The time for actual cultivation in studying Dafa is limited. Many students have realized that they need to hurry up and diligently make continual progress. Yet some students do not treasure their time, and focus their minds on tangential issues. Since this book of Dafa, Zhuan Falun, was published, many people have compared the recordings of my lectures with the book, claiming that the Research Society changed Teacher’s words. Some others have said that the book was written with the help of so-and-so, and they have thus undermined Dafa. I am telling you now that Dafa belongs to me, Li Hongzhi. It is taught to save you and spoken from my mouth. Moreover, when I taught the Fa, I did not use any scripts or other materials, but only a piece of paper concerning what I would teach to my students; its contents were quite simple, with only a few points that no one else could understand. Each time I taught the Fa, I presented it from a different angle and spoke according to the students’ ability to comprehend. So each time I taught the Fa, I would address the same issue from a different angle. Furthermore, this book of Fa represents the nature of the universe and is the true manifestation of the mighty Buddha Fa. It is what I originally had—that which I recalled after attaining Enlightenment through cultivation practice. I then made it public in ordinary human language, and I taught it to you as well as to those in heavens, thereby rectifying the universe with the Fa. To make cultivation convenient for students, I assigned some students to transcribe the contents of my lectures from the tape recordings without changing any of my original words. Then they gave it to me for revision. The students merely copied my revisions or typed them on a computer so that I could make further revisions. As far as Zhuan Falun is concerned, I personally revised it three times before it was finalized and published.

No one has ever made even a slight change to the contents of this book of Dafa. What’s more, who could possibly do that? There are three reasons for its differences from the tape recordings. First, to help people practice cultivation I combined many of my Fa-lectures when doing the revisions. Secondly, while lecturing on the Fa, I taught according to students’ different abilities to comprehend and in keeping with the situations and circumstances at that time; therefore, I had to modify the structure of the language when editing it into a book. Thirdly, when cultivators study it, misunderstandings can occur as a result of differences between the speech and the written language, so modification was needed. Nonetheless, the form and colloquial style of my lectures on the Fa were still preserved. Zhuan Falun (Volume Two), and Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa, were also personally revised by me before they were published. I incorporated thinking at different levels when writing Zhuan Falun (Volume Two), so some people find the writing style different and are puzzled by it. These aren’t ordinary humans things to begin with! In fact, Volume Two is to remain for future generations to learn the extent of mankind’s degeneration today, thereby leaving people a profound historical lesson. China Falun Gong, including its revised version, is only a transitional material in the form of qigong for people to understand at the beginning.

Disruption of the Fa takes many forms, of which unintentional disruption by disciples themselves is the most difficult to detect. Sakyamuni’s Buddhism began its deterioration in just this way and the lesson is profound.

Disciples must remember: All Falun Dafa texts are the Fa that I have taught, and they are personally revised and edited by me. From now on, no one is allowed to take excerpts from the tape recordings of my Fa-lectures, nor compile them into written materials. Regardless of whatever your excuses are, that is still undermining the Fa; this includes the so-called “contrasting the differences between the speech and its written form,” and so on.

Nothing in the evolution of the cosmic bodies or in mankind’s development is accidental. The development of human society is history’s arrangement and is driven by the cosmic climate. In the future there will be more people around the world learning Dafa. This is not something that can be done by a hot-headed person simply because he wants to. With an event of this magnitude, how could there not be various arrangements in history? Actually, everything that I have done was arranged countless years ago, and this includes who would obtain the Fa—nothing is accidental. But the way these things manifest is in keeping with ordinary humans. As a matter of fact, the things imparted to me by my several masters in this life are also what I intentionally arranged a few lifetimes ago for them to obtain. When the predestined occasion arrived, they were arranged to impart those things back to me so that I could recall my Fa in its entirety. So let me tell you that this book of Fa is not only studied by those at the human level, but also by beings at higher levels. Because an enormous scope of the cosmic body has deviated from the nature of the universe, it has to be rectified by the Fa. Mankind is rather insignificant in the vast universe. Earth is nothing but a speck of dust in the universe. If human beings want to be valued by high-level beings, they have to practice cultivation and become high-level beings too! 

Li Hongzhi

May 27, 1996