A Suggestion

Some of the people who have obtained the Fa and, at this human surface, come to know the meaning of the Fa, have had their lives extended through the Fa; some of them have received all kinds of benefits, such as good health, harmony in the family, indirect benefits to their relatives and friends, a reduction of their karma, and even Master’s bearing things for them. In other dimensions, their physical bodies are being transformed into God-bodies. Despite this, when Dafa is about to consummate you, you are unable to step forward from humanness, and when the evil persecutes Dafa you are unable to stand up to validate Dafa. These people who only want to take from Dafa and not give for Dafa are, in the eyes of Gods, the worst beings. Moreover, this Fa is what’s fundamental in the cosmos, so those people who are still unable to step forward today will be weeded out after this tribulation is over. Many of them are people who have strong predestined relationships. This is why Master has waited and waited. Also included are those who have, during this period, voluntarily assisted the evil in persecuting the Fa after being so-called "reformed." These people have relatively large amounts of karma and they have fundamental attachments to [things of] humans, so in the midst of absurd lies during the so-called "reforming," they have, in the interest of their attachments and to justify their behavior, gone along with the lies and willingly accepted evil "enlightenment," while pretending they didn’t want to. If this kind of person then goes and deceives other students, he will have committed the sin of damaging the Fa. All who have been supposedly "reformed" are people who couldn’t let go of their attachments to [things of] humans and who stepped forward with the idea that they might be lucky.

Did you know that I don’t recognize at all this evil test that the old forces arranged? The reason evil beings in low-level dimensions dare to be so ferocious is that the beings at the final, highest level of the cosmos who are yet to be dealt with have created a type of screen. Until this screen is completely destroyed in Fa-rectification, the beings in low-level dimensions and the evil beings in the world won’t be able to see the true situation, and so they dare to commit sinister acts out of ignorance. Amidst the Fa-rectification, those high-level beings are in the last stage of being cleaned out. Once it is broken through, all the evil beings in the world will be knocked down into hell when the Fa rectifies the human world, and for all eternity they will pay for the sins they committed persecuting Dafa. There are also some people who claim to have reached Consummation, saying nonsense like, "There’s no need to practice anymore," or "There’s no need to study anymore." If you have reached Consummation, then fly up into the sky and show us a Buddha’s solemn image. If you no longer need to practice, are you still my disciple? A cultivator cannot stop cultivating even at the very last moment before he reaches Consummation. Those people are not demons, but they are doing what demons do. It’s not that Master is not merciful—in the Fa-rectification all beings choose their own path. Those of you who claim to have reached Consummation, do you have all the magnificent Fa-power of a God or Buddha?

There are also some people who maliciously say, "The real Master is in the heavens," "We need to break from the Master in the human world," and "Help Master undo" so-called "knots that are tied to his body." There is only one Li Hongzhi. I don’t have any Assistant Primordial Spirit, and I don’t have any of those three souls and seven spirits like everyday people do, either. I am the principal being. The bodies inside my benti, from the larger ones to the smaller ones, that are made up of particles of different levels and that are in different dimensions, are all directed by my principal being in the human world and follow the thoughts of my principal being in the human world. My Law Bodies are specific manifestations of my wisdom. My Gong Bodies are composites of my boundlessly-immense gong. Not acknowledging the Master in the human world is not acknowledging oneself as a Dafa disciple. Then such a person is not even a cultivator, much less does he have any business talking about Consummation. The people of the future still need to obtain the Fa; there are several billion people in this world who are waiting to obtain the Fa after this evil drama is completely wiped out as the Fa rectifies the human world, and what they will study and use will be this Zhuan Falun. The sins committed by both the evil and the bad people who destroy the books are so huge that they can never be fully paid for. Those who at different levels manipulate the evil and the bad people into persecuting Dafa and its students all have in store for them the endless paying for all they have done, suffering as they are annihilated layer by layer. Those who voluntarily sign the "reform statement" or who promise in writing not to practice under the pretence of so-called "giving up the attachment to Consummation" or "giving up human notions" are covering up their true attachments. They even slander and attack the Clearwisdom Website, which reports on Dafa positively. The old forces think that a Dafa student who, out of attachments, during this period gives a written promise not to cultivate Dafa anymore has determined his own future. If it didn’t truly come from his heart and was the result of coercion, and if he rejoins the Fa-rectification, then there will be greater tribulations, as tests, for him to pass. Even though Master does not recognize the old forces’ arrangements, the consequences are terrifying once you have gone over to the opposite side, and your tens-of-thousands-of-years’ wait will be ruined in an instant. Those who are spreading evil "enlightenment" under the guise of Dafa students are, regardless of whether they were students before, doing what demons who damage Dafa do.

In reality, nobody can damage Dafa. Those who have not come through the tribulations are humans. When human beings are no longer good enough, then they will be re-created, and this is humans’ inexorable doom. I want to do everything I can to save all the people of the world and all beings. [Yet these] humans aren’t able to live up to it and of their own choosing "enlighten" along an evil path in order to cover up their attachments. If you do not want a future, I will give up on you. I am not attached to anything.

As Dafa disciples, what you should do in the current situation is clarify the truth to the world’s people and expose the evil, thereby safeguarding Dafa. Your own improvement and Consummation are part of this process. Those who do the so-called "reform" work, too, are people who have been deceived. Why not turn the tables and expose the evil and clarify the truth to them? I suggest that all students who they are trying to forcefully reform (this excludes those who haven’t been taken away for reform) expose the evil and clarify the truth to those people who are doing the reform work, and tell them about the cause and effect relationship of "good and evil always have consequences." It is the evil that is afraid of people knowing the truth of the situation, not Dafa disciples.

Li Hongzhi
April 10, 2001