Chapter II
Falun Gong

Falun Gong originates from the Falun Xiulian Dafa10 practice in the Buddhist system. It is one of the Buddhist system’s special qigong methods, yet it has its own distinct qualities that set it apart from the usual ways of Buddhist cultivation. This cultivation system is a special, intense cultivation method that used to require that cultivators have extremely high character and a great underlying base. In order for more practitioners to improve, while also meeting the needs of a massive number of dedicated cultivators, I have redesigned and made public this set of cultivation methods that are now suitable for popularization. Despite the modifications, this practice still far exceeds other practices, their teachings, and levels. 

1. The Law Wheel’s Function 

The Law Wheel of Falun Gong has the same nature as the universe, for it is a miniature of the universe. Cultivators of Falun Gong not only rapidly develop their supernatural abilities and gong potency, they also develop an incomparably powerful Law Wheel in a brief period of time. Once developed, a person’s Law Wheel exists as a living, intelligent entity. It automatically spins ceaselessly in the practitioner’s lower abdominal area, constantly absorbing and transforming energy from the universe and ultimately evolving the energy in the practitioner’s innate body into gong. Thus the effect of “the Law refines the practitioner” is achieved. This means that the Law Wheel constantly refines the person even though he or she doesn’t perform the exercises every minute. Internally, the Law Wheel offers salvation to oneself. It makes a person stronger and healthier, more intelligent and wise, and it protects the practitioner from deviation. It can also protect the cultivator from people with inferior character interfering with him. Externally, the Law Wheel can both heal sickness and eliminate evil for others, rectifying all abnormal conditions. The Law Wheel rotates continuously in the lower abdominal area, turning clockwise nine times and then counterclockwise nine times. When rotating clockwise, it vigorously takes in energy from the universe and that energy is very strong. Its rotational power becomes stronger as a person’s gong potency rises. This is a state that can’t be attained by deliberate attempts to pour qi into the top of the head. When rotating counterclockwise, it releases energy and provides salvation to all beings, rectifying abnormal conditions. People around the practitioner benefit. Of all the qigong practices taught in our country, Falun Gong is the first and only cultivation method that has achieved “the Law refines the practitioner.”

The Law Wheel is most precious, you can’t put a price on it. When my shifu passed the Law Wheel on to me, he told me that the Law Wheel shouldn’t be passed on to anyone else, and that even those people who had cultivated for a thousand years or more might want to have it, but could not. The discipline could only be passed on to one person after a very, very long time, unlike those that are passed on to one person every few decades. The Law Wheel is thus extremely precious. It’s still extremely precious even though we now make it public and have adjusted it to become less powerful. Cultivators who have acquired it are halfway through their cultivation. The only thing that remains is for you to improve your character, and then what awaits you are quite high levels. Of course, people who aren’t predestined might stop after cultivating for a little while, and then the Law Wheel in them will cease to exist.

Falun Gong is Buddhist qigong, but it far exceeds the scope of the Buddhist system: what we cultivate is the entire universe. In the past, Buddhist cultivation only taught Buddhist principles, while Daoist cultivation only taught Daoist principles. Neither one gave a full explanation of the universe from its fundamental level. The universe is similar to human beings in that it has its own nature, along with its material composition. Its nature can be summarized in three words: True, Kind, Tolerant (zhen, shan, ren).11 Daoist cultivation focuses its understanding on the True part: telling the truth, doing truthful deeds, returning to one’s original, true self, and finally becoming a true being. Buddhist cultivation focuses on the Kind part: developing great compassion, and offering salvation to all beings. Our discipline cultivates Truth, Kindness, and Tolerance simultaneously, and we directly adhere to the fundamental nature of the universe in our cultivation, ultimately assimilating with the universe.

Falun Gong is a cultivation system of both mind and body. When a practitioner’s gong potency and character have reached a certain level, he or she is bound to attain in this world both Enlightenment (the state of Unlocked Gong) and an indestructible body. In general, Falun Gong is divided into Triple-World-Law and Beyond-Triple-World-Law, which include many levels. I hope that all devoted practitioners will cultivate diligently, improve their character without letup, and manage to reach Spiritual Perfection. 

2. The Law Wheel’s Configuration 

The Law Wheel of Falun Gong is an intelligent, spinning body of high-energy matter. It rotates according to the laws of the vast universe’s entire motion. In a sense, the Law Wheel is a miniature of the universe.

In the center of the Law Wheel there is a Buddhist symbol of srivatsa, , (in Sanskrit, srivatsa means “the gathering of all good fortune” (to check [the Chinese term], look in the Ci Hai Dictionary)), which is the core of the Law Wheel. Its color is close to golden yellow, and its base color is bright red. The base color of the outer ring is orange. Four Taiji symbols12 and four Buddhist srivatsas are placed alternately in eight spots. The Taiji that are red and black are of the Daoist system, while the Taiji that are red and blue are of the Great Anterior-Heaven Daoist system. The four small srivatsas are also golden yellow. The base color of the Law Wheel changes periodically from red, to orange, to yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. They are extraordinarily beautiful colors (refer to the color insert at the front of the book). The colors of the central srivatsa, , and the Taiji don’t change. The srivatsas, , of different sizes rotate on their own, as does the Law Wheel. The Law Wheel is rooted in the universe. The universe is rotating, all galaxies are rotating, and so the Law Wheel is rotating as well. Those whose Third Eyes are at lower levels can see the Law Wheel spinning like a fan; those whose Third Eyes are at higher levels can see the whole image of the Law Wheel, which is incredibly beautiful and brilliant, and this encourages practitioners to more boldly forge ahead cultivating. 

3. Characteristics of Falun Gong Cultivation 

(1) The Law Refines the Practitioner

People who practice Falun Gong are able to not only rapidly develop their gong potency and supernatural abilities, but also gain a Law Wheel through cultivation. The Law Wheel can form in a short period of time, and once formed it is powerful. It can protect practitioners from going awry as well as from people with inferior character interfering with them. The principles of Falun Gong are completely different from those of conventional cultivation methods. That’s because after a Law Wheel forms, it rotates nonstop on its own; it exists in the form of an intelligent entity, constantly collecting energy in the practitioner’s lower abdominal area. The Law Wheel automatically takes in energy from the universe by rotating. The Law Wheel achieves the goal of “the Law refines the practitioner” precisely because it rotates nonstop, which means that the Law Wheel cultivates people ceaselessly even though they aren’t performing the exercises at every moment. As you all know, everyday people have to work during the day and rest at night. That leaves limited time for exercises. Thinking all the time about performing exercises certainly won’t serve the purpose of constant performance twenty-four hours a day. The goal of around-the-clock performance can’t be met by any other method. The Law Wheel rotates ceaselessly, and when rotating inwards it absorbs a great amount of qi (the first form that energy takes). Day and night, the Law Wheel keeps storing and transforming the absorbed qi in each and every location of the Law Wheel. It converts qi into high-level matter, ultimately changing it in the cultivator’s body into gong. That is “the Law refines the practitioner.” Falun Gong’s cultivation is entirely different from all other practice systems or qigong cultivation methods, which cultivate elixir.

The principal feature of Falun Gong is its cultivation of a Law Wheel rather than elixir. Until now, all the cultivation methods that have been made public, regardless of which school or cultivation way they came from—be they branches of Buddhism or Daoism, of the Buddhist or Daoist system, or of any of the ways spread among people—all have cultivated elixir. And so do many side-door cultivation ways. They are called elixir-method qigong. The cultivation used by monks, nuns, and Daoists has taken the path of cultivating elixir. If these persons are cremated at death, they produce sariras, which are composed of a hard and beautiful substance that modern scientific equipment can’t make out. Actually, they are high-energy matter, gathered from other dimensions—not our dimension. That is elixir. It’s hard for those who practice elixir-method qigong to achieve Enlightenment during the person’s lifetime. It used to be that many people who practiced elixir-method qigong tried to lift their elixir. It couldn’t be lifted out once it was raised to the Niwan Palace,13 and so it got stuck there and the person died. Some people wanted to deliberately burst it but they had no way of doing so. There were some cases like this: A person’s grandfather didn’t cultivate to success, so at the end of his lifetime he spat the elixir out and passed it on to the person’s father; his father didn’t cultivate to success, so at the end of his lifetime he spat it out and passed it on to the person. Even then this person still didn’t achieve much. It’s really difficult! Of course, there are many decent cultivation methods. It’s not so bad if you can receive genuine teaching from someone, but chances are he or she won’t teach you high-level things. 

(2) Cultivating the Main Consciousness

Everyone has a main consciousness. A person usually relies on his or her main consciousness in order to act and think. Along with the main consciousness, a person also has one or more assistant consciousnesses and spirits inherited from ancestors. The assistant consciousness(es) has the same name as the main consciousness, but in general it’s more capable and of a higher level. It doesn’t become deluded by our human society and it can see its own particular dimension. Many cultivation methods take the route of cultivating the assistant consciousness, whereby one’s flesh and main consciousness only function as a vehicle. Those practitioners are generally unaware of these things, and they even feel good about themselves. It’s incredibly hard for a person to break away from practical things while living in society, especially the things he or she is attached to. So, many cultivation methods emphasize performing exercises while in a state of trance—complete trance. When in-trance transformation occurs, the assistant consciousness actually gets transformed in a different world, and it is through that transformation that it improves. One day the assistant consciousness will complete its cultivation and leave with your gong. Nothing will be left for your main consciousness and your innate body, and your lifelong cultivation will fall short of success. That’s a great pity. Some well-known qigong masters command great abilities of all kinds, and along with those come prestige and respect. Yet they still don’t know that their gong has not in fact grown on their own bodies.

Our Falun Gong directly cultivates the main consciousness; we ensure that gong actually grows on your body. The assistant consciousness of course gets a share too; it improves as well, though it is in the secondary position. Our cultivation method has strict character criteria that allow you to temper your character and improve while in human society, under the most complicated circumstances—like a lotus flower emerging out of the mud. Because of this you can succeed in your cultivation. This is why Falun Gong is so precious: It’s precious because it is you, yourself, who gets gong. But it’s also very hard to do. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have chosen a path which will temper and test you in the most complicated environment.

The main consciousness must always direct your cultivation, since the goal of our practice is to cultivate the main consciousness. The main consciousness should make the decisions, rather than turning them over to the assistant consciousness. Otherwise there would come a day when the assistant consciousness would finish its cultivation at a higher level and take your gong with it, and your innate body and main consciousness would be left with nothing. When you are cultivating to high levels, your main consciousness shouldn’t lose awareness of what you are doing, as if it were asleep. You need to be clear that you are the one performing the exercises, ascending through cultivation, and improving your character—only then will you be in control and able to gain gong. Sometimes when you are absentminded you might accomplish something without even knowing how it was done. That is actually your assistant consciousness taking effect; your assistant consciousness is in command. If you open your eyes to look around while you are sitting there in meditation and you see that there’s another you across from you, then that is your assistant consciousness. If you are sitting there in meditation facing north, but all of a sudden you find that you’re sitting on the north side, wondering, “How did I come out of my body?”, then that is your true self that has come out. What sits over there is your flesh and assistant consciousness. You can tell them apart.

You shouldn’t lose all awareness of yourself when you do the exercises of Falun Gong. Doing so is not in line with the Great Way of Falun Gong cultivation. You have to keep your mind alert when doing the exercises. There won’t be any deviation in the practice if your main consciousness is strong, for nothing will really be able to harm you. Some things might come onto your body if your main consciousness is weak. 

(3) Doing the Exercises Regardless of Direction and Time

Many cultivation methods are particular about a time and direction in which it’s best to perform their exercises. We aren’t concerned with those things in the least. Falun Gong cultivation is done according to the nature of the universe and the laws by which the universe evolves. So direction and time are not important. We are, in effect, situated within the Law Wheel while doing the exercises, and it is omni-directional and in constant rotation. Our Law Wheel is synchronized with the universe. The universe is in motion, the Milky Way is in motion, the nine planets are revolving around the sun, and Earth itself is rotating. Which way is north, south, east, or west? People who live on Earth devised those directions. So you will be facing all directions no matter which direction you face.

Some people say that it’s best to do the exercises at midnight, while some say that noon or another time is best. We aren’t concerned with that either, for the Law Wheel cultivates you even when you are not doing the exercises. The Law Wheel is helping you cultivate at every moment—the Law refines the practitioner. In elixir-method qigong, people cultivate elixir; in Falun Gong, it is the Law that cultivates people. Do the exercises more when you have time, and do them less when you have less time. It’s flexible. 

4. Cultivation of Both Mind and Body 

Falun Gong cultivates both the mind and body. Performing the exercises changes a person’s innate body first. The innate body won’t be discarded. The main consciousness merges into one with the flesh, achieving complete cultivation of one’s entire being.  

(1) Changing One’s Innate Body

A human body is composed of flesh, blood, and bones, with different molecular structures and components. The molecular composition of the human body is transformed into high-energy matter through cultivation. The human body is then no longer composed of its original matter, as it has undergone a change in its fundamental properties. But cultivators live and cultivate among everyday people and they can’t disrupt the way human society is. So this kind of change alters neither the body’s original molecular structure nor the sequence in which its molecules are arranged; it just changes the original molecular composition. The body’s flesh remains soft, the bones are still hard, and the blood is still fluid. The person will still bleed when cut with a knife. According to the Chinese Theory of Five Elements, everything is composed of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The human body is no different. When a cultivator has undergone the changes in his or her innate body whereby high-energy matter replaces the original molecular components, the human body at that point is no longer composed of its original matter. This is the principle behind what is known as “transcending the five elements.”

The most noticeable feature of cultivation methods that cultivate both mind and body is that they prolong a person’s life and deter aging. Our Falun Gong also has this noticeable feature. Falun Gong works this way: It fundamentally changes the molecular composition of the human body, storing the gathered high-energy matter in each cell and ultimately allowing the high-energy matter to replace the cellular components. Metabolism will no longer occur. The person thus transcends the five elements, having turned his or her body into one composed of matter from other dimensions. This person will be young forever, freed of the constraints of this space or time.

There have been many accomplished monks in history who had very long life spans. There are today people who are hundreds of years old walking on the street, only you can’t tell who they are. You can’t distinguish them, as they look young and wear the same clothes as everyday people. The human life span shouldn’t be as short as it is now. Speaking from the perspective of modern science, people should be able to live for over two hundred years. According to historical records, there was a person in Britain named Femcath who lived for 207 years. A person in Japan named Mitsu Taira lived to be 242 years old. During the Tang Dynasty in our country, there was a monk called Hui Zhao who lived to be 290 years old. According to the county annals of Yong Tai in Fujian Province, Chen Jun was born in the first year of Zhong He time (881 AD) under the reign of Emperor Xi Zong during the Tang Dynasty, and he died in the Tai Ding time of the Yuan Dynasty (1324 AD), after living for 443 years. These are backed up by records and can be investigated—they aren’t fairy tales. Our Falun Gong practitioners come to have noticeably fewer wrinkles on their faces, which take on a rosy, healthy glow, thanks to cultivation. They feel energetic, and they are not a bit tired when walking or working. That’s common. I’ve cultivated for decades and others say that my face hasn’t changed much in twenty years. Now you know why. Our Falun Gong contains powerful things for cultivating the body. Falun Gong cultivators look quite different in age from everyday people—they don’t look their actual age. So the primary features of cultivation methods that cultivate both mind and body are: prolonging life, deterring aging, and lengthening life expectancy. 

(2) The Falun Cosmic Orbit

Our human body is a small universe. The energy of the human body circles around the body, and this is called the circulation of the small universe, or the cosmic orbit. Speaking in terms of levels, connecting the two major meridians of Ren and Du is only a superficial cosmic orbit. It doesn’t have the effect of cultivating the body. The Small Cosmic Orbit, in its true sense, circulates inside the body from the Niwan Palace to the elixir field. Through this internal circulation, all of a person’s meridians, or energy channels, are opened up and expanded from the inside of the body to its outside. Our Falun Gong calls for all meridians to be opened at the outset.

The Great Cosmic Orbit is the movement of the eight Extra Meridians,14 and it goes around the entire body to complete one cycle. If the Great Cosmic Orbit is opened, it will bring about a state in which a person can levitate off the ground. That’s what is meant by “ascending in broad daylight,” as mentioned in The Book of Elixir. But that said, an area in your body will usually be locked so that you can’t levitate or fly. Yet it will bring you to a certain state: You will walk quickly and effortlessly, and when you walk uphill you will feel as if someone were giving you a push from behind. The opening of the Great Cosmic Orbit can also bring about a type of ability. It can enable the qi that exists in different organs of the body to exchange positions. The qi of the heart will move to the stomach, the qi of the stomach will travel to the intestines, and so on. As the person’s gong potency strengthens, if that ability is released outside the human body it will become the ability of telekinesis. This kind of cosmic orbit is also called the Meridian Cosmic Orbit, or the Heaven and Earth Cosmic Orbit. But its movement still won’t achieve the goal of transforming the body. There has to be another corresponding cosmic orbit, called the Borderline Cosmic Orbit. Here’s how the Borderline Cosmic Orbit moves: It emerges from either the Huiyin acupuncture point15 or the Baihui acupuncture point,16 and it travels along the sides of the body, where yin borders yang.17

The cosmic orbit in Falun Gong is much greater than the movement of the eight Extra Meridians that are discussed in regular cultivation methods. It is the movement of all the crisscrossing meridians located throughout the entire body. All meridians of the entire body need to be thoroughly opened at once, and they all have to move together. These things are already embedded in our Falun Gong, so you don’t need to deliberately do them or guide them with your thoughts. You will go awry if you do it that way. During my classes, I place energy mechanisms outside your body that circulate automatically. The energy mechanisms are something unique to high-level cultivation, and they are part of what makes our exercises automatic. Just like the Law Wheel, they revolve ceaselessly, leading all internal meridians to rotate. Even if you haven’t worked on the cosmic orbit, those meridians have in fact already been driven into motion, and deep inside and outside they are all moving together. We use our exercises to strengthen the energy mechanisms that exist outside the body. 

(3) Opening the Meridians

The objective of opening the meridians is to allow energy to circulate and to change the molecular composition of cells, transforming them into high-energy matter. The meridians of non-practitioners are congested and narrow. The meridians of practitioners gradually brighten and have their congested areas opened. The meridians of veteran practitioners widen, and they will widen even further during cultivation at higher levels. Some people have meridians as wide as a finger. Yet the opening up of meridians itself reflects neither one’s cultivation level nor the height of one’s gong. The meridians will be brightened and widened by doing the exercises, and eventually connect to become one large whole. At that point, this person will have no meridians or acupuncture points. Put another way, his or her entire body will be meridians and acupuncture points. But even this state doesn’t mean that the person has completed cultivation. It’s only the manifestation of one level during the process of Falun Gong cultivation. Arrival at this stage signifies that the person has reached the end of Triple-World‑Law cultivation. At the same time, this brings about a state quite noticeable from its outer appearance, called Three Flowers Gathered Atop the Head. The gong pillar will be rather high at that point and a great deal of supernatural abilities will have been developed, all of which will have a shape and form. The three flowers appear on the crown of the head, with one resembling a chrysanthemum and the others a lotus. The three flowers spin individually while revolving around each other at the same time. Each flower has an extremely tall pillar on top of it that reaches to the sky. These three pillars rotate and spin along with the flowers, and the head will feel heavy. But at that point the person has merely finished the last step of Triple-World-Law cultivation. 

5. Thought

Falun Gong cultivation involves no directing with thought. A person’s thoughts don’t accomplish anything by themselves, though they can send out commands. What is really at work are supernatural abilities, which have an intelligent being’s capacity to think and can receive commands from the brain’s signals. Yet many people, particularly those in qigong circles, have different theories about it. They think that thought can accomplish many things. Some talk about using thought to develop abilities, using it to open the Third Eye, to do healing, to perform telekinesis, etc. Those views are incorrect. At lower levels, among everyday people, thoughts direct the sensory organs and four limbs. At higher levels, a cultivator’s thoughts elevate a notch and direct abilities to do things. In other words, abilities are dictated by thought. That’s how we look at thought. Sometimes we see a qigong master doing treatments on others. Before the master lifts a finger, the patient says that he or she has become well, and thinks that the healing was done by the master’s thoughts. In fact, what the master does is release a type of ability and dictate it to give the treatment or to do something. Abilities act in another dimension, so everyday people can’t see them with their eyes. Those who don’t know think that it’s the thoughts that are doing the healing. Some people believe that thoughts can be used to do healings, and that has misled people. That idea had to be straightened up.

Human thinking is a type of message, a type of energy, and a form of material existence. When a person thinks, the brain produces a frequency. Sometimes chanting mantras can be very effective. Why? Because the universe has its own vibrational frequency, and an effect will be produced when the frequency of your mantra coincides with that of the universe. For it to be effective, though, it certainly has to be benign in nature, since wicked things aren’t allowed to exist in the universe. Directing with thought is a specific way of thinking. The Law Bodies of a high-level, grand qigong master are controlled and dictated by the thoughts of his main body. A Law Body also has his own thoughts and is able to solve problems and carry out tasks independently. He is an entirely independent self. At the same time, Law Bodies know the thoughts of the qigong master’s main body and will carry out tasks according to those thoughts. For example, if the qigong master wants to treat a particular person’s illness the Law Bodies will go there. Without that thought they won’t go. But when they see a really good thing to do they will do it on their own. Some masters haven’t achieved Enlightenment, and there are things that they still don’t know but that their Law Bodies do know.

There is another form of thought called inspiration. Inspiration doesn’t come from a person’s main consciousness. The knowledge base of the main consciousness is quite limited. It won’t work if you depend solely on the main consciousness to come up with something that doesn’t yet exist in this society. Inspiration comes from the assistant consciousness. When some people who are engaged in creative work or scientific research get stuck after exhausting all of their brainpower, they put things aside, rest for a while, or take a walk outside. Inspiration then comes suddenly without them thinking. They right away start to quickly write things down, and something is created. That’s because when the main consciousness is strong, it controls the brain and nothing will come forth, despite its effort. Once the main consciousness relaxes, the assistant consciousness starts to function and control the brain. The assistant consciousness is able to create new things, for it belongs to another dimension and is not restrained by this one. Yet the assistant consciousness can’t surpass or interfere with the way human society is; it’s not allowed to affect society’s development.

Inspiration comes from two sources. One is the assistant consciousness. The assistant consciousness isn’t deluded by this world and can produce inspiration. The other source is the direction and guidance of high-level beings. When guided by high-level beings, people’s minds are expanded and able to create groundbreaking things. The entire development of society and the universe each follow their own specific laws. Nothing happens by chance.

6. Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong 

(1) Cultivation at High Levels

Since Falun Gong cultivation takes place at really high levels, gong is generated quite fast. A great cultivation way is extremely simple and easy. Falun Gong has few movements. Yet viewed from a larger scope it governs all aspects of the body, including the many things that are to be generated. As long as a person’s character keeps rising, his or her gong will grow rapidly. There is little need for intention-filled effort, the use of any specific method, setting up a crucible and furnace to make elixir from gathered chemicals or from adding fire and gathered chemicals.18 Relying on the guidance of directing with thought is rather complicated, and it can easily lead to deviation. What I’m giving you here is the most convenient discipline, the best discipline, but it is also the hardest one. In order for a cultivator to reach the Milk-White Body state using other methods, it would take more than a decade, several decades, or even longer. Yet we bring you to that stage immediately. That level might already pass by before you even feel it. It might last for just several hours. There will be one day when you feel quite sensitive, and only a little while later you won’t feel as sensitive. In fact, you will have just passed a significant level. 

(2) Manifestations of Gong

After students of Falun Gong go through adjustment of the flesh, they will reach the state that is suitable for Dafa19 cultivation: the Milk-White Body state. Gong will only develop after that state is reached. People with a high-level Third Eye can see that gong develops on the surface of a practitioner’s skin and is then absorbed into his or her body. That process of gong generation and absorption keeps repeating itself, going level after level, and sometimes very rapidly. This is the first stage of gong development . After the first stage, the body of the practitioner is no longer a regular one. A practitioner will never again get sick after reaching the Milk-White Body state. The pain that might emerge here and there or the discomfort in a certain area is not sickness, though it may appear similar: It is caused by karma. After the second stage of gong development, a person’s intelligent beings will have grown very large and are able to move around and talk. Sometimes they are produced sparsely, sometimes in great density. They can talk to one another. There is a great deal of energy stored in those intelligent beings, and it is used to change his or her innate body.

At a certain advanced level of Falun Gong cultivation, cherubs sometimes appear all throughout a practitioner’s body. They are mischievous, enjoy playing, and are good-natured. Another kind of body can be produced as well: the Immortal Infant. He or she sits on a lotus flower throne that’s gorgeous. The Immortal Infant that is generated through cultivation is created by the merging of yin and yang in the human body. Male and female cultivators alike can cultivate an Immortal Infant. At the beginning the Immortal Infant is very small. He gradually grows larger and ultimately grows to be the cultivator’s size. He looks exactly like the cultivator and is indeed present inside the cultivator’s body. When people with supernatural abilities look at him or her, they will say that this person has two bodies. This person has actually succeeded in cultivating his or her true body. Also, many Law Bodies can be developed through cultivation. In short, any ability that can be developed in this universe can be developed in Falun Gong; the abilities developed in other cultivation methods are all included in Falun Gong. 

(3) Beyond-Triple-World-Law Cultivation

By performing Falun Gong exercises, practitioners can make their meridians wider and wider, connecting them to become a whole. That is, a person cultivates to a state in which there are no meridians or acupuncture points, or conversely, meridians and acupuncture points exist everywhere. That still doesn’t mean that he or she has attained the Dao—it’s only one form of manifestation in the process of Falun Gong cultivation, and a reflection of one level. When that stage is reached, the person is at the end of Triple-World-Law cultivation. The gong he or she has developed will be quite powerful and will have finished taking shape. Also, the person’s gong pillar will be really high and the three flowers will appear atop his or her head. But at this point the person has merely taken the last step of Triple-World-Law cultivation.

When another step forward is taken, there will be nothing left, as all of the person’s abilities will be pressed into the body’s deepest dimension and he or she will enter the Pure-White Body state, where the body is transparent. With one more step forward, this person will enter into Beyond-Triple-World-Law cultivation, which is also known as “cultivation of a Buddha’s body.” The abilities developed at that stage belong to the category of supernatural powers. The practitioner will have unlimited powers at that point and will have become incredibly mighty. Upon reaching higher realms, he or she will cultivate to become a great enlightened being. All of this relies on how you cultivate your character. Whichever level you cultivate to is the level of your celestial rank. Dedicated cultivators find a true cultivation way and achieve their ultimate rank, which is Perfection.

[10] (“fah-lun shyo-lyen dah-fah”) Translated roughly as, “Law Wheel Cultivation Great Way.”

[11] The three Chinese words rendered here as “true, kind, tolerant,” could alternatively be translated as follows. Zhen, “truth, truthful, real”; shan, “good, compassionate, benevolent”; ren, “forbearing, enduring, self-control.”

[12] (“tie-jee”) The symbol of the Daoist system, popularly referred to in the West as the “yin-yang” symbol.

[13] (“nee-wahn”) A Daoist term for the pineal gland.

[14] In Chinese thought and medicine, these exist in addition to the twelve Regular Meridians.

[15] (“hway-yin”) Located in the center of the perineum.

[16] (“bye-hway”) Located at the crown of one’s head.

[17] (“yin, yahng”) In Chinese thought, two opposite, but complementary primal forces which are present in all life and matter. For example, female (yin) vs. male (yang), front of the body (yin) vs. back of the body (yang).

[18] Daoist metaphors for the processes of internal alchemy employed in some practices.

[19] (“dah-fah”) “Great Way” or “Great Law,” short for the full name Falun Dafa.