Hong Yin IV

The Grand Verses



Hongzhi Li


(English Translation)


(Pre-publication online edition, April 1, 2023)





Indomitable Will

Born into suffering

Life itself was a struggle

Blessed to find Dafa

Tarry not on the way home


July 19, 2004

The Return

I call out in this bustling world[1]

As the Falun turns in the end times:

You came to earth for the Way

You have longed for this over a millennium of lives

For the sake of the beings in your heavenly Kingdom

Let not the oppressor’s lies confuse

We have been divinely called to spread the truth

And that is the summons of the Creator


Spring of 2009

The Truth Has Long Been Made Clear

Descending from beyond, through clouds and mist

We drifted aimless amidst the mortal realm

Passing ages, reincarnating endlessly

We entered this world to find the Way


But the crowd is so vast, and we sought in vain

While the world grew old and the human mind corrupt

Now divine beings have come to spread Dafa

And the truth has long been made clear


Autumn of 2009

Dispelling Your Confusion

Though we all long for happiness

Adversity more commonly accompanies us

However brave or bold we may be

Or however lowly or capable

Destiny has its own designs for us

Our task is to abide by goodness without complaint

You have forgotten the hope and wish that brought you here

May my song help to set free your heart

May my song help to dispel your confusion


Winter of 2009

Finding the Path to Heaven

It is hard to find the path to Heaven

As emotion’s illusions block our way

It is hard to see the divine

Yet let go of status and wealth,

   and you will no longer be blind

Most everyone came from Heaven

Becoming human to await the Creator

And the salvation He brings to all,

   heavenly and mortal, in the end

Atheism and evolution are lies

Science has set us on a perilous course

Turn back and rediscover traditional ways

For heavenly beings await you at journey’s end


Winter of 2009

A Return to Glory

They did away with traditions

And branded the well-educated “vile”

Five millennia of civilization

Suddenly denounced as “rotten”

Endless programs of persecution

Tens of millions wrongfully killed

Rivers left dammed and lands stripped

The divine land now covered in wounds

The legacy of Communism

Violence and wicked doctrines

Wanton imprisonment

The Tiananmen Massacre

The murder of Dafa disciples

Warring against the divine

Warring against the earth

Unabashedly evil

Daring even to kill followers of Buddha

With no place to turn now and no tricks left

The Red Scourge is finished

Nowhere can it hide

Awareness spreads far and wide

China’s glory will return


New Year’s Day 2010

The Divine Are Choosing Souls

Let not power and money blind you

Earthly honors are hardly sacred

Power and money can lead to abuse

All is impermanent, like a dream in the end

We ask only that you take a moment to listen

For followers of Dafa are saving lives

In these troubled times, the divine are choosing souls

Only the good board the ferry to Heaven


March 3, 2010

Breaking Out of Confusion

From Heaven we came to this earth

Entering this mortal realm to find Dafa

Enduring through history countless lifetimes

The end of days is here—seek the Creator

All know that His Way now spreads in this world

But truth can be hard to tell from lies

We must learn to see good from evil

Find the truth and break out of confusion


Spring of 2010

Why Saving You Is So Hard

The prophecies of the ages are divine wisdom

All of creation is now in peril

The way out lies in awareness

Don’t dismiss it; try in earnest to understand

Salvation is hard to come by

When the Party’s lies abound

All know the Red Regime is evil

So why support it? Have you no heart?


April 6, 2010

Stirred by Reflection

Lotuses fill the courtyard after a decade of adversity

And a rainbow of colors light the heavens

Divine bodies shine with purity, forged by ordeals

Thoughts so genuine they clear the clouds, leaving azure sky

Disciples of Dafa journey the earth with compassion

Their good will saves lives, purging the evil specter

When right thoughts abide they are divine, even here

The myriad gods await their triumphant return


June 29, 2010

Because We Promised Each Other

Before coming to this earth we promised:

Whoever found the Way would share the news

Yet now you shy away when I tell you of the truth

The lies of the oppressor have misled you

It would seem you know little of Falun Gong

Cultivators of the Way, they travel a divine path

The world now teeters on the brink of disaster

Anyone still filled with poison

   will go down with the Red Scourge

We race against the clock to save others

Only when you are saved

   will my heart’s yearning be fulfilled

To save others, I brave all violence

Because before coming to earth, we promised each other


August 16, 2010

Bring My Wish

I look to the clouds drifting across the sky

And ask that joy be brought to the one I love

The ages I had waited were not in vain

With Dafa now spreading, the moment of destiny has come

And I no longer search in darkness

I look to the fleeting clouds and ask

That my wish be brought to the one I love

May we together lead lives of spiritual focus

And together grow in our faith


Summer of 2011

Truth Be Told

Though we are not acquainted

And regardless of where you are from

I know most of us came from Heaven

And are here to await the Creator

The way back to Heaven begins with atoning for sins

Yet the devil is roused by the coming of the divine

Heed not the lies of the Red Beast

For it wishes to stop you from making this divine connection

Find Dafa’s followers to understand the truth

This is the chance you have awaited for millions of ages

This is your final hope


Summer of 2011

How Long Is the Journey of Life

Our lives are so busy, but the purpose unclear

The most beautiful sunset lasts not long

Our future is far from certain

Crises seem to lurk on every front

Yet as the lamp burns down, a final flash

Bathes the world in its dying glow

The divine is with us in the hour of peril

Heaven awaits those who see the truth


July 23, 2011

Lost, Even While Dafa Spreads

Though the sun still travels East to West

Larger cosmic workings have gone awry

Divine ones came to earth for Dafa

Intent on returning to Heaven with its path

Do not be blinded by money

For that is worthless in the end

After lifetimes of pain, the hour is finally at hand

Dafa is spreading; why are you still lost?


Autumn of 2011

The Divinely Appointed Path

People of the world

To save you, we brave the Red Beast’s violence

The truth we share offers hope

It can purge you of the poisonous lies

To see the Great Way to Heaven—Dafa

To hear the Creator’s call

For these we came and endured so much

We vowed to save lives whatever the peril

For this is our divinely appointed path


Autumn of 2011

The Song in My Heart

In the depths of my being lies an ancient song

A melody full of yearning

Whenever I am hurt

Whenever I feel lost in life

I sing it in my heart, silently:

If we hold fast to kindness, there is hope

Our homes are in Heaven above

I can never forget this melody


Autumn of 2011

An Impromptu Poem for the Mid-Autumn Festival

The full moon hangs high, having risen unnoticed

Mid-Autumn is being celebrated

   at the grand courtyard of Dragon Springs

Though bathed in silver, the eve is still cold

Joy is tinged with sorrow

   for the sons and daughters of China

But the moonlit sky will turn clear by and by

The Red Scourge is receding,

   its devils scurrying to flee

All of creation is covered

   by the great force of Fa-rectification

And no rest will be had until

   all of the evil is thoroughly purged

And the Three Realms restored to a wholesome state

After the Fa rectifies the human world,

   we shall enjoy another autumn


Mid-Autumn, Eighth Lunar Month, 2011

An Impromptu Poem

What are the heavens?

What is the earth?

Human eyes leave not this plane

What are divinities?

What are spirits?

Many foolishly confuse the two

Humans cannot understand the multitude of space-times

Or that all beings’ bodies interweave

A church here may be a pigpen there

A dining table here may be a toilet there

“Worldliness” here, foolishness there

Some have spiritual potential, while others lack


January 4, 2012

Beings Are From Heaven

Human existence is like a maze, with no direction in sight

Even our beginnings are clouded and mysterious

Over lifetimes, reborn in different skins

Kings, commoners, rich, poor: who decides?

Most all of us came from Heaven above

But to return, we who fell down must first be remade

Over all our lifetimes we awaited the Way

Dafa can forge righteous saints


Early 2012

Divine Beings Watch All That We Do

The great river flows east, never to return

Times pass and things change, never to recur

Divine beings watch all that we do, keeping account

As the persecutors of Dafa make fools of themselves

The Red Regime’s lies deceive the world’s people

Clowning around, trying to turn the world upside down

As the Falun turns again, your heart is what counts

The ill winds of the final days will not last long


Spring of 2012

Honest Words

Growth, stability, decline, and death; such a law still exists

Calamity awaits as the firmament ends

In search of Dafa to save the people of their realms

A myriad divinities descended to this world and suffered

After eons of waiting, don’t miss this chance

The Creator has long since arrived

He spreads the Dafa and saves all lives

While the Red Beast sows confusion with lies

Your conscience will tell you what is true

Man is blind to the gates of Heaven, open after all these ages

We forget who we are amidst the delusion

But Dafa’s truths will make sense of it all

Your family awaits in the heavens above

So quickly board the divine vessel

   and transcend this mortal coil


March 15, 2012

The Choice

The Dafa that saves the world was born in the East

But that is not the evil Communist Party’s [domain]

The Creator chose that land

Because incinerating the Party of evil could temper diamond

Dafa disciples suffer like the awakened ones of the past

So do not choose the wrong side

Curry the wicked’s favor and you will fall into their trap

Dafa has spread from China to the West

Learn the truth, for that is your hope for salvation


May 3, 2012

From Where Have We Come?

As geese travel from north to south

How many of us remember our heavenly homes

Why did we become buried in this earthly world

And who steered our course over all the lifetimes

What explains our special feelings toward the divine?

Falun Dafa sheds light on the truth of the matter

Though its followers are persecuted in China

That is because in trying to save you, dust has been stirred


Summer of 2012

I Sing the Truth

Through my song, I share with you the truth

Your life is not meant to be just an offering to the Party

For we all came from Heaven

And life after life, we were not meant to fight

But actually to await the Creator of the universe

Do not believe the Red Beast’s lies

The Red wall is toppled to rescue you

The persecution is a facade

The evil is always trying to challenge the divine

Do not miss the opportunity of the ages

For my song holds the hope you’ve awaited


July 1, 2012

Our True Abodes

The years of our lives pass by in a blur

Yet as time fades, our promises go unfulfilled

Too many are the regrets

Too poignant the feelings

Our human lives are but a short sojourn

We forget our true purpose in coming to earth:

That we were entrusted to save Kingdoms above,

   fulfilling their hopes

And that to seek the Creator’s aid

We descended from on high without looking back

But in a world of illusion one becomes lost

Worldly success counts for naught in the end

Obtain the Way to return to Heaven, your true abode


July 8, 2012

Through Song

I travel the world’s stages

Sweat and tears behind the melodies

Applause and cheers resonate together

For I convey the truth through song

The dances meanwhile enkindle hope

The Creator’s voice resounds between heaven and earth

Now is the moment awaited for millions of years

So that you shan’t miss the moment of destiny

I fear no persecution and resist the lies

Traveling the world’s stages

Conveying truth to you through song


Autumn of 2012

Not So Mysterious

The moon has always been there

Ask not of Heaven when drunk

It is hard for people to see heavenly palaces

Now is the end of days

What rides the wind is naught but dust

Only cowards fear the chill of high places

Climb high enough and you can grasp the moon

Chang’E now walks the earth

Gaze at the moon now and again

Attain the Way to return to Heaven


Mid-Autumn 2012


Note: I saw on the Web that the tyrant had quoted a line from Su Shi’s poem, “Water Song,” saying that he too wanted to “ride the wind.” I had a good chuckle and wrote this.

A Lyric Poem for Mid-Autumn

Crisp autumn air and full moon come ‘round again

Countless years have we wandered this world

Preeminent figures have come and gone

Hanging high above, the moon sees all

As danger now befalls us in these latter days

The heroes of yore await consummation

Helping Master save lives, practicing Dafa

Theirs is a divine glory that outshines this moon

As all of creation is remade and

   a new heaven and earth begun

A moon made anew, and night will no longer be dark


Mid-Autumn 2012

Gazing Upon the Moon

An autumn breeze accompanies the moon tonight

While Chang’E strums her zither above

Bells clang gently from their wind-swept eaves

Accompanied by the laughter of transcendents below

The sky seems to stretch to infinity

A light illumines a sea of clouds

Sky and earth alit at this midnight hour

Joyful conversations linger on deep into the night

As clouds flit and flicker overhead, under the moon

My thoughts turn to all our incarnations over the years

And how we have wandered this earth so long

All for a chance to board the vessel to salvation


Mid-Autumn 2012

Good Tidings for You

What have we been awaiting in our mortal lives?

And in whose hands is the fate of the world?

Falun Dafa has freed me from a lifetime of confusion

Most people came here from Heaven above

To save their cosmic bodies in the hour of peril

Since the Creator decided to right the Cosmos’s Law

We must be remade by Dafa to return to Heaven above


Winter of 2012

Calling Out to the World’s People

I sing a song, calling out to the people of the world

Before the calamity, the divine was sure to arrive

Dafa disciples spread the truth

That is the divine opening Heaven’s gates

The world appears to flourish, yet chaos abounds

And the Red Beast is spreading lies

Heaven’s gates won’t be open for long

How many will enter, and how many will become dust?


Winter of 2012

Secret of Heaven

No matter your ethnicity

My song will tell you the truth

Do you know from whence you came?

Through countless reincarnations, why this human form?

Most people of the world were kings in the heavens

Who descended from above to save their Kingdom’s lives

The Holy King has come to spread Dafa

Fulfill your vow and let your wisdom shine forth


Winter of 2012

To Save All Lives

Like the scenes of a play our lives are acted out

Worldly things in the end fade away

Across our lifetimes we play different roles

From king to commoner, lost in the act

Our lives once began in the palaces of Heaven

We ventured to this earth for Dafa, the Great Way

Just to learn it entailed waiting for the Creator

But to return to Heaven we must first be spiritually remade

Now the Creator, the King, has come unto this world

He staves off disaster, teaching

   divine Law while in human form

Let not worldly concerns now hold you back

Or the regret will be dire, your destiny missed


Winter of 2012

Life’s True Purpose

The universe has lost its purity

In these latter days arose the Red Beast

But the Creator has since come to the world

Good and evil clash in a soul-stirring fight

This is no tall-tale of which I sing

’Tis the truth and must be made known

We face deplorable persecution

Our efforts to save stir up violent response

Lies are spread across the land

The children of the Lord prove their mettle

To save lives in these latter days is divine will

Compassion moves me to not forsake even one

Hurry to find the truth

For that is your life’s purpose!


Winter of 2012

For You I Sing

Dear friend,

It is for you that I sing

I fill this song with sincerity

Shared from the depths of my heart

Dafa disciples are divine messengers

They spread the truth to save the world

Nero was a devil and a tyrant

Today’s Red Beast is no different

We must not forget history’s lessons

Those who scoff now will regret before long

Those who understand are on a divine path

Dear friend,

I am singing this for you

And this is the hope you’ve awaited


January 10, 2013

My Deepest Wish

To save all beings I spread the truth

Don’t let lies lead you to resist the call

I have no intention of changing your faith

I just hope you aren’t fooled by the voice of the persecutors

I am not trying to make you a Dafa follower

Rescuing people is a vow I made to the divine

I am reaching out to you before disaster comes

For you once prayed for salvation,

   and deliverance back to Heaven


February 6, 2013

Attachments Block the Way

In search of eternal life, they sought the Way

Traveling to houses of worship, year after year

Studying countless scriptures, learned they’ve become

Prattling into the night over spiritual things

The Creator has now come after all the waiting

But the Red Scourge arose just as He came to save

It falls upon us each to see the truth from lies

For those who pass the test, passage to Heaven awaits


February 6, 2013

Will You Board the Divine Vessel, About to Set Sail?

We came here to await the Way that will save all beings

Yet blinded have we become, over all these lifetimes

The Way, however sought, could little be found

Lengthy chatter over scriptures proved empty


At Day’s End the Creator props up the falling sky

But a Red Scourge attacks as He offers the Way

The test falls to each of us to discern true from false

Will you board the divine vessel, about to set sail?


February 6, 2013

All Return

To save the cosmos and hold back destruction’s tide

The Creator made the earth, to which divine ones came

Most of the world’s people hail from the heavens

And await the Way, to save our heavenly kin

Yet it’s easier to come to earth than go to Heaven

We often fall for the allure of worldly things

Now the Creator has finally come!

And with His teachings has divulged life’s mysteries

Learn the truth and board the vessel home


February 7, 2013

The Compassion of Dafa Disciples

I have explained all to you

Yet you choose to believe the oppressor’s lies

To save lives is the sacred vow I have sworn

For all my toils I have never received a cent

My only wish is to rescue you from danger

For this is the compassion of Dafa disciples

For this is the hope that brought you here

For this is your chance to return to Heaven

For this is the Creator’s summons


Early 2013

How Few Are Aware

The setting sun paints the clouds

Yet sunset ever brings worries

A beautiful, brief flash of glory

But the lingering clouds are somber and dark

The fading light bathes China

How many buildings will survive?

Few can divine humanity’s fate

Only those noblest of souls can tell


Early 2013

Divinely Vivid

Voices seemingly not of this earth

Dance so beautiful it looks divine

So graceful these maidens they float

Across the stage ever lithesome

Bridging worlds human and divine

Shen Yun’s dance spans the three domains


March 25, 2013

Chatting Over Tea

The full moon casts a silvery glow tonight

As we imbibe tea at the temple pagoda

Our talk never strays from matters of Shen Yun

Few know all the difficulties behind its success


June 19, 2013

The Bright Moon

From antiquity to today has the moon shined

Celebrated in verse since time immemorial

All of our reincarnations were but for today

The divine path ends in the truest of gold


June 21, 2013

The Origin of All Wisdom

(in couplet form)

The three words of Zhen, Shan, Ren

   are sacred with boundless power divine

At just the sincere thought of, “Falun Dafa is good”

   all calamities will change


Summer of 2013

Why Do You Reject?

You once made a covenant with the Creator,

   before you came to the earth

Saying you wished to be found when Dafa would spread

Yet now when the truth is shared you reject it

How many the persecutor’s lies have misled

May good people not fall for the propaganda

The path we follow is guided by the divine

To save lives is our sacred pledge

On the eve of disaster we must race against time

To save lives, we will brave the ridicule

To save lives, we will brave the brutality

My heart will not rest until all have found the Way

My heart will not rest until all have been saved


Summer of 2013

The Age-Old Dream

Long have I been driven by an age-old dream

’Twas almost like a fable, yet wondrously divine

We were in Heaven and signed a pledge

To journey below for but one mission

Through lifetimes we’ve gone, pained and confused

And finally the age-old dream is fulfilled

The Creator is here, offering salvation, Dafa, to all

This is why we came, this is what we’ve awaited

I now make good on that ancient pledge

For this is no mere fable, it is happening right now

A dream shared in the hearts of many


Summer of 2013

Life’s True Purpose

So little is constant in life

Our joys are always accompanied by sorrows

And good times often require hard work

When my dreams were dashed, I often wondered

What is the purpose of life?

Dafa has allowed me to understand

Most everyone hails from different heavens above

We came to earth when the universe was imperiled

To await the Creator’s purification

No more am I sorrowful or distraught

I have found the Creator, the King of the Law

And I am following His sacred path home


Summer of 2013

A Song Long Awaited

Through song, I reveal many truths

Life is not a contest for status and wealth

You and I alike came from Heaven above

For lifetimes we have awaited the Creator, the King

The persecution is but a facade

Meant to block you from seeing the truth

Now the Creator spreads Dafa as crisis nears

To save you, I topple the Red Wall of lies

This song holds the hope that you’ve long awaited


Summer of 2013

This Is the Truth

Though we know each other not

Seeing you in danger, I will extend a hand

For most all the world’s people came from Heaven

To await the Way and one day be saved

Returning to Heaven, our bodies remade divine

But such things the Devil can little stand

And so persecution and lies were unleashed

All to prevent you from your sacred destiny

Blocking you from the truth

Making you miss what you’ve awaited for eons

In the truth lies your greatest hope


Summer of 2013

Why Refuse the Call?

Why do you turn away?

We do not seek to change your faith

Much less make you a believer in the divine

Such things are in the hands of fate

We made a sacred pledge to save lives at risk

Our only hope is that you learn the truth

For you had once prayed to God for deliverance to Heaven

But now you refuse the call due to Red lies

Your soul longs for what Dafa disciples share


July 6, 2013

The View of the Mountain

Fog encases the mountain                  

     Clouds cover the sky

The scent of camellia flowers           

     Mingles with chimney smoke

Drink fills my cup                                   

     Clear, cool, and sweet

Finally, some quietude                         

     Yet countless duties loom


August 1, 2013

Choose Your Future

I have shared the truth with you

About the persecution that harms all lives

We strive to save people on the eve of disaster

And honor our immemorial vows to the Creator

We earn no rewards for our labors

But such is the compassion of Dafa’s followers

This is the very reason you incarnated here

This is the eternal hope of your being

Break free from the lies that aim to fool the world

Follow your true thoughts and choose your future


Autumn of 2013

The Creator Summons You

Disaster threatened to erase all hope

But the divine is fulfilling the covenant

Whoever you may be

Wherever you may live

The Creator still calls out to you

While the Red Beast begins to deceive

The reversal of good and evil

   makes telling right from wrong hard

Spreading lies, giving bribes

To try and stop you from being saved

Preventing you from hearing the truth

The truths that Dafa disciples tell can free you of your bonds


Autumn of 2013

The Creator Alone Is Humanity’s Hope

I want to fly back to Heaven, but have not wings

I want to leave this world, but know not the Way

I have lived both worldly glory and humiliation

I have tasted both the bitter and sweet of the human realm

When will the Creator come?

Only He is humanity’s hope


Autumn of 2013

Be Not Lost

Thousands of years, reincarnating

Life after life, full of ordeals

Our nature is lost as we seek worldly things

Gone is the purity we once had

Our lives are explained away as chance

But atheism is a lie

And evolution a farce

Humankind is the work of the Creator

And He will bring us home to Heaven


Autumn of 2013

The Truth

Have you yet awakened the memory of long ago?

Can you recall the vow from before coming here?

Through our reincarnations we have been waiting

What we have long hoped for now comes to pass

Hearing the truth can set your buried memory free

And the truth has the power to spare you from destruction

Our humanity has been ravaged in these latter days

Layers of attachments block us from seeing the light

Newfound clarity shall come to us with the truth

And the plight of Dafa disciples will make sense

For with the truth you will find your self again

And the destined will surely feel emotions welling within


Autumn of 2013

The Song You Have Awaited

The song I sing comes from my heart

This melody has long been with me

All that exists was made by the Creator

At the end of time He spreads good news

All of creation has awaited Him

This is life’s purpose, so do not let it pass by

Further awareness will solve the misgivings in your heart

Let not the persecution deceive you

For it is the Red Beast being provoked

   as we try to save humanity

Heed not the lies of the persecutor

Do not let bias take root in your heart

This is the song you have awaited over lifetimes


Autumn of 2013

A Song for You

I have a sacred song for you

I once wondered: Who created Heaven, earth, and all things?

Why does life seem such a trying and aimless affair?

Who is it that I am?

Who really am I?

We try so hard, but are left perplexed over lifetimes

Now Dafa has unlocked my wisdom

I now understand life, and fret not over each trifle

The Creator has come

He calls on me to rouse lost lambs before the disaster

This is the song you’ve awaited

A melody from Heaven above


October 2013

Ethereal Beauty

Long, flowing sleeves stream forth

Angelic are these gracious dancers

Spinning maidens, sublime

Flowing in stunning arrangements


The music is from the heavens

Its exquisite notes transcending the clouds

The songs free the mind of its fetters

Each sound beckoning us back to Heaven


Winter of 2013

True Purpose

My friend

The divine is loathe to abandon you

Not on account of your virtues

But out of a compassion for all lives

The truth will explain all to you

Clearing the lies vilifying Falun Dafa

The venom has gone to your heart

Physical harm can be mended

But a poisoned soul shan’t be spared disaster

I only hope you can see right from wrong

I wish to tell you life’s true purpose


Winter of 2013

Vast as the Sea Is My Heart’s Embrace

Vast as the sea is my heart’s embrace

All under Heaven’s blue canopy my stage

Saving lives in Master’s service, my vow

’Tis divine plan that the truth be made known

Each home and village graced with sweet dew

The ages of waiting were not in vain

For the Creator has now come

With all their might, followers of Dafa

   rescue lives amidst calamity

The madmen are now on the edge of a fall

Though few know the injustice we have endured

Heroes of the ages arise amidst the Red Tide

For what we walk towards is a future divine


Winter of 2013


The universe’s last page has now turned

With the day of salvation upon us,

   the divine calls me to awaken you

Though our name has been tarnished

The truth will set everything right

Those lies are poison, lodged in your mind

And unlike flesh wounds, which can be treated

A poisoned soul will be disintegrated with the Red Regime

I ask only that you tell good from evil

The choice is up to you

I just want you to see the truth

For you once implored the divine not to forsake you


January 1, 2014

A Song From the Ancestors

There is a song in my heart

Passed down from my ancestors to me:

At the Red Regime’s end divine beings shall come

And the spiritual followers will suffer for humankind’s sake

The legend now comes true in our day

The melody tells us to answer destiny’s call

This is every life’s final hope

This is the salvation we have all longed for


January 9, 2014

The Divine Promise Has Not Been Broken

The divine once promised

To deliver us to Heaven at the end of days

For countless ages, all lives have awaited this day

Yet now, even when summoned, they still do not see

Dafa has been taught all the while

Its holy believers bear the world’s burdens with their blood

They raise awareness to save others, even while oppressed

The divine promise has not been broken

Yet some people care only about their interests

And do not scrutinize the oppressor’s lies

They dare not believe reality:

   the divine promise is being fulfilled


January 15, 2014

Awaken Now

So long ago you came down to the world

For millennia you have reincarnated here

Fighting to get ahead, the true you has faded

Worldly wants overruled your purity

Atheism is a pack of lies

The heresy of evolution has displaced divine word

Yet in times of misfortune,

   people still complain that God does not care

Do not use science to drive humanity toward danger

You came to this world for salvation, your destiny

To return to Heaven is the soul’s deepest wish

To return to Heaven is the destiny you’ve long awaited


January 23, 2014

Vast and Mighty Grace

All things were made by the Creator

At the time of Renewal, He shall deliver us to Heaven

The Divine Coming will not be as you expect

Do not let your beliefs block your salvation

Nor let emotion cloud your judgment

All lives are equal, however they may appear

Goodness or wickedness determines salvation

The Creator has descended, born in the East

All beings, human or divine, depend on His grace

All things were made by the Creator

At the time of Renewal, He shall deliver us to Heaven


January 23, 2014

The Creator Is Calling

The Creator is calling

For this, all have come to earth

Yet the Red Beast spreads lies at the same time

Good and evil are left to each to discern

Faced with crisis, finding salvation is hard

For generations of sin stand in the way

The choice is yours alone

For ages, you have awaited this hour

And now the Creator is calling


January 30, 2014

An Impromptu Poem

Maidens grace the stage

Music transcends, divine

Young men noble and strong

Beautiful ladies flourish scarves


Dancing through history with the divine

Heavenly notes resound across time

In a single Shen Yun show

Five thousand years renewed


February 5, 2014

I Am Helping You

Dear friend

I wish not to give up on you

’Twas you who once prayed to the divine for deliverance

There is more to the persecution than it appears

It blocks people from salvation and learning the teachings

Divine forces will clear our name that oppression tarnished

The wounds of the body shall be healed

And the toxic lies will be dissolved

I come to help you see clearly before the hour of peril

Yet whether you are saved is up to you


February 6, 2014

A Legend From My Hometown

There is a legend in my hometown:

When the yellow flowers bloom, the red flowers shall fall

The Creator will come to save, delivering us back to Heaven

While deceit and oppression will invite divine wrath

How many shall survive the disaster is not known

It will be holy followers that save us from this calamity

While a Red Beast oppresses and harms

Using lies to slander honesty, so sinister its heart

Finding the truth will be the key to surviving disaster

The legend is now coming true

Yellow flowers are blooming, while the Red Regime falls

The Creator is delivering people back to Heaven


February 10, 2014

Righteous Thoughts

They surge like thunderbolts to cosmic heights
Roaring with colossal power, reaching beyond the heavens
They sweep across the cosmos, no crevice left untouched
Eliminating at once all that’s degenerate and deviant 


February 13, 2014

As the Red Beast Is Incinerated, Diamond Is Tempered

Ten thousand petitioners went to Zhongnanhai

But the wicked Party’s thug leader wasn’t right in the head

He wagered the Red Regime in a challenge to Cosmic Law

And spread ill winds of treachery across the world

The lowest of scum in all of history, at home and abroad

He digs his own grave with acts of madness

The Red Regime will crumble after the diamond is tempered

And Dafa’s followers, fulfilling vows, shall return to Heaven


February 14, 2014

My Ancestors’ Song

There is a song I know

A legend from my ancestors

The melody is simple and pure

But the message profound

It tells of catastrophe in the Final Days

And of followers of a Great Way

   persecuted for saving us

The truth will be buried in lies

Making people confused

   and disaster hard to escape

But it will still pay to be good

To survive, one will have to find the truth

This is my ancestral legend

And signs of the catastrophe suggest it is true

For as legend told, all mysteries will be revealed

   as followers of Dafa spread the truth

I want to make this legend come true

I want to make this song come true


February 15, 2014

My Dream Fulfilled

I have long had a dream

That one day I would return to Heaven

For that is a soul’s true home

The Creator has now arrived in the world

He brings us to Heaven with His Great Way of Dafa

I do not want to miss this chance

I wish to fulfill my dream

For this is a human being’s only hope


February 15, 2014

I Will Stay With You, Dafa Disciple

I sense your deep affection when by your side

But you always keep your thoughts to yourself

Kindness infuses your determined look  

Yet you never ask that I stay with you

You explain that you are saving lives and must not let up

And the last thing you want is to see evil done to me

I know your vow is to make known the truth

And your compassion is suffused with divinity

I will accompany you always and forever

Even if it means wandering in danger


February 16, 2014

A Believer in God Should Abide by His Word

The universe and its divinities were the Creator’s making

Regardless of in whom you place your faith

The god you believe in is but a speck in the vast cosmos

Let not your notions of race blind you

Or the divine shall scorn you, however often you visit church

It matters not the color of one’s skin

All lives began in realms divine

And no matter who you may be

All are awaiting the Creator’s salvation

Even the divinities above long to be chosen by Him

Humanity must now concert its efforts

And resist the forces of Satan—the Red Beast

Till the way to Heaven opens before you


March 30, 2014

A Sacred Song

Life proves confusing at times

Yet whenever I lose my way

A song in my heart softly sounds:

Don’t complain

Stay good and kind

Most people came from Heaven

We’ve become human to await the Creator

In this lies the hope of each and every life

This song awakens me

This song gives me strength

The sacred melody brightens the sky


Spring of 2014

The Beauty of Shen Yun

’Tis like a dream, seeing Heaven while in this world

Beauty abounds as sleeves unfurl,

   movements light and extended

Exquisite colors and maidens of yore fill the scene

Their grace and purity make for a sight ethereal


Grand choreography with figures strong and vigorous

Heroes of China past shine through in all their glory

With men so noble, virtuous, and manly

Reviving tradition is no longer but a wish


Spring of 2014

Passing by a City of Casinos

On a long night’s journey, the road drifts out of focus

As my head nods and my eyes struggle to stay open

Suddenly the hilly and barren landscape afar

    sparkles with thousands of lights

As if the bright stars from the Milky Way had descended

But the scene proves one of sin and debauchery

The bad and the good in muddied waters

   vying over rotten things


Spring of 2014

Helping You to Safety

Men have forgotten what divine prophecy once told

That the Devil would return a thousand years later

The Red Regime is the work of Satan

Though the Cold War has ended,

   greater danger is posed by the CCP

The Berlin Wall has fallen, yet the evil Specter lingers

Oh, good people—

You came to this earth with a mission to fulfill

Veer not too far from the ways of tradition

Modern thought leads us toward destruction

Everyone will behold the final events to come

Only followers of Dafa can guide you to safety       


July 6, 2014

Dare You Continue the Madness?

You jump up and down in madness[2]

Your lying mouthpieces howl like wolves

People wicked as demons abet waves of madness

Devoid of kindness and without a conscience

But as the autumn wind grows, reds become yellows

Your insolence disappears, replaced by constant panic

Retribution comes soon; there is no escape

Evil deeds receive their due

Dare you continue the madness?


July 15, 2014


No matter from where you hail

Your true home is still in Heaven

Our appearances may differ, but inside we’re the same

We strayed from our true nature

And thus came to this earth

To be cleansed of sin and return to Heaven

Dafa disciples are spreading the truth

But Heaven’s gates shan’t be open long

What you’ve hoped for is a chance to return


July 19, 2014

Life Is But a Short Sojourn

In life there are often setbacks

And we suffer without hope,

   like treading through a desert

Yet whenever I feel lost

My mind has a sudden flash of clarity—

Do not despair

Be strong

Hold on, for the Creator shall remake us all

Do not let worldly things lure you

   away from your path back to Heaven

These thoughts give me strength

Life is but a short sojourn,

   and we must seize the opportunity

To finally discover and fulfill our true purpose here


August 1, 2014

Divine Ones Are Fulfilling Their Promise

(in couplet form)

Shen Yun blossoms, its fragrance wafting far and wide

Saving lives by making the truth known


August 2, 2014

Life’s Purpose

Through song I hope to rouse your lost memories

The promise you made before coming seems forgot

It was for the lives of your Kingdom above to be saved

It was to come to the world of man to meet the Creator

In chaotic times you fell for the Red Scourge’s lies

And now you reject the truth Dafa’s followers share

Compassion compels me to still not forsake you

I call out to you again as I strive to save all lives

So fulfill your promise, for that is life’s purpose


August 7, 2014

What the Dafa Practitioners Say Is True

Happy are people over status and wealth

Succumbing to emotional highs and lows

People meet and part, and only some dreams come true

Status and wealth are no more real than a play

And the flower of youth fades before long

Many feel pained when thinking back on life

So what then is the meaning of it all?

What the Dafa practitioners say is true

I just hope I haven’t missed my chance


August 10, 2014

My Wish

A breeze brushes my cheek this eve

Bringing cool respite from the summer heat

Old memories lead me into a reverie

Turbulent were the times I grew up in

Lies driving the nation to madness

But my faith survived, the stronger for it

Elated am I to learn Dafa in this life

And in order to share my joy with others

I leave my hometown, dodging persecution

All that I do is meant to raise awareness

Helping others see the purpose of life

And find hope in the darkest hour


August 12, 2014


Perhaps we have all had past lives

Then who have we been each time?

From where do we really hail?

When may we return there?

For what have we reincarnated?

What turns the Sun, Moon, and Milky Way?

All of creation is His masterpiece, say Dafa followers

These answers have left me stunned

To return to Heaven, we must be saved by Him


August 15, 2014

What We Came Here For

Why must life be so tiring?

For whom are we really here?

Our enmity and affection are but fleeting clouds

One day we shall realize how sad it was

  to lead these lives in a scripted play

Status and wealth cannot be taken with us

And for all our efforts, we come out losing in the end

People came to this world to await the Way

The good will return to their heavenly homes

Countless lifetimes we have reincarnated

This is the moment we came here for!


August 16, 2014

The Creator Has Come

The Creator has come

After all the earth’s waiting

All that exists owes to Him

The Creator has come

For Heaven and earth were crumbling

And the end of the cosmic cycle—
    destruction—coming too soon

The Creator has come

He imparts Dafa to save lives

   and drive away clouds of darkness

Only when every part of the cosmos works properly,

   shall all worlds last eternally


August 17, 2014

History’s Lessons

History’s lessons are so often forgot

Such as how the Buddha once taught

And the Brahmans rejected him for not being one of them

Or how Jesus, also seen as threatening by other religions

Was crucified and finally even pierced with a spear

A new universe begins as Dafa is taught

Yet some rogue religious figures,
   to protect their faiths’ interests,

End up on the side of atheism and the Red Beast

People like to draw the wrong lessons from history,

   taking those to heart

While the good lessons that could be learned

   are dismissed as mere stories

Yet history offers insights of utmost value

At humanity’s end Dafa is lifting the veil

Don’t repeat past mistakes,

   blinded by the Party’s propaganda


August 19, 2014


There Is Still Hope

Why is it that I tell you these truths?

Because disaster now rains down on the world’s people

Heed not the Red Beast, lest you follow it to the grave

For persecuting the world’s saviors is a sin immeasurable

If those being persecuted are actually divine, what then?

The real victims are those who believe in the lies

Dafa disciples may suffer, but are en route to divinity

Hope can be found only through knowing the truth


August 20, 2014

Asking the Skies

Rivers flow into the sea

Clouds drift on the horizon

Thousands of lifetimes reborn

Wondering always our origin

With all my heart I sing out

Voicing my song to Heaven

Where is humanity headed?

When will the divine come?


September 3, 2014

Share in the Journey

My dear friend

Waste not your days

Please come and share in the journey

I have found a lifetime treasure in Dafa

Most people here now hail from Heaven

And await the Creator’s remaking

Spiritual practice will bring our hearts together

Let us spur each other to diligence

As we embark on the journey Home, guided by the divine


September 4, 2014

Roaming as the Clouds

I travel all about, the wind as my companion

’Tis too dangerous to return home as the ordeal lingers on

I go to and fro without a care, the Way as my guide

Having no desire for status or money, my heart is at peace

Studying at night by only moon’s light

Sky as blanket, earth as bed, a room full of stars

Roaming this world to raise awareness

In this life I help Master to restore the Way


September 14, 2014

A Dafa Disciple’s Heart

Your eyes brim with affection

And I return a smile, raising awareness without slowing

Your words full of warmth

I always feign not understanding

Dafa disciples roam amidst persecution

So how could I cause yet more pain, unease, and suffering?

All I can do is bury my feelings deep in my heart

And fulfill my divine vows—saving as I walk this earth


September 23, 2014

For You I Sing

I sing for you with all my heart

To alert you to the danger at hand

I wish to trigger that long-lost memory

For therein lies your eternal hope

The Creator made Heaven, earth, and all divinities

And in turn had the gods create the people of this earth

It is the fallen ones who become human

They must atone for their sins to return to Heaven

These words I sing are true

At the hour of peril, the Creator has opened Heaven’s gates


October 15, 2014

Break Free of the Evil Party’s Indoctrination

It seems that life is full of surprising turns

But all has long been in fate’s hidden hand

You are lost, having forgotten the reason you came here

Desire for status, wealth, and affection cause you to stumble

The Red Beast uses lies to lead you astray, towards evil

Discard the evil Party’s doctrines and ideas

For taking up the Way and returning to Heaven
   is your true purpose


November 10, 2014


Through song I call out to you

A saving grace woven through the melody

How many days have we each left?

The truth shall give you a new clarity

The divine shan’t spare a corrupt world

As fate would have it, the good

   shall be spared and the wicked destroyed

May you soon realize: Divine salvation has come!


November 12, 2014

The Way Restores the Cosmos

(in couplet form)

All of creation was made

   by the Lord Buddha’s single thought

When the Way restores the cosmos

   Heaven and earth shall be reborn


November 12, 2014

All Is Remade by His Abundant Grace

(in couplet form)

Dafa is making anew

   Heaven, earth, and all of creation

The Lord is in charge of

   all life in the universe


November 12, 2014

Divine Ones Walk the Earth

(in couplet form)

Like rays of morning light,

   they drive away dark clouds

Broad-minded and with right thoughts,

   dangers are easily averted


November 12, 2014


I dreamt that I went back to Heaven

So beautiful that holy place, I won’t soon forget

I realized that atheism is profoundly wrong

And the heavenly beings of legend really do reside above

I did not want to return to this earthly body

Yet the heavenly beings made known

   that the wonder would not last

The Dafa that saves now graces the world

And there is hope only for those who find it

Each of us represents a heavenly Kingdom,

   and came to this earth for its sake

There above, all lives look to us, their sovereigns, for hope

I now know what my mission is

And will no longer go through life so lost


November 14, 2014

To Help You Gain Clarity

Dafa’s followers have shared with you the truth

The ones poisoned by the persecution

   are actually the public, including you

Those who buy into the lies shall

   perish together with the Red Beast

The compassion to spread the truth

   and save lives comes from the depths of my heart

I give of my time freely, often getting up early in the cold

So busy I miss meals; I do not rest, despite the heat

To save lives, we willingly

   brave the terror and the pressure

For I once pledged to the divine to

   rouse you in the hour of peril

You came to this world from Heaven to learn Dafa

For doing so would spare your Kingdom’s lives calamity

And this is what brought you to this earth to become human

So resist the Red Beast’s attempts to

   brainwash you with Party doctrine

Your Kingdom’s lives pin their hopes on you


December 2, 2014

In But a Moment’s Time

The wind whistles

The clouds drift

The Red tide’s waves of evil refuse to cease

But calamities fall away,

   as the ferry of Mercy and Salvation sails with its might

Traveling far against the wind

When we set sail, blood-red flowers spattered the land

Yet as we return,

   beautiful yellow blossoms blanket the earth


December 3, 2014

Observing the Mundane World in Meditation

Dark clouds float overheard, spanning the vast sky

A mountain breeze flows across the resplendent lake

I sit meditating in the mountain pavilion,

   my body and spirit still and serene

I gaze quietly at the mundane world

   and see disaster approach

Good and evil are being sifted out as the Red Scourge falls

Quickly seek the Way and your life may be saved

Though beyond the mundane world, I worry for it so

As the souls now on this earth are actually divine


December 4, 2014

Your People Await You

The truth about the persecution has been revealed to you

The oppression’s true harm is done to you

Those who believe the Red Beast’s lies will perish with it

I call out to awaken you, spurred by a divine pledge

You came to this world to learn the Great Way, Dafa

So that your Kingdom’s lives may be spared from disaster

For this you became mortal and entered this world

Refuse the Red Beast’s lies and spare yourself harm

Learn the truth, for your people await you


December 11, 2014

The Way Back to Heaven

Friend, why are you so caught up in life?

Humankind is on a perilous course

Atheism has destroyed the way Home

The doctrine of evolution poisons and deceives

Science is a gamble that will cost all of mankind

And the Red Beast fills people with malice

Yet the Dafa disciples are disclosing the truth

That is because you once asked the divine

To show you, before the end, the way back to Heaven


January 2, 2015

Awaken, Oh Chinese!

For six-and-a-half decades China hasn’t been the same

Despite all the grandiose lies about how great things are

White clouds once floated in its blue sky

Yet these scenes have long since passed

Verdant country fields and hills, and sparkling streams

Now only exist in the memories of our elders

But then came the gang of hoodlums bringing Red Ruin

The very best of the Chinese populace was killed

Precious cultural remains, millennia old, turned to ashes

History, humanity, and tradition were undone

The five-millennia-old civilization has declined ever since

Awaken, oh people of China!

Put an end to the Party of evil, the Red specter

And return China to its ancient, divine glory


January 2015

Transported by Shen Yun to the Han Imperial Court

Flowing robes and sleeves give the dance a lofty feel

As in the dynasties of the Tang, Song, and Ming

   strength and manly virtues radiate from the stage

The songs convey the grandeur of Han Dynasty China

Leaps, aerials, and spins done with nimble technique

Long, silken ribbons flow from the angelic ladies

Who seem as if descended from Heaven to the palace

The beauty, purity, and virtue prove entrancing

Every footstep taken is soft, graceful, and lithe

Shen Yun transports me back to the Han imperial court


Written for the ’07 dance company

A Glimpse of Heaven Through Shen Yun

Splendid costumes and scenery enfold the angelic ladies

Dainty and elegant, they dance lightly on their feet

Heroes with astounding skills showcase past and present

Ethereal music and sacred songs soar to heavenly heights

Magnificent palaces emerge from the roseate clouds

Fluttering are the colorful skirts of consummate beauties

Radiant are the men in Han regalia, with a noble and lofty air

Shen Yun offers a glimpse of Heaven here in this world


Written for the ’08 dance company

Shen Yun’s Classical Style

Heavenly notes and beautiful figures, skirts all aflutter

Young men in Chinese garb, overflowing with nobility

The Zhou, Han, Tang, and Ming live again through dance

Time itself has turned back; enjoy it to the fullest

Innocent young girls form a beautiful bouquet

Heroes take flight, righteousness soars

China’s classical style stuns the globe

Traditions return amidst a bloom of flowers

Shen Yun’s stage showcases the classical style


Written for the ’09 dance company

Shen Yun Opens the Way to Tradition

A blue sky full of white clouds frames beautiful ladies

Young willows with heavenly grace,
   unsullied by the mundane

Their charm and elegance comes to them naturally

Bright, dew-covered lotuses, pure and fragrant

Timeless spirits, impressive in their bearing

Soaring warriors, ministers of the imperial court

China’s history is filled with heroes of yore

Flipping, twisting, leaping, spinning, semi-divine

Shen Yun opens the way to tradition


Written for the ’13 dance company


The friendship I share with you

Is so sincere and true

As I endure ordeals, a follower of Dafa

It has brought warmth and chased away

   the coldness in my heart

And as I face my own trials

Your friendship strengthens me

I want to share the truth with you:

My mission is sacred like no other

Your sincerity inspires me to save more lives


February 2015

To Renew the Country

On the other side of the ocean

Lies my long-parted homeland

The five millennia of culture there,

   divinely given, had a glory unmatched

Its landscape was once charming,

   its people beautiful, its flowers fragrant

Dafa was spreading, bringing the Buddha’s light

But the Red Beast sought to stop it,

   with an overwhelming force

The mountains are no longer verdant

The waters no longer flow

The sky has lost its azure hue

The rice has lost its aroma

Dafa’s disciples endure much to save lives

Spreading truth, they stem the Red tide

Tradition must be restored

   for the country to thrive again


February 22, 2015

A Choice Once More

Why do I want to share the truth with you?

Because the lies have harmed so many

Why has the Red Beast thrown China’s might

   into suppressing Falun Gong?

Because it knows that in this end time, Dafa can save you,

   and so it tries to confuse

It has misled you, like so many others, with its lies

But the divine has set terms for salvation in the Final Days:

Those who stand by, silent during the persecution,

   will not be saved

The accomplices and lie mongers are being purged

Yet the divine is by nature merciful

And the Creator is once again giving people a choice

So that everyone may be saved,

I brave persecution to call out to your soul


March 1, 2015

Leading You Back to Heaven

I sing of the truth you have long awaited

Humanity is in danger, for morals have changed

Atheism is a monstrous lie spread by Satan

Evolutionary theory is nonsense and groundless

Science steers man on a perilous course

The universe is the Creator’s masterpiece

Humans were made by divinities at His command

We have waited for Him to take us back to Heaven

Be not deceived by the Red Beast

It persecutes so that man shall destroy his future

The followers of Dafa are divine messengers

Leading us onto the divinely shown way


March 6, 2015

The Light of Dawn

All things greet the morning sun

And the darkness and malevolence prove feeble

Fifteen years of turmoil now

The land is desolate and bleak

Minds divorced from the past

Even man’s food is toxic

Punishment is coming for the villains

We shall see who laughs last


March 17, 2015

Song of China

Five thousand years of civilization

A brilliant culture divinely bestowed

We are children of God

Industrious, brave, cultured, and kind

Its rich and deep history the nation’s glory

The heroes of yore shining still with brilliance

Blessed with a gorgeous landscape, a gift from the divine

This is where the Creator arrived

Who now strives to save all lives and

   restore true ways—an outpouring of grace

China’s civilization will carry on, forever


March 17, 2015

When Shall You Awaken?

The cold winds have yet to pass

The rains drizzle down

The time of persecution, lives must quickly be saved

Harm done to the physical body

Can be healed

But those poisoned by lies are hard to save

The disaster ahead shall be merciless

Yet the plague will have its targets

Perish not with the Red Beast

Quickly seek the truth

Those who tell good from evil are truly wise

Witness the compassion of Dafa’s disciples

Suffering as they do to rescue you

Braving a myriad hardships

Standing fast amidst great ordeals

Seeking no reward

Spiritual practitioners are they

Their wish fulfilled, they shall return home, perfected


March 18, 2015

The Dance of Shen Yun

So graceful are the heavenly ladies

   brandishing their flowing sleeves

Moving with such a soft bearing

   their sleeves magically flutter

Divine dancing, sacred songs, the beauty of a painting

A myriad rays of light

   clear away all darkness


Spring of 2015

Returning to the True Ways

Amidst emerald hills and waters

   lie ancient-styled structures

Heavenly maidens alight

   and dance with their gentle grace

With elegant and classical bearing,

   tradition they bring to life

Returning to the true ways

   the future is bright


March 25, 2015

The Chance at Salvation Is Now

I gaze up at the boundless sky, the universe vast

Countless stars, grains of the Ganges

The eyes of the flesh cannot see

   all the divine ones in their celestial halls

Atheism is pure deception

The theory of evolution disgraces humankind

The blind pursuit of science comes at too great a cost—

   extraterrestrial forces gaining dominion over man

We came to earth as a short sojourn from Heaven

At end of days, as the universe was to disintegrate, dissolve

The Creator is making everything anew

Heaven’s myriad kings and lords have descended here,

   to become human and await His salvation

But the Red Beast madly oppresses while hiding the truth

Don’t succumb to the lies and threats, becoming lost

You are on the earth for this brief chance at salvation


March 30, 2015

You Be the Judge

The higher laws are clear:

   Good and evil are repaid in kind

Divine ones fill the skies

   watching what we do

Monstrous is the sin

   of persecuting Dafa disciples

Will the payback be meted out?

You be the judge


April 3, 2015

What’s To Be Done?

The heavens have lost the Way, crumbling

The earth has lost its virtue and disasters abound

People’s hearts have sunk into bottomless depravity

So when the great calamity comes, who will watch over you?


April 22, 2015

By Understanding the Truth, You Are Saved

When divine ones lose the Way, the heavens crumble

When mankind loses its virtue, disaster begins

The Creator has now come to this world

He makes the Universe anew and imparts the Way


Most lives are divine, though they have forgotten:

They came to the earth to be saved and remade

Truth has the power to purify the soul

With the mind put right, you are saved


April 23, 2015

We Depict the Truth

We sail far and wide to save all lives

Over plains, mountains, and seas we fly

We pass along the Creator’s call

And show the glories of divine culture


On stage, we reveal the truth

Many were lost, but now can see

It is our mission to awaken people

Followers of Dafa offer deliverance back to Heaven


April 28, 2015

Performing Arts Divine

Angelic beauties alight from a heavenly height

Gracefully they turn and spin here in this world

With beautiful bearing, elegantly they dance

Like pure lotus flowers, shimmering with fresh dew

Beautiful figures with lovely faces, treading on clouds

Soft music plays, flowers soar, and long sleeves flutter

Emerald-dipped fairies bring a fragrant aroma

With beauty equal to jade, they dance with ease


May 19, 2015

To Inspire Hope Through Song

Upon the stages of the world I stand

Singing to inspire hope

The divine calls to us through the melody

The verses I sing relay the truth

I brave oppression to save you from peril

Most people came from Heaven above

And became human to save their Kingdoms above

For the cosmos would crumble in the end

They came to the world to seek the Way

And be cleansed of their sins

To forge divine bodies anew

And return to Heaven, perfected


May 29, 2015

Beneath the Meditation Pavilion

A light breeze brushes past me on the meditation bench

The chirping of birds drifts out from beneath the trees

The natural scenery is beautiful and charming as before

How many summers have I witnessed from this mountain pavilion?


June 13, 2015

Believe if You Wish

I gaze at the starry sky and search for my Home

Most people on earth were once sovereigns above

They came to await the Way and save their

   heavenly Kingdoms’ lives in the Final Days

Yet over the ages this aspiration has been forgotten

Now people are being led into the abyss

Atheism is destroying our divine nature

Evolution, in its wickedness, decries man as beast, as ape

Modern science brings humanity to the brink of disaster

Mankind now marches toward the final peril

Yet compassion is the divine’s way

The redeeming Dafa now spreads to the destined

To find it is each person’s hope

Finding Dafa, you may return to your heavenly home


June 13, 2015


A mind full of anxiety

Knowing it shan’t be long

Nervous each and every day

At the police car’s siren song

When persecution ends, all must be paid

All the evil means have been noted down

And the demons will get a taste of it all,

   with gut-wrenching pain

The rotten despot shall no longer clown

A petty thug with inferior ideas

A treacherous weasel full of schemes

The end nears and he shan’t get away

Human retribution won’t suffice, it seems

Hung up by divine hook over the Square

Hell’s ghouls will surely have their share


June 15, 2015

Toward the Divinely Shown Shore

When we go astray in life

We are like vessels lost at sea

Smooth waters allow us to stretch our sails

But rough waves are more standard fare

Without direction

And with no harbor in sight

Our age-old vows can guide us, if only we recall them

Vast changes now sweep across the universe

Most all people hail from Heaven

We came here to await Dafa, fulfilling our destiny

Atoning for our karma

And remolding a divine body

Only then can each of our Heavenly kingdoms

   be saved from disaster

So set sail

And find your destiny

For the divine has shown the way to shore


June 2015


Tian Guo Marching Band

Sacred drums and horns show Heaven’s might

Eliminating evil and calling beings to return Home

Saving people from doom, shaking Heaven and earth

The Way rights the cosmos, shining and bright


August 1, 2015

Few Realize

No matter how good this world gets,

   it is no match for Heaven

Our loves and friendships can’t last forever

Our triumphs don’t follow us to the afterlife

We seek fame and fortune, but what of it in the end?

People came from the heavens to find the Way

Atone for your karma, forging a body divine

And your Kingdom above will welcome a Lord renewed


August 2015

We Dance With the Divine, Building a Bridge to Heaven

Traveling the world to perform, thousands of miles

We cross cities, sail seas, and traverse high peaks

To raise awareness and save lives

We dance with the divine, building a bridge to Heaven

In the final days, the Creator will arrive

Myriad divine ones have come to the earth to seek Him

He remakes the universe and shares the Great Way

Those who embrace it are renewed,
   and sentient beings delight

You once prayed for salvation to Heaven

Through these songs I wish to make you aware

We travel the world to reach out to you


August 2015

For Whom the Moon Grows Full

High hangs Mid-Autumn moon, ever since ancient times

Yet that day the full moon cast a chill over me

For who could moon-gaze as Dafa disciples suffer?

Each year, on the fifteenth, the moon has idly hung

Today again is Mid-Autumn, the shameful acts are ending

The Party of evil has reached its autumn;

   now who is troubled?

Though I wish to view the moon, it’s hard to lift my eyes

When the Red tide ends, the moon will be yet fuller


Mid-Autumn 2015

The Moon Shines for Man

The moon lit up the long night for thousands of years

Forbidding darkness from taking hold of man

Spring goes, autumn comes, many things change

But the moon stays the same, radiating thousands of rays

Seas become fields and fields turn back into seas

But throughout the ages, the right Way has never deviated

For what have we reincarnated time and again?

The bright moon says nothing, and so we ask Heaven

At the end of days we learn that it was

   divine deliverance we had awaited

And that the way to Heaven lies in choosing good over evil


Mid-Autumn 2015

Mid-Autumn Festivities

Dancing lightly, fairies walk the realm of man

Moving vigorously, warriors display their heroism

Dancing together on this Mid-Autumn,

   performing works of their own creation

Amidst song and laughter, the Red tide ebbs ever shallower

The divine culture bides, awaiting its rebirth

The stars of today will shine even brighter tomorrow


Mid-Autumn 2015



[1] While some poems are written from the author’s perspective, others are in the voice of practitioners, nonpractitioners, or written as song texts. –trans.

[2] The Chinese reader would understand the poem to be addressing the perpetrator(s) of the persecution.