Why One Cannot See 

“Seeing is believing; no seeing, no believing.” This is the view of an inferior person. Humans are lost in illusion and have generated a lot of karma. How could they see, with their original nature obscured? Enlightening comes before seeing. Cultivate your mind and eliminate your karma. Once your original nature comes forth you will be able to see. Yet, with or without seeing, an exceptional person can depend on his enlightening to reach Consummation. People may or may not see, and this is determined by their levels and their inborn quality. The reason most cultivators do not see is because they pursue seeing, which is an attachment. Thus, until it is given up he will not see. This is mostly because of obstruction from karma, an unsuitable environment, or the way one cultivates. There are a plethora of reasons, varying from person to person. Even a person who is able to see may not see clearly, for only seeing unclearly can one enlighten to the Dao. When a person can see everything clearly, as if he were personally on the scene, he has achieved the Unlocking of Gong (kaigong) and cannot practice cultivation any further since there is nothing for him to enlighten to.

Li Hongzhi

June 16, 1995