Dafa is Indestructible

Why are Dafa disciples ruthlessly tortured by the evil? Because they persist in their righteous faith in Dafa, and because they are particles of Dafa. Why did Fa-rectification have to be done? Because the beings in the cosmos no longer met the standard. As a Dafa disciple, your steadfast, righteous thoughts are absolutely unshakable, because your renewed being is formed precisely amidst the Fa-rectification. But in order to achieve everything they’ve wanted to, the old, evil forces in the cosmos have directly taken part in persecuting Dafa, Dafa disciples, and sentient beings by continuously using the evil arrangements that they contrived and that don’t conform to the true Fa-principles of the cosmos, and they have taken advantage of the unremoved notions that are at Dafa disciples’ human surface, and Dafa disciples’ karma, to make their righteous thoughts falter. As a result, some students haven’t been able to endure amidst the agony of the persecution, and have done what a Dafa disciple absolutely should not and cannot do. That is a disgrace to Dafa.

Master wants to save all sentient beings. But the evil forces are truly committing sins against Dafa by using all sentient beings, with the ultimate purpose of destroying them. Once a Dafa disciple has done what he shouldn’t do, if he isn’t able to truly realize its severity and redeem the losses he has brought to Dafa, everything and that millions upon millions of years’ wait will be fulfilled according to the vows made before history. As a Dafa disciple, everything of yours is formed by Dafa and is the most righteous, and it can only be that [you] rectify everything that is not righteous. How could you bow to the evil? How could you promise something to the evil? Even if it doesn’t truly come from your heart, it’s still giving in to the evil. This is bad conduct for humans, too, and Gods absolutely would not do such a thing. Even if a Dafa cultivator truly casts off his human skin during the persecution, what awaits him is still Consummation. At the same time, no attachment or fear could possibly enable you to reach Consummation. And any attachment of fear is itself a barrier that prevents you from reaching Consummation, and is also a factor in your being "reformed" toward the evil side and in your betrayal.

I can tell you, all of the natural and man-made disasters that have been happening in Mainland China are already warnings for the sins the beings there have committed against Dafa. If they don’t come to realize it, then the real catastrophe(s) will begin. All the evil people who have sinned against Dafa, specifically those who are no longer useful in the evil so-called "test" of Dafa disciples, have already begun to meet with retribution for their evil. From now on this will happen on a large scale. Those most evil ones, though, will be used until the very end, because there continue to be Dafa disciples stepping forward, and the evil old forces need to use them to continue to test Dafa disciples. This is why the most wicked evildoers are still rampantly doing evil.

A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces. Clarify the truth thoroughly, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings, and safeguard the Fa with determination, because you are a part of Dafa, indestructible; rectify all that is not righteous. Those who are "reformed" and those who are being saved can only be beings who were deceived by the evil. Those who are being eliminated are the evil beings and the evil old forces. Those who are reaching Consummation through all this are Dafa disciples; and through all this Dafa’s mighty virtue is established.

Li Hongzhi
June 23, 2001