An Announcement

All Dafa Associations:

It is definitely not wrong to explain the facts of our situation to the Chinese government in a peaceful manner. As cultivators, however, we should absolutely not adopt any over-zealous approach or speech. Over the past year, you have clarified the truth and appealed to the people of the world and governments with goodwill, and you have done this in a righteous manner.

I am happy for the disciples (magnificent beings) who have been forged by Dafa cultivation. I also hope that in the future while clarifying the truth and making appeals to the government they will not in any way neglect the importance of studying the Fa, because all of them need to progress towards Consummation. I am paying close attention to everything the students are doing and the state of their cultivation. I hope that all of you handle things even better.

Li Hongzhi
July 20, 2000