An Explicit Reminder  

At present there is a prominent problem: When some students’ Primordial Spirits (yuanshen) leave their bodies, they see or come into contact with certain dimensions at certain levels. Feeling that it is so wonderful and that everything there truly exists, they don’t want to return. This has resulted in the death of their flesh bodies. So they stayed in that realm and could not come back. Yet none of them had reached beyond the Three Realms. I have addressed this problem before. Do not get attached to any dimension in your cultivation. Only when you have completed the entire course of cultivation can you achieve Consummation. So when your Primordial Spirit goes out, no matter how wonderful you find those places, you must return. 

We also have some students with a misunderstanding. They think that once they practice Falun Dafa they are assured that their physical bodies will never die. Our cultivation system does cultivate both mind and body; a cultivator can prolong his life while he practices cultivation. But some people have not diligently made progress in their In-Triple-World-Law cultivation, and they always linger at a certain level. After much effort to move up to another level, they then linger at that level again. Cultivation is serious, so it is difficult to guarantee that one’s life will not come to an end at the predestined time. Yet this problem does not exist for Beyond-Triple-World-Law cultivation practice. But the situation with In-Triple-World-Law is more complicated. 

Li Hongzhi

December 21, 1995