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A Strong and Urgent Warning

Some individuals have been talking online in public forums about issues they have with others, though these were meant to be worked through as part of their spiritual practice in Dafa. That goes terribly against one’s historic mission as a Dafa disciple; it defiles the solemn and sacred oaths that one made to the divine, as a Dafa disciple, with one’s life; and is diminishing people’s hopes of salvation. These individuals often allow the mental attachments that they have to morph into resentment, and then look for people to vent to. And yet some people have chimed in or helped to boost those sentiments. Evidently, people tend to seek out those with a similar spiritual state as theirs.

These individuals aren’t pained that they didn’t do well back when they were in China, that their thinking even went down a dark path, or by the shame of having done the devil’s bidding. Nor have they drawn lessons from what happened before and earnestly corrected their mistakes, tried to pinpoint where they fall short, and become more diligent. To the contrary, they haven’t been strict with themselves, and now they are negatively impacting things outside of China. It is mostly these individuals who are stirring up trouble among practitioners. More serious still, some of them were not diligent before, were loaded with attachments, and did poorly back in China, only to now be abroad but still be the same: they never live up to our teachings, the Fa, and in fact have started up their own social media channels or websites and are driven by their attachments to say all sorts of irresponsible things, which has severely compromised Dafa disciples’ efforts to save people. The majority of the online comments that go along with them are from the “50 cent party” and the CCP’s secret agents, with just a few coming from people who don’t really practice but call themselves practitioners.

The final hour by which a Dafa disciple must have fulfilled his mission is imminent. Think about where you want to end up, and do what is in your best interest! While in this world, a Dafa disciple is to do well in spiritually developing himself and fulfilling his historic mission of helping me to save people. The very reason that human society still exists today is so that Dafa may save people. It’s about time you woke up, isn’t it?! Let your discontentment and resentment go; it’s just an attachment. And start watching what you say. It’s not your place to speak among practitioners about things that aren’t in line with the Fa. Make good on your mission—your very future depends upon it. Spiritual perfection is only possible for a Dafa disciple who takes the Fa’s teachings as his guide and doesn’t lose the heart he had at the start!

Hongzhi Li
August 31, 2021