Addendum to “Rectification of One’s Character” 

After I said that “Law Bodies and Falun are not independent living beings,” some students asked whether this contradicts what Zhuan Falun states: “Law Bodies’ consciousness and thoughts are controlled by the master being. Yet Law Bodies themselves are also complete, independent, and actual individual beings.” I think this is due to a poor understanding of the Fa. Law Bodies cannot be understood as the same concept as completely independent lives, because Law Bodies are the willed manifestations of the power and wisdom of the master person’s image and thoughts; they are able to accomplish anything on their own, according to the master person’s will. So the students noticed only the second sentence and overlooked the first one: “Law Bodies’ consciousness and thoughts are controlled by the master being.” Law Bodies thus have not only the independent and complete image of the master being, but also his character. They can also accomplish on their own everything that the master person would want to, while an ordinary being is governed by no one. When people see Law Bodies they find them to be complete, independent, realistic individual lives. Put simply, my Law Bodies are in fact me.

Li Hongzhi

July 21, 1996