Dafa Can Never be Plagiarized 

My disciples! I have been repeatedly saying that imparting Dafa to human beings is already the greatest mercy to them. This is something unprecedented in billions of years! Yet some people simply don’t realize that they should treasure it. There are others who even want to alter the Fa or the exercises to make them something that belongs to them, their ethnicity, or their nation. Think about it! You think that it’s good because of the self-interest that you’re attached to or the interests of your nationality and the like—this is an ordinary human mindset. It would be all right if you were dealing with things of ordinary human society, but this isn’t something of ordinary humans! The Fa isn’t taught for your nationality. This is the universe’s Dafa, the fundamental Buddha Fa! It’s imparted to human beings to save them. Yet you alter a Fa this great... ? To alter just a bit of it is already a colossal sin. Be sure never to generate wicked thoughts simply because of your attachments to ordinary human society! This is extremely dangerous!

Did you know that in recent years some students suddenly died? Some of them died precisely because they did such things. Don’t think that your master might do something to you. You should know that there are numerous guardian gods of the Fa at various levels whose duty is to safeguard the Fa. Furthermore, demons won’t spare you either! It’s because you practice cultivation in the upright Fa that you have escaped the karma you owed in your previous lives. Once you are reduced to the level of an everyday person, no one will protect you and demons will also take your life. It’s even useless to seek protection from other Buddhas, Daos, and Gods, as they won’t protect someone who undermines the Fa. What’s more, your karma will also be returned to your body.

It’s difficult to practice cultivation, yet very easy to fall. When a person fails a test or can’t let go of a strong human attachment, he might reverse himself or go to the opposite side. There are too many lessons in history. Only after having fallen down will a person begin to regret, yet then it’s too late. 

Li Hongzhi

September 22, 1996 in Bangkok