Appendix I
What is Expected of Falun Dafa
Assistance Centers  

  1. All local Falun Dafa Assistance Centers are civic organizations for true cultivation, are only for organizing and assisting cultivation activities, and are neither to be run as economic enterprises nor managed using the methods of administrative organizations. No money or possessions are to be kept. No activities are to be held for doing healings. Assistance Centers are to be managed in a loose manner.

  2. All assistants and staff of Falun Dafa Principal Assistance Centers must be genuine cultivators who practice only Falun Dafa.

  3. The spreading of Falun Dafa has to be guided by the essence and inner meanings of Dafa. Neither personal viewpoints nor methods of other practice ways should be promoted as the content of Dafa, lest cultivators be led into incorrect thinking.

  4. All Principal Assistance Centers must take the lead to observe the laws and rules of their countries of residence, and they must not get involved in politics. Improving cultivators’ character is the essence of cultivation.

  5. All local Assistance Centers should, when possible, stay in contact with one another and exchange experiences in order to facilitate the overall improvement of all Dafa cultivators. No locality should be discriminated against. Offering salvation to humankind means making no distinctions with respect to region or race. The character of true disciples should be evident everywhere. Those who practice Dafa are all disciples of the same practice.

  6. You need to firmly resist any conduct that undermines the inner meaning of Dafa. No disciple is allowed to promote what he sees, hears, or awakens to at his own low level as the content of Falun Dafa, and then do what’s called “teaching the Law.” That’s not allowed even if he wants to teach people to do good, because that’s not the Law, but merely kind words of advice for everyday people. They don’t carry the power that the Law has to save people. Anyone using his or her own experience to teach the Law is considered to be severely disrupting the Law. When quoting my words, you need to add, “Shifu69 Li Hongzhi70 said…” etc.

  7. Dafa disciples are forbidden to mix their practice with the practices of any other cultivation way (those who go awry are always these kinds of people). Whoever ignores this warning is himself responsible for any problems that occur. Pass this message on to all disciples: It is unacceptable to have in mind the ideas and directing thoughts of other practices while doing our exercises. Just one, instantaneous thought is as good as pursuing things in that other way of practice. Once the practice is mixed with others, the Law Wheel will become deformed and lose its effectiveness.

  8. Falun Dafa cultivators must cultivate their character, along with performing the movements. Those who focus solely on the exercises but neglect character cultivation will not be acknowledged as Falun Dafa disciples. Dafa students thus need to make studying the Law and reading the books the essential part of their daily cultivation.

Li Hongzhi

April 20, 1994


Appendix II
Regulations for Falun Dafa Disciples
in Spreading Dafa and Teaching the Exercises

  1. When spreading Dafa to the public, all Falun Dafa disciples can only use the statement, “Shifu Li Hongzhi has taught that…” or “Shifu Li Hongzhi says…” You are strictly forbidden to use what you experience, see, or know, or to use things from other practices, as if they were Li Hongzhi’s Dafa. Otherwise, what would be promoted would not be Falun Dafa and it would amount to harming Falun Dafa.

  2. All Falun Dafa disciples can disseminate Dafa through book-reading sessions, group discussions, or reciting at practice sites the Law Shifu Li Hongzhi has taught. No one is allowed to use the form of giving speeches in an auditorium, as I have done, to teach the Law. No one else is able to teach Dafa; they can neither comprehend my realm of thinking nor the true inner meaning of the Law I teach.

  3. When our cultivators talk about their own ideas and understanding of Dafa in book-reading sessions, group discussions, or at the practice sites, each must make it clear that it is only “my own understanding.” Mixing Dafa with one’s “own understanding” is not allowed, much less using your “own understanding” as the words of Shifu Li Hongzhi.

  4. When spreading Dafa and teaching the exercises, no Falun Dafa disciple is allowed to collect a fee or accept any gifts. Anyone who violates this rule is no longer a Falun Dafa disciple.

  5. For no reason may a Dafa disciple use the opportunity of teaching the exercises to treat people or heal health problems. Otherwise that would be the same as undermining Dafa.

Li Hongzhi

April 25, 1994


Appendix III
The Standards for Falun Dafa Assistants

  1. The assistants should cherish Falun Dafa, be enthusiastic to work for it, and be willing to serve others voluntarily. They should take initiative to organize exercise sessions for our students.

  2. The assistants need to cultivate in only Falun Dafa. Should they study other practice’s exercises, it automatically means that they have forfeited their qualifications for being students and assistants of Falun Dafa.

  3. At the practice sites, assistants must be strict with themselves but generous with others. They have to maintain their character and be helpful and friendly.

  4. The assistants should spread Dafa and should teach the exercises sincerely. They should actively cooperate with and support all Principal Assistance Centers’ work.

  5. The assistants should teach the exercises to others voluntarily. Collecting a fee or accepting gifts is forbidden. Practitioners should not seek fame or profit, but merit and virtue.

Li Hongzhi


Appendix IV
Notification for Practitioners of Falun Dafa

  1. Falun Dafa is a cultivation way of the Buddhist system. No one is allowed to propagate any religions under the guise of practicing Falun Dafa.

  2. All Falun Dafa cultivators must strictly observe the laws of their countries of residence. Any conduct that violates a country’s policies or regulations would directly oppose the merits and virtues of Falun Dafa. The individual concerned is responsible for the violation and all of its consequences.

  3. All Falun Dafa cultivators should actively uphold the unity of the cultivation community, doing their share for the development of humankind’s traditional culture.

  4. Students, as well as assistants and disciples, of Falun Dafa are forbidden to treat people’s health problems without approval from the founder and shifu of Falun Dafa, or without obtaining permission from appropriate authorities. Furthermore, no one can just decide to accept money or gifts for treating people.

  5. Students of Falun Dafa should take cultivation of character as the essence of our practice. They are absolutely not allowed to intervene in a country’s political affairs, and moreover, they are prohibited from getting involved in any kind of political disputes or activities. Those who violate this rule are no longer Falun Dafa disciples. The individual concerned should be responsible for all consequences. A cultivator’s fundamental aspiration is to progress with diligence in real cultivation and to reach Perfection as soon as possible.

Li Hongzhi

[69] (“shrr-foo”) A common Chinese term for a meditation or martial arts teacher, similar to “sensei” in Japanese. The word is composed of two parts, one meaning “teacher” and the other “father.”

[70] (“lee hong-jrr”)