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Another Stern Warning

My greetings to the practitioners of Japan!

Looking at things as they now stand, I have no choice but to say a few words in order to make things settle down. Spiritual cultivation is about progressing to divinity, and all human attachments act as impediments. And the path is narrow in our case. If you are even just a bit careless you might veer off course, and problems will follow—potentially big ones. And if you fail to find your way back, you will regret it forever.

The benchmark that you must meet in terms of self-improvement is exceedingly strict, because Dafa disciples are meant to achieve a divine standing even greater than usual, and each of you is tasked with saving the countless, innumerable lives—lives of high levels—of your respective cosmic domain. It is an enormous responsibility. So with such a great divine standing awaiting you at success, the difficulties that you face, ones of all kinds, are going to be great as well, and this includes the exceptional challenges that come with practicing in this beguiling place. Most of you must unceasingly make diligent progress and not slack off despite the challenges of doing spiritual practice while not having awareness of all that you have actually achieved spiritually. The bodies of those who cultivate to great heights and who have great responsibilities are more strictly sealed off. Nobody, with the exception of me alone, may know what a Dafa disciple’s spiritual standing or situation really is, for this is something that relates directly to the purity of the new universe.

Over the years there have always been secret agents who have posed as practitioners, as well as people whom the old forces had arranged in the early days to be practitioners, but who lay low. And then, at the appointed time, they spring out and do what they were bound to do. But these kinds of people are all the more deceptive for having come across as one of us for quite some time. (In most cases the human sides, the outermost form, of these individuals are not aware of this. And in some cases they really have taken up Dafa after witnessing its greatness and virtue, managing to follow the requirements that I set forth, firmly negating the old forces’ designs, and becoming true Dafa practitioners.) Of course, the old forces did this on the grounds that there would be people who have attachments, who would want to know how they are progressing with their spiritual cultivation, who envy people with supernormal abilities, and/or who mistake the karma-elimination process for illness, and therefore yearn to ask someone with such alleged powers to take a look at them. For this reason, from time to time over the course of your spiritual journey there will be a few individuals popping up who allegedly have such powers, and who seem to quote my teachings with every sentence they speak. But these pretentious people are in fact quoting my words out of context and using them to justify what they are doing, and are misleading practitioners who yearn for such things. Some practitioners have gotten seriously confused, and there are even people who have spread word among practitioners about how capable those [seemingly supernormal ones] are. This has caused disturbances to our practitioners’ cultivation, and has disrupted the designs I had in place for your spiritual paths.

A person’s cultivation is a rigorous process, with every aspect closely linked, and not a single moment or step of it can afford to be disrupted. The person who has gone to Japan from Singapore and who is always quoting my teachings out of context and ruining practitioners does indeed have issues, but you should ask yourselves: Isn’t this actually a problem of your own making? Hasn’t this resulted from the weaknesses of certain practitioners—who yearn for things—being preyed upon? This has caused quite a disturbance among practitioners and severely disrupted your normal practice. So wouldn’t you say this is a problem? Nobody, other than me, can tell how a Dafa disciple’s practice is going or what the state of his body is, for this has bearing on the safety of the future universe. I have taught this many times and on many occasions, and you have all understood the idea. So why are you believing all that nonsense? It’s likely that there are some insignificant problems at the surface level of a person, which might be seen by someone with extrasensory abilities. But those problems are not going to affect you in any fundamental way. Yet if someone tries to see how other practitioners are progressing spiritually or what sickness karma they might have, and makes irresponsible remarks, then that does interfere with their practice. If he is identifying your attachments, then is it you or him that’s actually doing the spiritual cultivation? Each individual must discern his or her own attachments, and it is going through that process that amounts to genuine spiritual growth. So it could hardly count as your working on yourself spiritually if all of your problems are pointed out by others. Of course, while you practice I do make use of others’ mouths to drop hints to you, as your spiritual development is something I, and not those people, arrange. I have to ask those of you who like to listen to and believe those people’s nonsense: Are you taking them as your master? Do you really have faith in me?

This outermost form of the human body is actually quite complicated. Those who can supposedly see things with extrasensory powers are not able to make out how things really are at each of its layers or perceive how all of those work together. The majority of people today are divinities who came here from heavens above, and they wouldn’t be able to live here were they not to act as human beings do. And so in many cases they must be given certain animal traits when they incarnate, if they are to live here and go about things as humans. Didn’t Shakyamuni’s mother have a vision of a white elephant at the time of his birth? Something like that has to be done with all beings who come here from the heavens. Those who can supposedly see things haven’t the ability to discern what I’ve just described, much less know about this divine secret; and yet some people are making reckless claims that this or that person is the reincarnation of such-and-such from the past. The outermost form of man is very complex, and the things involved in other dimensions are numerous. I had no choice today but to reveal this divine secret, in order for you to get out of this terrible situation. But do you know what the consequences will be? Do you think that the old forces will let those of you who are in the thick of it get off the hook?

Some people have still been trying to defend this person even after Minghui addressed the matter, and have even aired their opinions online. Are you trying to disrupt even more Dafa disciples’ practice? Did you feel that Minghui’s reporting was unfair? Isn’t it attachments at work when you get so agitated by something? Is that how a spiritual practitioner should be? Have you not thought about your own shortcomings in all of this? That said, I want to share that Master very much cherishes all of you who are Dafa disciples and have made it through since July 20 of 1999. And the countless gods above hold you in high regard, as well. But you should cherish yourselves, too. Snap out of it! You have made it through the toughest leg of the journey, so it makes no sense to fail miserably at something so basic in the end! My advice to you is to steer clear of that person and not give them an audience. Salvation is offered to all people, so the people who posted those things online, whoever you are, you had better take them down. If those things remain, they will become concrete evidence that prevents you from attaining spiritual perfection. I’ll say one more thing: Every moment in your life is part of your spiritual journey, and at every moment I am looking after you. Don’t bring any disruptions to yourself. Instead, do well with what little of the journey remains.

Hongzhi Li
July 5, 2020

This translation last updated: July 7, 2020