(English Version)




7th Translation Edition, 2016


Chapter I Introduction

1. The Origins of Qigong
2. Qi and Gong
3. Gong Potency and Supernatural Abilities
4. The Third Eye
5. Qigong Treatments and Hospital Treatments
6. Buddhist Qigong and the Religion of Buddhism
7. Upright Cultivation Ways and Crooked Ways

Chapter II Falun Gong

1. The Law Wheel’s Function
2. The Law Wheel’s Configuration
3. Characteristics of Falun Gong Cultivation
4. Cultivation of Both Mind and Body
5. Directing With the Mind
6. Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

Chapter III Cultivation of Character

1. The Meaning of Character
2. Loss and Gain
3. Practicing Zhen, Shan, and Ren All Together
4. Ridding Yourself of Jealousy
5. Ridding Yourself of Attachments
6. Karma
7. Provoking Demons [Through Practice]
8. A Person’s Underlying Base and Awakening Capacity
9. A Clear and Still Mind

Chapter IV The Falun Gong Practice System

1. Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms
2. Falun Standing Stance
3. Penetrating the Cosmic Extremes
4. Falun Cosmic Orbit
5. Strengthening Supernatural Powers
Basic Requirements and Points to Note for Falun Gong Practice

Chapter V Questions and Answers

1. The Law Wheel and Falun Gong
2. Exercise Principles and Methods
3. Cultivating Your Character
4. The Third Eye
5. Trials and Tribulations
6. Dimensions and Humankind