It is not a Job, but Cultivation Practice  

Whether you can follow the requirements I have set for assistance centers is a very important matter of principle, and affects the way the Fa spreads in the future. Why can’t you let go of the routines that you’ve developed over a long period of time in bureaucratic offices? Do not treat assistance centers as administrative offices in human society and adopt their methods and approaches, such as issuing documents, launching policy implementations, or “uplifting the people’s understanding.” A Dafa cultivator should only improve his xinxing in cultivation, and raise his Attainment Status and level. Sometimes even a meeting is held in the format of the everyday people’s workplace. For example, it will have some kind of official make a speech or have a certain leader give a summary. Nowadays, even the state is trying to reform those corrupt practices and bureaucratic procedures in society. As a cultivator, you already know that every aspect of mankind is no longer good in the Dharma-Ending Period. Why can’t you let go of those work methods that are the least suitable for cultivation practice? We absolutely will never turn it into an administrative institution or an enterprise in society.

Before, some retired people with nothing to do found Falun Dafa good and offered to help so as to fill an aching void in their leisurely lives. Of course that won’t do! Falun Dafa is for cultivation practice—it is not a job. All of our volunteer workers must first be genuine cultivators with high-level xinxing, as they are role models for xinxing cultivation. We do not need the types of leaders like those among everyday people.

Li Hongzhi

October 12, 1995