How to Provide Assistance 

Many assistants in different regions have a very high-level understanding of Dafa. They are able to set a good example with their conduct and do a good job organizing their practice groups. Yet there are also some assistants who have not done so well, and this mainly manifests in their methods of work. For instance, in order to make the students listen to them and to make it easier to carry out their work, some assistants have done their work by issuing orders. This is not permitted. Learning the Fa should be voluntary. If a student does not want to do so from the bottom of his heart, no problems can be solved. Instead, tensions may arise. Tensions will intensify if this isn’t corrected, thus severely undermining people’s learning the Fa. 

Even more serious, some assistants, in order to make practitioners believe and obey them, often circulate some hearsay or something sensational to increase their prestige, or they do unique things to show off. All of these are not allowed. Our assistants serve others on a voluntary basis; they are not the master, nor should they have these attachments.

Then how can we do the assistant job well? First off, you should treat yourself as one of the students instead of considering yourself above them. If there is something that you do not know in your work, you should humbly discuss it with others. If you have done something wrong, you should sincerely tell the students, “I, too, am a cultivator just as you are, so it’s inevitable that I’ll make mistakes in my work. Now that I’ve made a mistake, let’s do what’s right.” If you sincerely want to have all practitioners collaborate to get things done, what results will you get? No one will say that you are good for nothing. Instead, they will think that you have learned the Fa well and are open-minded. In fact, Dafa is here, and everyone is studying it. Students will measure every move an assistant makes according to Dafa, and whether it is good or not can be clearly distinguished. Once you have the intention of building yourself up, the students will think that you have a xinxing[1] problem. Therefore, only by being modest can you do things well. Your reputation is established based on a good understanding of the Fa. How could a cultivator be free of mistakes?

Li Hongzhi

September 10, 1995

[1] xinxing (shin-shing)—“mind nature” or “heart nature”; “moral character.”