Eliminating the Evil

All along, lowlife secret agents of the wicked CCP have been constantly gathering so-called "Falun Gong intelligence." The dissemination of Dafa, however, is solely for the sake of having people cultivate, and in spreading the Fa, everything is done out in the open and with no secrets. Even as the evil Party carries out its irrational, sinister persecution of Dafa disciples, everything that Dafa disciples around the world have been doing to counter the persecution is open--to the point of many things being put in writing on the Clearwisdom website and shared openly. The acts of the lowlife secret agents of the evil Party are in fact done, for one, because [the CCP] knows the persecution is groundless and it feels uneasy about that. So it bluffs and blusters to show strength. At the same time, they're done so that CCP insiders can deceive one another, generate false intelligence, and come up with reasons for the persecution, and all of this is done for the sake of a handful of individuals who have gotten themselves into a hopeless bind persecuting Falun Gong. But when it comes to those people who don't think for themselves, and who can't distinguish good from evil--especially those who, after being instilled with the evil Party culture, use the perspectives, logic, and standards of the evil Party, which are not those of normal people, to judge what is kind or wicked, good or bad, and what should or should not be done--the evil Party has manipulated and used them very easily, and they have fully become shameful tools of the evil Party. Meanwhile, these people have indeed committed colossal sins in persecuting Dafa disciples, and they are beyond redemption.

In spreading the Fa and saving sentient beings these years, I have actually included people from all social strata and professions, and I have not treated anyone differently than others. When being saved by Dafa, all beings are equal, including those who are in very bad professions, such as secret agents. When literary or artistic works portray people in these professions as heroes, that is done out of political necessity and to meet the needs of nationalism, it is done to stay in power, and it is human beings who dub them "heroes." In the eyes of gods, they are the lowest and most criminal of people, they are liars and persons who damage human morality. Their characters and behavior are despicable and shameless, their actions criminal. They are different from the detectives in normal settings who solve crimes. But don't forget that human affairs are planned by gods, whether humans interpret the way they unfold as good or bad. Human beings have karma, and for this reason must go through the cycle of karmic retribution. If gods don't want something done, nobody will be able to do it, regardless of whether human beings think of it as a good thing. And with those things that gods do want done, the actions of human beings are merely part of the playing out of karmic retribution.

While the Fa was being spread over the years, there were indeed some people who did this type of work and who, despite their initial motivations for coming in, became genuine Dafa disciples after coming to understand Dafa. Thus I continually gave opportunities to such people, for among them there really were some with good foundations and who were excellent people in their previous lives; some were beings who came down from high realms. So I couldn't deny them salvation just because they were secret agents in this lifetime. Life is precious, and the process of going through life is precious, so I have always waited for them to come to their senses--this, even though Dafa disciples were suffering persecution at their hands. And in order to save them, I even told Dafa disciples to clarify the truth to them while being persecuted. The evildoers not only haven't listened, but their karma has grown ever greater--to the point that they can no longer be saved. Moreover, at this point the interference from the secret agents has developed into a trend of persecuting Dafa disciples, and that is absolutely unacceptable. The use of lowlife secret agents to target Dafa disciples' cultivation in such a manner, as arranged by the old forces, absolutely cannot be acknowledged. Viewed in terms of cultivation, it's not as if there is some indispensable connection between cultivation and those lowlife secret agents, who are the lowest of the low of the human race. Thus I shall no longer recognize this type of thing, and in the future, this specific type of agency will not exist, nor will there be great numbers of people who hold this type of loathsome occupation.

Henceforth, the gods and I will completely take away the future of this type of human occupation, and take away the good fortune in the lives of the lowlife secret agents who have been produced by the evil CCP since July 20 of 1999, and have them very swiftly wrap up their lives, paying in the process for the sins they committed. And this especially holds for all who participated in and planned the Atlanta incident: the good fortune in their lives will be completely taken away. Starting from this moment, they will pay for their sinful karma, [the misery of which will leave them] wishing they were dead. In rapid succession they will die and descend to Hell. The same fate awaits each and every CCP secret agent, in China or abroad, who fails to repent and change his or her ways. I am saving all sentient beings, but those who don't want to have a future nonetheless cannot be allowed to destroy sentient beings' opportunity for salvation.

Those who are still persecuting Dafa disciples: I hope that you will truly come to understand what Falun Gong is, as well as why the evil Party has been persecuting Dafa disciples. I hope even more that you will have a good future.

Li Hongzhi

February 9, 2006