Chapter I The Characteristics of Falun Dafa[1]

Falun Buddha Fa[2] is a great, high-level cultivation way of the Buddha School, in which assimilation to the supreme nature of the universe, Zhen-Shan-Ren,[3] is the foundation of cultivation practice. Its cultivation is guided by this supreme nature, and based on the principles of the universe’s evolution. So what we cultivate is a Great Fa, or a Great Dao.[4]

Falun Buddha Fa aims directly at people’s hearts and makes it clear that cultivation of xinxing[5] is the key to increasing gong.[6] A person’s gong level is as high as his or her xinxing level, and this is an absolute truth of the universe. “Xinxing” includes the transformation of virtue (de) (a white substance) and karma (a black substance), the abandonment of ordinary human desires and attachments, and the ability to endure the toughest hardships of all. It also encompasses many types of things that a person must cultivate to raise his or her level.

Falun Buddha Fa also includes cultivation of the body, which is accomplished by performing the exercise movements of the Great Consummation Way—a great high-level practice of the Buddha School. One purpose of the exercises is to strengthen a practitioner’s supernormal abilities and energy mechanisms using his or her powerful gong potency (gongli), thus achieving “the Fa refines the practitioner.” Another purpose is to evolve many living beings in a practitioner’s body. In high-level cultivation practice, the Immortal Infant or Buddha-Body will be born, and many abilities will be developed. The exercise movements are necessary for transforming and cultivating these things. The exercises are part of the harmonization and perfection in our Dafa.[7] So Dafa is a comprehensive mind-body cultivation system. It is also called “The Great Consummation Way.” This Dafa thus requires both cultivation and exercises, with cultivation taking priority over the exercises. A person’s gong will not increase if he merely does the exercises and fails to cultivate his xinxing. A person who only cultivates his xinxing and does not perform the exercises of the Great Consummation Way will find the growth of his gong potency impeded and his original-body (benti) unchanged.

There are people with predestined relationships, and people who have been practicing cultivation for many years but have been unable to increase their gong. In order for more of them to obtain the Fa, to practice cultivation at a high level from the outset, and to increase their gong rapidly so as to reach Consummation directly, I have hereby imparted to the public this Dafa for cultivating Buddhahood that I cultivated and awakened to in the remote past. This cultivation way brings one to harmony and wisdom. The movements are concise, as a great way is extremely simple and easy.

The Falun is central to cultivation practice in Falun Buddha Fa. Falun is an intelligent, rotating entity composed of high-energy matter. The Falun that I plant in a practitioner’s lower abdomen rotates constantly, twenty-four hours a day. (Genuine practitioners can obtain a Falun by reading my books, watching my lectures on video, listening to my lectures on audiocassette, or studying with Dafa students.) The Falun helps practitioners cultivate automatically. That is, the Falun cultivates practitioners at all times even though they don’t perform the exercises at every moment. Of all the cultivation ways introduced to the world today, this is the only one that has achieved “the Fa refining the practitioner.”

The rotating Falun possesses the same nature as the universe and is its miniature. The Dharma Wheel of the Buddha School, the yin-yang of the Dao School, and everything in the Ten-Directional World[8] are reflected in the Falun. The Falun offers salvation to the practitioner when it rotates inward (clockwise), since it absorbs a great amount of energy from the universe and transforms it into gong. The Falun offers salvation to others when rotating outward (counter-clockwise), as it releases energy that can save any being and rectify any abnormal condition; people near the practitioner benefit.

Falun Dafa enables practitioners to assimilate to the supreme nature of the universe, Zhen-Shan-Ren. It differs fundamentally from all other practices and has eight major distinguishing characteristics.


1. Cultivation of a Falun; No Cultivation or Formation of Dan.[9]

The Falun possesses the same nature as the universe and is an intelligent, rotating entity made of high-energy matter. The Falun rotates constantly in the practitioner’s lower abdomen and continuously collects energy from the universe, transforming and converting it into gong. So practicing cultivation in Falun Dafa can increase practitioners’ gong and allow them to reach the Unlocking of Gong (kaigong) state unusually quickly. Even those people who have cultivated for over a thousand years have wanted to obtain this Falun but could not. At present, all the practices popular in our society cultivate dan and form dan. They are called dan-method qigong.[10] It is very difficult for practitioners of dan-method qigong practices to achieve the Unlocking of Gong and Enlightenment in this lifetime.

2. The Falun Refines the Practitioner Even When He or She is Not Doing the Exercises.

As practitioners have to work, study, eat, and sleep every day, they are not able to do the exercises twenty-four hours a day. Nonetheless, the Falun rotates constantly, helping practitioners to achieve the effect of doing the exercises twenty-four hours a day. So although practitioners cannot do the exercises every moment, the Falun still refines practitioners without interruption. In short, even though the practitioner might not be doing the exercises, the Fa is refining the practitioner.

Nowhere in the world today has another publicly introduced practice solved the problem of finding time for both work and exercises. Only Falun Dafa has solved this problem. Falun Dafa is the only cultivation way that has achieved “the Fa refining the practitioner.”

3. Cultivating the Main Consciousness so that You Obtain Gong.

Falun Dafa cultivates one’s Main Consciousness (zhu yishi). Practitioners have to consciously cultivate their hearts, abandon all of their attachments, and improve their xinxing. You cannot be in a trance or lose yourself when practicing the Great Consummation Way. Your Main Consciousness should govern you at all times as you do the exercises. The gong cultivated in this way will grow on your own body and you will obtain gong that you yourself can take forth with you. This is why Falun Dafa is so precious—you yourself obtain gong.

For thousands of years, all other practices introduced among everyday people have cultivated the practitioner’s Assistant Consciousness (fu yishi) ; the practitioner’s flesh body and Main Consciousness have served only as mediums. Upon the practitioner’s reaching Consummation, his Assistant Consciousness would ascend and take the gong away with it. There is then nothing left for the practitioner’s Main Consciousness and his original-body—a lifetime of cultivation effort is in vain. Of course, when a practitioner cultivates his Main Consciousness, his Assistant Consciousness also obtains some gong and, naturally, improves along with the Main Consciousness.

4. Cultivation of Both Mind and Body.

 “Cultivation of mind” in Falun Dafa refers to the cultivation of one’s xinxing. Cultivating xinxing takes precedence, as it is considered the key to increasing gong. In other words, the gong that determines one’s level is not obtained through doing exercises, but through cultivating one’s xinxing. One’s gong level is as high as one’s xinxing level. The xinxing element in Falun Dafa covers a much wider range of things than just virtue; it encompasses many types of things, including virtue.

“Cultivation of body” in Falun Dafa refers to achieving longevity. Through performing the exercises one’s original-body undergoes transformation and is preserved. One’s Main Consciousness and flesh body merge into one, accomplishing Consummation of the whole. Cultivation of the body fundamentally changes the human body’s molecular components. By replacing cells’ elements with high-energy matter, the human body is converted into a body made of matter from other dimensions. As a result one will stay young forever. The matter is dealt with at its root. Falun Dafa is thus a genuine cultivation practice of both mind and body.

5. Five Exercises that are Simple and Easy to Learn.

A great way is extremely simple and easy. Viewed broadly, Falun Dafa has a small number of exercise movements, yet the things to be developed are numerous and comprehensive. The movements govern every aspect of the body and the many things that will be developed. All five exercises are completely taught to practitioners. Right from the outset, the areas in the practitioner’s body where energy is blocked will be opened, and a great amount of energy will be absorbed from the universe. In a very short period of time the exercises will expel useless substances from the practitioner’s body and purify it. The exercises also help practitioners to raise their level, strengthen their divine powers, and arrive at the Pure-White Body state. These five exercises are far beyond the usual exercises that open the meridians[11] or the Great and Small Heavenly Circuits. Falun Dafa provides practitioners with the most convenient and efficient cultivation way, and is also the best and the most precious way.

6. No Use of Mental Activities, No Going Awry, and a Rapid Increase of Gong.

Falun Dafa cultivation practice is free of mind-intent, with no concentration, and is not guided by mind activities. So practicing Falun Dafa is absolutely safe, and it is guaranteed that practitioners will not go awry. The Falun protects practitioners from going awry in the practice as well as from interference by people with poor xinxing. Moreover, the Falun can automatically rectify any abnormal condition.

Practitioners begin their cultivation at a very high level. As long as they can bear the toughest hardships of all, endure what is difficult to endure, maintain their xinxing, and genuinely practice only one cultivation way, they will be able to reach the state of Three Flowers Gathered Atop the Head within a few years. This is the highest level one can achieve during In-Triple-World-Law cultivation.

7. No Concern for Location, Time, or Direction When Doing the Exercises, and No Concern About Ending the Practice.

The Falun is a miniature of the universe. The universe is rotating, all of its galaxies are rotating, and the Earth is rotating as well. Thus, north, south, east, and west cannot be distinguished. Falun Dafa practitioners practice cultivation according to the fundamental nature of the universe and the law of its evolution. So no matter which direction a practitioner faces, he or she is doing the exercises towards every direction. Since the Falun rotates constantly there is no concept of time; practitioners can do them at any time. The Falun rotates forever and practitioners are unable to stop its rotation, so there is no concept of ending the practice. One finishes one’s movements but the practice is not finished.

8. Having the Protection of My Law Bodies, There is No Need to Fear Interference from External Evils.

It is very dangerous for an everyday person to suddenly receive high-level things, as his or her life will instantly be in danger. Practitioners will gain protection from my Law Bodies (fashen) when they accept my Falun Dafa teachings and genuinely practice cultivation. As long as you persevere in practicing cultivation, my Law Bodies will protect you until you reach Consummation. Should you decide to stop cultivating at some point, my Law Bodies will leave you.

The reason many people do not dare to teach high-level principles is that they are unable to assume the responsibility, and heaven also prohibits their doing so. Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa. One upright mind can subdue all evils, provided that in the practitioner’s cultivation practice he maintains his xinxing, abandons his attachments, and forgoes any incorrect pursuits, as prescribed by Dafa. Any evil demon will be afraid, and anyone not related to your improvement will not dare to interfere with you or disturb you. The teachings of Falun Dafa are thus completely unlike those of conventional cultivation methods or the dan-cultivation theories of other practices and branches of cultivation.

Practicing cultivation in Falun Dafa consists of many levels in both In-Triple-World-Law and Beyond-Triple-World-Law cultivation. This cultivation practice right, at the outset, begins at a very high level. Falun Dafa provides the most convenient cultivation way for its practitioners, as well as for those who have been practicing cultivation for a long time yet have failed to increase their gong. When a practitioner’s gong potency and xinxing reach a certain level, he or she can attain an indestructible, never-degenerating body while in the secular world. A practitioner can also achieve the Unlocking of Gong, Enlightenment, and ascension of the whole person to high levels. Those with great determination should study this righteous Fa, strive to achieve the Righteous Attainment, improve their xinxing, and abandon their attachments—only then will they be able to reach Consummation.

[1] Falun Dafa (fah-luhn dah-fah) – “The Way of the Law Wheel.” Both the names Falun Dafa and Falun Gong are used to describe this practice.

[2] Falun (fah-luhn) – “Law Wheel” ; Fa (fah) – “Way,” “Law,” or “Principles.”

[3] Zhen-Shan-Ren (jhun-shahn-ren) –

[4] Dao (dow) – “the Way” (also spelled “Tao”).

[5] xinxing (shin-shing) – “mind nature,” or “heart nature” ; “moral character.”

[6] gong (gong) – “cultivation energy.”

[7] Dafa (dah-fah) – “The Great Way,” or “The Great Law”; short for the practice’s full name, Falun Dafa, “The Great Way of the Law Wheel.”

[8] Ten-Directional World – the Buddha School conceptualizes the world as consisting of ten directions.

[9] dan (dahn) – an energy cluster which forms in the bodies of some cultivators in internal alchemy; in external alchemy, it is referred to as the “Elixir of Immortality.”

[10] qigong (chee-gong) – a general name for certain practices that cultivate the human body. In recent decades, qigong exercises have been very popular in China.

[11] Meridians – the network of energy channels in one’s body that are thought to be conduits of qi (“vital energy”). In Traditional Chinese Medicine and popular Chinese thought, illness is said to arise when qi is not flowing properly through these meridians.