s clutches.

Atheism and evolution are unscientific and lack real base,

Modern thought and ways lose sight of the soul.

So many lives live in darkness,

So many are saddled with despair,

So many worsen the world with unethical acts.

But followers of Dafa speak the truth;

A truth that leads through the new Heaven’s gates.


January 28, 2017

Waver No More

We follow Dafa, the Great Way

But oppression seeks to confuse

And hide the truth from view

The universe was in crisis and falling apart

But the Creator remade the cosmos

and forged Heaven ’n Earth anew

Most in this world were once divine

before incarnating here to avert danger

Over lifetimes we’ve awaited His salvation,

hoping not to be left out

Atheism and evolution oppose His will

Modern thought and ways spell ruin for posterity

We each made vows, now forgotten,

before descending to this earth

I call out to awaken that memory in you

The Creator offers hope to humankind

through Falun Dafa, now taught in this world

So fulfill your vow and waver no more!


March 6, 2017

Salvation Is At Hand

We come bringing the Creator’s decree

Followers of Dafa give their all to offer salvation

Most in this world are divine beings incarnate

Who await salvation and a universe new

Dust and dirt always arise with great change

The demented henchmen wouldn’t dare oppress

the Creator’s children were it otherwise

The Red Devil’s lies try to ruin people’s salvation

Atheism and evolution are meant to mislead

Modern thought and ways corrupt our humanity

People have forgotten their vows made above

Falun Dafa offers a way to Heaven, salvation is at hand

But once the chance has passed, the Gates shall close


March 7, 2017

Break from the Devil Red

The cosmos had grown decrepit over the ages,

moving from formation to stasis, decline, and destruction

Most in this world are divine beings incarnate,

here to seek the Creator on disaster’s eve

You came hoping to regain your divine form, through Dafa

But few keep their purity in this perilous, delusory world

All know the wickedness of the Party

Yet they go along with it,

when it spreads lies to attack Dafa disciples

Destroying China’s traditions

Distorting its history

It should be clear what the vile Party is doing

But curiously there are those who support it

The Devil Red strives to ruin

the Chinese’s hopes of salvation

It began by debasing the populace with

its violent and crass ways

And then filled them with immoral lusts

for sex, money, power, and fame

I still want you to hear the truth, with disaster now at hand

For you pledged your life before coming to this world


March 15, 2017

Revealing the Mysteries

All that exists was made by the Creator’s hand

Heaven’s lords were each crowned at His command

But the cosmic cycle spelled ruin for all that is

So He remakes the universe and strives to save us

In these cataclysmic times, most lives in this world

are divine beings incarnate, here for His protection

Over many lifetimes we have awaited and longed

for His deliverance, so many the years

Now He has come to this world,

and is spreading the Dafa that redeems

We mustn’t let worldly things overtake us

Modern thought and ways change us for the worse

Atheism and evolutionary theory lead us nowhere

The way back to Heaven lies right before us

Open your mind and find the followers of Dafa

to discover the truth they hold

Only these kings-to-come offer passage to Heaven


March 25, 2017

I Sing Now of the Truth

O’er the world’s stages do we tour

’Tis of truth we choreograph and sing

Most souls in our day are from realms divine

For the Creator shall open the new Heaven’s gates

Thorns and waves He braves

to share Dafa and renew creation

Dregs and dirt are cleared for our deliverance

Divinely bestowed were the ways of tradition

But far from the Divine do modern ways incline

Atheism and evolution are the Devil’s snare

With these words I share the truth

A vow brought us to this world, though now forgotten

The followers of Dafa are messengers divine

Who suffer bravely so that you may have hope


December 9, 2017

In Heaven Shall Our Journey End

Whenever I gaze upon the stars

Questions set my thoughts adrift

Who has guided our many lifetimes?

Who turns the hourglass of our lives?

Upon the spiritual path of Dafa I now stride

And the fleeting nature of life I now see

Life’s purpose lies not in worldly ends

Little should earthly gains drive our lives

Modern thought and ways prove a dead end

The attacks on morality are born of evil

Our greatest hope is for the Creator to save us,

for then in Heaven shall our journey end


December 30, 2017

Unveiling the Mystery

The heavens are gradually brightening

Though the winds have yet to desist

I vowed to the Creator to make the truth known

Neither winter’s cold nor summer’s heat shall deter

Quickly rouse, for Dafa is finally here to save us!

I yearn to spread the good news far and wide

This is what we have awaited over many lifetimes

This is what our ancestors enjoined us to find

And this is why humanity now exists

The followers of Dafa point to Heaven’s way

Before descending here most lives were divine

The eons of reincarnation were all for this day



Longing for Home

Many today are far from the warmth of home

Separated by great distances from those they love

Most on this earth are divine beings in human form

The Creator has come to deliver us to Heaven

Yet just for handing out a leaflet with true words

So many have been persecuted and had to flee

Wandering afar, with nothing beautiful to don

Not even able to send a photo home

Moonward they gaze as longing fills the soul

Sweet dreams bring tidings that warm the heart



The Secret of Why We Are Here

The followers of Dafa act at divine decree

Giving their all for the world’s salvation

Divine ones came here to avert danger,

when the universe was falling apart

Most lives in this world are divinities incarnate

Who wait for the Creator to usher in the new universe

Debris is always churned with great change

So let not the Devil’s Red lies deceive you

They are meant to ruin man’s salvation

Atheism and evolution are a deceptive ruse

Modern thought and ways keep us from Heaven

The gates of the new universe have yet to close

And the followers of Dafa offer deliverance

I sing the truth, the secret behind our world



To Sing You the Truth

We follow Dafa, the Great Way

The oppression is meant to confuse

And hide the truth from view

The universe was faced with calamity,

as it crumbled and obliteration loomed

But the Creator did our sins excuse,

saving man and making creation anew

Divine were most lives before incarnating

here for His deliverance and to dispel disaster

Atheism and evolution are deadly ideas

Modern trends destroy what makes us human

Our heavenly vows now give way to the mundane

May this song help our thoughts turn virtuous again

Zhen, shan, ren is the way to your true home

So fulfill your promise and ascend anew!



The Way That Saves

With vows and faith in our hearts,

we came to this earth as disaster loomed

Shouldering the hopes of multitudes,

we waited and reincarnated

To see the Creator’s coming in our day

But lost in this world, our holiness and love fade

We forget our vows and fall for harmful things

Modern ways and thought tread a perilous course

Atheism and evolution are the Red Specter’s scheme

Hasten to find the Way that saves, for it is here!

I sing of these truths at the Creator’s behest

You came here with but one wish:

to find the Way and return to Heaven



Your Path to Hope

I call out to you on the street in the biting cold

But the intention is not to convert you

For Dafa is saving lives in these final days

And through this leaflet I want to spread awareness

It makes no sense for you to refuse it,

when the Divine is passing judgment

A simple leaflet can save lives and avert disaster

Many a soul has been poisoned by the oppressor’s lies

And anytime soon they may pay the price

For their sake I brave the oppression and rest not

This is the compassion of a Dafa practitioner

An innate divinity spurs me to reach out

I harbor no hope of personal gain

Seeing your awareness will be reward enough

The life-saving Ark is about to lift anchor

And the Creator calls me to show the way to hope



Know to Seek the Truth

We toil away all our lives for earthly rewards

Only to change bodies when reincarnation comes

Our lives fly by without knowing who we are

Even our race may change from one life to the next

All our worldly treasures stay where they are

When our days are over, a mound of dirt is our home

Yet most in this world hail from heavenly realms

For it was here the Creator would offer the Way and save

Modern thought and ways are ruinous things

Atheism and evolution have a hidden agenda

I sing for you of what is true

For soon shall Heaven’s Ark depart



The Beautiful Mountain That Is Dragon Springs

This beautiful mountain villa that is Dragon Springs

Is where we matured into men and women

With its verdant hills and crystal waters,

its songs of birds and aromatic flowers

The pagoda’s bells ring out through the sacred grounds

Youthful students in the classrooms leave a fine example,

with all their talents and grace— 

Peerless artists of Shen Yun in the making

Laughing, singing, and reading together,

they spread beautiful dance and music near and far

In this troubled world ’tis truly a City of the Gods



Don’t Ruin Your Hope of Heaven

Most every soul on earth longs for the Creator

Trying to stay good over all the reincarnations,

waiting, and moving from one life to the next

In this world, our way was lost and purpose forgot

Debased thoughts and acts ruin our hope of Heaven

Atheism and evolution are the Devil’s war on the Divine

Most lives came from above to await the Creator’s call

We are enjoined by Him to hasten and save lives

For countless kingdoms above look forward to

their sovereigns becoming free of danger

What I sing of is true, but ’tis for you to judge

Be wary of views that may cause you

to stumble en route to Heaven


February 14, 2018

Most Were Once Divine

With this song I share words true

Before disaster the Creator is making all anew

Most all people here incarnated from above

to avert the catastrophe at hand

At end of days He calls us to save lives

Worldly wants prove a bottomless pit

To deny the Divine is the Devil’s doing

Modern thought and acts blight the soul

Yet He shall purify whoever learns the truth

May these words enlighten your mind

For at your core you are still divine


March 21, 2018

Mysterious No More (Revised)

The moon has often shone bright

Question not the heavens when drunk

Heavenly palaces are hard for man to see

We are now in the end days

And only dust rides with the wind

Cowards fear great heights and their cold

So climb higher and see the moon more clear

Chang ’E[2]  now walks the earth

She may gaze upon the moon,

though not return there

Catastrophe lurks in these final days

The devilish toad has gone mad

But the Red Tide shan’t last long

Soon the Way will make the world right

When that day comes, the moon will look

all the fuller from on high



The Soon-to-Be Deceased

Wicked demons and spirits are allowed to go mad for now

All misdeeds must be repaid with interest at end, anyhow

Let us see how long all of this will last

For the King beyond the heavens

will soon sweep into the universe


September 27, 2006

Angelic Beauty

Faeries float into the magical scene, the melody sublime

Flowing skirts dancing amidst lilies and verdant grass

Clear as ice and pure as jade, like lotuses glistening with dew

Nowhere in this mortal world can their like be found


They show their angelic beauty to help Master save lives

So stunning it is, humbling even the stars

They tour the world, the epitome of elegance and grace

One day they shall follow Master and ascend the clouds


October 22, 2015

The Divine Path Is Near

A divine path leading to Heaven

Dafa, the Great Way, now spreads

And for this we have come

Yet money’s allure often impedes

Some doubt that the Divine has come

The truth is close at hand

But the spell of this world ensnares

Miss your destiny and the regret will be great

Nothing in life lasts forever

We leave this world as bare as we came

The Divine now calls out to you

For the Ark shall soon set sail


October 23, 2015

The Wise See the Path

The path to Heaven is right before the eyes

But somehow it eludes most people

Even after thousands of years spent in this world

Of looking for the way without ceasing


The lure of worldly success clouds our vision

Moral thoughts are rare in these latter days

Few are those who can awaken to the truth

For only the wise see the path


October 24, 2015

How Many Are Aware?

Great as the world may seem, nothing lasts forever

What is truly great and glorious is found in Heaven

Earthly glories are carried not with us past the grave

Yet many lives are spent fighting for status and wealth


Many of us here were once divine, though ’twas long ago

We came to this earth to await the Creator’s salvation

Atoning for sins and karma, our divine forms are rebuilt

Your heavenly kingdom awaits its new sovereign’s return



Elegant Dance

These faeries glide down from the highest of heavens

Like an array of beautiful flowers, fresh with dew

Their flowing silks flutter and swirl into rainbows

So graceful and angelic are they, journeying the world


Dancing serenely to a melodious tune, sleeves flitting past

Their steps glide effortlessly like mist rolling off a lake

Helping Master to save lives, portraying all of history

Culture from the Divine suffuses their elegant dance


January 2, 2016

Faeries Aflight

The bright moon hangs from the vault of heaven

Beautiful towers and vast halls highlight a beauteous flock

Heaven and Earth are illumined, enhancing the scene

With steps soft and graceful, they whirl sleeves long


Twisting, turning, spreading, closing—these flying faeries

Aerials and swallow jumps that best the greatest dancers

Accompanied by music, the dance itself becomes melodic

With a beauty elevated still more by their grace


January 2, 2016

Dafa Is Saving Lives

Long years have passed since the reincarnations began,

Hard is Heaven’s path to find, but the dream is still alive.

Yet for having become too deeply lost in this world,

Many now strive for worldly ends, their missions forgotten.

The universe was at its end and catastrophe loomed,

Worry filled the hearts of all the higher Kings and Lords.

And so to turn the cosmic tide, the Creator did decide,

To offer the Way of practice, anew, and redeem all lives.

Divine ones descended to await His teaching that saves,

And so Dafa, for nearly two decades, has been spread.

All lives: Quickly rouse and seek out the truth!

Return to Heaven and be prisoner of this world no more.


February 5, 2016

What We Long For

We are all but actors on the stage of life

Undaunted by risks, we fight for worldly success

Only to lose at our deaths what was gained

Naked we are born, buried in soil we leave

Our failures in life compounded by virtue lost

Costing a terrible price, carrying karma from it all

What we really long for is deliverance to Heaven

Yet many have forgotten to seek the precious Book

Dafa, the Great Way that saves, is now being taught

Heaven’s Ark will set sail right on time

What disciples of Dafa are saying is true

So seize the chance and return to Heaven!


February 9, 2016

Solely So Lives May Be Saved


Winds and waves churned by the mad Red Specter

Billions has it deceived in this world


Its lies, once swallowed, breed evil thoughts

The Specter thus leads the poisoned soul astray


Followers of the Way brave the oppression and danger

Upon their shoulders: the fate of many a soul


Dafa, the Great Way, comes from the Creator

He beckons us back to Heaven via His Way


The persecution is meant to mislead the world

To cloud one’s vision and block salvation


Little time is left for deliverance in these dark days

The faithful grow but stronger with suffering


Solely in the hope that lives may be saved

The truth is now spread throughout Heaven ’n Earth


February 9, 2016

For This We Have Come


Most people in this world were once divine

Beautiful and sacred, with boundless power


The cosmic cycle was fast approaching destruction

But who could take the reins and renew the universe?


The Creator has come to set all things right

Divine ones followed Him here for salvation


But in this maze their vows were forgotten

Caught up in the allure of earthly pursuits

and entangled by the cords of affection


Your kin above look to you for deliverance

Find the truth to see everything anew


The followers of Dafa are saving lives

Heaven awaits those who understand


February 14, 2016

Divine Ones Dancing

A beautiful tune and ethereal dance

combine for a celestial scene

Pure goodness, true beauty—

that is the nature of these artists

Like divine maidens are they

floating down from the highest heavens

Making for a fount of color

admired ’round the world


Their long skirts are aflutter,

yet the feet beneath are calm

Their sleeves spin and flow,

yet the body is planted and still

Leaping, turning, flipping, gliding—

like angels in our midst

These dancers truly outshine

all others in the mortal realm


February 15, 2016

Dafa’s Faithful Cannot Bear to Lose You

The cosmic cycle has always ended with destruction,

Sovereigns above worried over the celestial pattern.


So the Creator acted to turn the tide of cosmic fate,

And offered Dafa, a new path to salvation for all.


Heaven’s multitudes came to this world to find it,

Only to grow lost over millennia of reincarnations;


Striving for earthly ends, they forget their purpose,

But hope still exists, as trying as the world may be.


Now the Red Specter does evil and hides the truth,

If you long for Heaven, let not its lies bind you here.


The Divine has arrived, so quickly awake!

Dafa’s faithful cannot bear to lose you.


March 22, 2016

Dafa’s Disciples Offer Deliverance

Eastward flows the Yangtze River, surging ahead

Time passes like these unyielding waters

Through reincarnations we drift, never finding shore

An eternity seems to pass, yet Heaven’s path eludes us

The universe is being renewed on the eve of disaster

The Creator has come and set forth His holy Way

To save the multitudes and remake Heaven and Earth

Most everyone in this world was once divine above

We must look to Him for our kingdoms to be rescued

We may return once remade by the Way

Yet modern thought has changed humanity 

Atheism now eclipses the truth

And evolution is a misleading lie

Often we become caught up in worldly things

The disciples of Dafa seek to save lives

May you break the spell and board the Ark


July 2, 2016

Revisiting Red Cliff in a Dream

A battle was fought upon these sands

for the very lands of my country

The noble spirits of those brave warriors linger on

It is time again to battle for Red Cliff

For China’s culture mustn’t be allowed to perish


July 22, 2016

A Once-in-an-Eon Show

Accompanied by a breeze, angelic women float in,

to the rhythm sounding from the strings

Dressed in long sleeves, so elegant and refined

Their emerald skirts flutter like the willows of Chang’An

They dance in garments of rainbow hues,

like lotus flowers caressed by the wind

Colorful beauties fill the stage in a flourish of hues

Like ladies of the moon palace, descending before the eyes

They spread sweet manna as they dance to the melody

Afterwards it dawns: you have awaited this for millennia


October 26, 2016

The Wait of a Thousand Autumns

Heaven’s faeries float down, dancing with elegance

Beautiful and agile, with coiffures simply divine

Moving to and fro, they exude a myriad charms

With but a smiling glance backwards,

they put the world’s flowers to shame


Spinning, turning, whirling, twirling,

they land their aerial leaps ever so lightly

Stepping so slowly, they come to a halt,

yet the beauty does not stop there

The music and dance call out to your true nature

For this one performance you’ve awaited

a thousand autumns


October 27, 2016

To Watch and Understand

Glory and splendor fill the heavenly halls

Angelic dancing to poetic melodies

And good omens illuminate the skies

As heaven’s graceful dames take steps so light


Their long skirts unfurl like the peacock’s tail

And broad sleeves spin ’round like encircling wings

Songs holy and divine ring out the truth

Shen Yun saves those who watch and understand


October 27, 2016

A Performance So Profound

Bodhisattvas and apsaras descend from the heavens

With a presence as resplendent as any poem or painting

Slowly dancing, quickly flitting, beautifully they move

Arms flowing from the body, the greatest of heroes are they


Torsos swaying, limbs stretching, so elegantly they pose

Like phoenixes with wings outstretched, full of mystique

Their countenances so graceful as to brighten the world

Only afterwards does one realize how profound it was


October 27, 2016

Selecting the Good

Hallowed beauties slowly dance

to the sound of strings and drums

Pure and unblemished,

they float about with a classical air

A thousand charms, a hundred graces,

exuded by their manner

Turning, moving, spinning, halting—

as only angels could


Sweet manna is bestowed

as the firmament is set right

Colors dazzle the eye

as if dynasties Han and Qin returned

How many know

that Shen Yun is here to save them?

The divine are selecting

those who are good


October 27, 2016

Hasten and Fulfill the Wish

The Creator has come to the world

And change unfolds on a cosmic scale

All lives great and small seek Him

But the Red Specter tries to deceive

Leading the world away from truth

Turning humanity against His will

’Tis dangerous and evil to oppose the divine

Trapped in danger they will be,

with no hope of redemption

Heaven and Earth are changing,

and Man is now different

So hasten and fulfill the wish

that brought you to this earth


December 28, 2016

Be Not Left Behind

While the moon shines on this Mid-Autumn night

The Red Specter has turned the world on its head,

and robbed humanity of its traditions

The vast lands of China suffer dearly from its scourge

But the Way shall renew the world and end this madness


January 21, 2017

To Return to Heaven

The celestial music purifies mind and soul

Resounding song conveys a higher Way,

and evokes deeper wisdom forgotten

Angelic women dance like poetry itself

One’s troubles dissolve, worries fade,

and all the clouds are chased away

Divine ones today do great deeds in the world

Tirelessly working to save all souls possible

Our human lives are like a spellbinding drama

From which we must rouse and return to Heaven


March 15, 2017

Creating Anew

None know who decides the vast universe’s fate

Nor what direction this world will take

Formation, Stasis, Decay, Destruction—

long has been the cosmic cycle

Who would try to stop the disaster at hand?


Denizens of this earth: hasten to find the truth!

Heaven’s gates are now open, but only for so long

Returning to tradition puts you on the path to Heaven

The Creator is endeavoring to save all of Creation


April 25, 2017

A New Chapter Begins

Time passes by in what seems the blink of an eye

Dafa’s spread in this world evoked demonic wrath

All I have done to mend the Way is hard to express

I have seen all the evil and good there is,

for I journeyed through countless layers of heavens

Divine ones suffuse this human world, small as it may be

But fiends from beyond have added to its woes

Lives of every variety have come for the Way

Rushing to be the first here, regardless of whether

they would play a positive or negative part

This troubled world is like a grand firework display:

Once the dazzling colors fade, only smoke remains

The time has come for the Way to renew the world

Divine might shall crush all evil, and a new chapter begin


June 25, 2017

Talking Over Tea

Our cups are filled with tea as the moon shines above

Sitting around the burner we chat about China

Playfully discussing events of centuries past

I refrain from answering the questions asked in jest


July 29, 2017

The Taste of Wine

Daoist immortals consumed it as part of the Dao

Literati have consumed it for the poetry it inspires

The common man consumes it to drown his sorrows

Party bosses consume it to fill their putrid mouths


July 29, 2017

The Dao of Tea

The great kettle sits atop the burner

Chatting about the world with every cup

We talk over the cosmos’s affairs

Of all creation, the Way is the greatest


July 31, 2017

On Tea-Tasting

Gazing upon the mountains,

a sea of green meets the eye

Tasting the tea in hand,

flavor delights the palate


July 31, 2017

The Pleasure of Tea

A brazier of charcoal warms on this late autumn eve

The moon lights the world of this secluded valley

Cups of tea accompany resounding song

Sitting in a circle by the railings,

the conversation flows without end


September 9, 2017

Tea Pavilion

Tea steeped in waters from a dragon’s spring,

my body is calm, yet the mind never rests

Timbered hills accentuate an ancient temple,

as I sit and observe the mortal world


Autumn, 2017

A Dire Omen

The moon is bright overhead

and an autumn wind blows

as the night slowly chills

A draft upon the burning coals

flares the fire behind my back

With a cup of tea warm in my hands

I gaze beyond the mountain

I see great disaster approaching

and the portents are dire


September 28, 2017

The Clearing Sky

Bright shafts of moonlight shine through a clear sky

A gentle breeze wafts over Dafa’s courtyard

On this fifteenth day of the eighth month,[3]

lanterns are hung and join the moon

Laughter and chatter sound as the sky clears


October 4, 2017

Ascending to the Vault of Heaven

So consumed are we in this mundane world

Yet we leave this earth as naked as we came

Most days are spent seeking gratification in this world

Only in hindsight do we see what a waste it was

and realize the toll upon both body and mind


In these end times, catastrophe approached

and the universe was in ruins

Myriad divinities came here to become human

Reincarnating and awaiting the Creator’s coming

In hopes of ascending to Heaven, saved and remade



For This Day

Life is but a play, full of highs and lows

Yet so much goes into fighting for worldly ends

Years are lost and the body riddled with ailments

Unaware that there is greater meaning to life


The Creator is making Heaven and Earth anew

And the salvation of many now is imminent

Quickly find the truth to return to Heaven

Dafa is the answer to the age-old mystery



Shen Yun Saves

Iridescent clouds that bring fortune for thousands of miles

Divine music whose every note comes from the heavens

Graceful forms in gossamer silks, like wind-blown willows

Great warriors take us back to dynasties of Han and Tang


Five thousand dramatic years unfold upon a single stage

We work to save lives both at the performance and beyond

Upon watching a performance of Shen Yun

You have boarded the Ark to another world


February 28, 2018

Washing Away the Dust

The beauty of the dance and music move the universe

Divine ladies lithe and graceful, full of charm

These angelic maidens have left the heavens

To fill the stage with beautiful colors and aid Master


Many in this world were divine before coming here

But lost in this arena, they pass their days in a haze

Until they behold the soul-stirring dance and music

And the dust is washed away, revealing their goodness


February 28, 2018

Lost in a Painting

A young man was he, full of aspirations

He sought to emulate great men of yore,

those pillars of the country

When later he returned to his hometown

great renown was his to enjoy

But is that why he is on this earth?


August 18, 2018


A celestial dance, a divine melody,

that come from the heavens

Reverberating deeply, cleansing to the marrow,

warming the heart’s chambers

One becomes kind in thought and visage,

having become a new person

Looking back, when enlightened, one can see

the dream was dramatic and long


August 19, 2018

Spreading Manna

Over all the lifetimes, we forget who we are

Seeking and searching while locked in a maze

Life after life, fighting without rest for worldly things

Sleeves rolled up, one competes in the sea of desires


A single heavenly book blazes brightly in the world

Bringing light to Heaven ’n Earth, spreading manna

Many of us in this world descended from the heavens

So discern the truth and return to the kingdom above


August 31, 2018

Practice the Way

The Dipper turns and the stars pass countless autumns

Our reincarnations span a myriad of ages

This earth was created to save Heaven from disaster

Dafa now spreads in this world to the relief of all lives


Throughout the world conflict has never ceased

Yet the divine have not forsaken us, East or West

The lives of this earth came here to await the Creator

Practice the Way to avoid the disaster and gain new life


September 5, 2018

Who Does Fortune Favor?

Divine ones descended here, putting their lives at stake

And became human in order to await the Creator

Who is who remains a mystery over all the lifetimes

A thousand autumns of this dreamlike existence,

each ephemeral and accompanied by sorrows


The Devil Red dances to the chaos of these latter days

Where good and evil are blurred and traditions lost

Awareness of Dafa is spreading and can save lives

Who is fortunate enough to tread the path to Heaven?


September 7, 2018


The divine look on in awe as the universe is renewed

Yet man is ignorant even as heavens cleave and stars die

The cosmic cycle had come to its fated end, Destruction,

with the times of Formation, Stasis, and Decay past

The chaos of the human world attracted the Devil Red


An auspicious star rises as the universe renews

And followers of Dafa spread a scripture true

The Creator is righting Heaven ’n Earth with His Way

Saving the multitudes and eliminating spirits vile


September 7, 2018

An Impromptu Verse While Watching the Dance Competition

An ugly duckling was she, lost and confused

She arrived at Fei Tian already longing for home

Working on splits in class was once a mortal struggle

Yet now here she is, blossoming in the world of dance


September 16, 2018


Strong young men are they

energetic like dragons and tigers

Leaping, soaring, turning, and spinning

at the international dance competition

They are Yuns, Yue Feis, Guan Yus[4]

Each nimble and dashing


September 16, 2018

Growing in Strength

The crouching dragon hasn’t yet done miraculous deeds

While hidden in the mountains, growing in strength

The wicked demons and spirits may now swell with pride

But one day the dragon shall soar and fill the sky


September 12, 2018

The Moon Shall Rise Again

Families gather on this fifteenth day of the eighth month

While some are complete, many are not

For practitioners of Dafa are subject to persecution

One day the moon shall rise again on this occasion,

     when the Way rectifies the human world


Mid-Autumn night, 2018

The Multitude

On this fifteenth day of the eighth month, clouds fill the sky

The mortal realm lies ignorant, in a dreamlike haze

At this perilous juncture, man fails to wake

But after the calamity, everything shall change


Mid-Autumn night, 2018

The Red Scourge

With a long, sprawling history of five thousand years

China’s sorrows and joys are always on my mind

Yet the waters flowing through the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers

Have never lost their allure and remain unchanged


The Devil Red churned up winds of chaos

Destroying traditions, disparaging the sages

The misdeeds of this era will be resented for ages

But now the purgers of red, the slayers of demons,

come riding on golden lilies


November 8, 2018

To Return

The heavens were wayward,

the earth bereft of virtue,

the very universe imperiled.

The gods could only watch and weep,

helpless to change their plight.

Then a peal of thunder rang out,

and shook the very firmament,

as the chance of salvation had come.

The Holy King of the Falun

appeared and descended in flight.


He created the Three Realms,

to make right Heaven’s Way,

and save all, large and small.

The sins of the world’s many,

He alone bore upon his back.

And remade the universe,

righting Heaven ’n Earth anew.


May you learn Dafa, the Great Way,

to craft a body golden,

and return to your true home.


November 8, 2018

All Part of the Script

Divine poses and enchanting dance from the heavens

Winds and strings, music and song, ever so melodious

A whirling dance of grace, divine beings before the eye

Beauteous and magical the scene, intoxicating to watch


A five-thousand-year culture, bestowed by the divine

Its heroes have now returned to blaze a trail

The many reincarnations were part of the script

All that was done over lifetimes was for this day



A New Score Is Written

The curtain rises to reveal Heaven’s grounds

A myriad rays of light and a resonant gong

Create a beautiful scene ancient and magical

As divine dancing transports viewers to paradise


Heavenly notes enlighten the audience

As the human experience is staged in all its drama

Everything is scripted, on the stage and off

A new score is written to save the multitudes



Transcending This World

Shen Yun’s ancient pronunciation is Yun Shen[5]

The divine music cleanses the heart,

while the dance purifies the person

Ailments disappear and worries dissolve,

the whole body feels light and free

Spirits soar and tears of gratitude well


Viewers’ minds change as angelic faeries dance and spin

For music and song awaken the pure nature within

Boundless is the artists’ merit, helping Master save lives

Deliverance shall one day be theirs, too,

as they gradually transcend this world



The Falun Turns and Heaven Opens Its Gates

Angelic maidens descend from Heaven’s gates

As the music of a miraculous orchestra stirs the soul

A resounding song awakens the age-old vow within

In a dreamlike flash, divine ones appear on stage


Artists pure in mind and body, untainted by the world

Creating heavenly scenes that enthrall lost souls

Our past lives will seem but a dream when we awake

The Falun turns where Heaven opens its gates



An Ode to Shen Yun’s Artists

Lithe and graceful dancers with celestial charm

Spinning, turning, leaping, flipping—so light their steps

In the early days learning their art,
      the suffering was hard to bear

Their legs were stiff, posture poor, and gait awkward


But mastery comes to those who persevere

Practicing hard, studying with heart, for countless days

Until suddenly, the body lightens and everything clicks

And a phoenix spreads its wings, filling the sky



Dancing the Story of History

With divine comportment, unhurried,

like the wind in the willows

Flitting and fluttering like butterflies,

they walk upon the stage

Dreamily, viewers are drawn into the scene

And experience a moment of déjà vu


Amidst a thousand rays of light,

doing the most graceful of turns

Their angelic smiles so enthrall,

those watching are intoxicated without wine

From the sky above to earth below,

the story of history is being danced

Their performance does nothing less,

than recreate what once

was only in the highest of heavens


January 2019

The Sons and Daughters of Shen Yun

Elegant figures, tall like verdant willows

Always smiling, their dance is heaven-sent

Shen Yun’s lovely women are lotuses divine

Following a godly path, helping Master save lives


Handsome and dashing are the men,

soaring down from heavens high

Flipping with fortitude, turning inexplicably

Are any as heroic and gallant as they?

Such strong contenders in the world of dance


January 2019

Spreading Ancient Traditions

A hundred beautiful flowers put ancient tradition on display

Like a beacon fire, the divinely inspired culture they relay

A thousand poses, a hundred charms, show China’s grand allure

Dancing with limbs long, they seem poised to soar away


Celestial music and lovely notes spread mellifluous sound

Shining colors and gorgeous hues compete for renown

For five millennia, divine ones imparted culture to Cathay[6]

Now in this life we restore the traditions again today


February 16, 2019




[1] While some poems are written from the author’s perspective, others are in the voice of practitioners, nonpractitioners, or written as song texts. (This and the following footnotes are from the translators.)

[2] In Chinese culture, Chang ’E is considered the goddess of the moon.

[3] The annual date of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the lunar calendar.

[4] Three great warriors from ancient Chinese history, celebrated for their mastery of the martial arts along with their bravery.

[5] Shen Yun would have been pronounced in ancient times as Yun Shen, which means, “transporting divine souls.”

[6] An older term referring to China.