Remaking Mankind 

The reality known by human beings is an illusion created by their ignorant view of history’s development and by the empirical sciences. It is not the true manifestation of the great reality within the universe. Furthermore, the genuine reality is bound to bring about a new science and a new understanding. The laws and principles of the universe will appear again in the human world. 

Human selfishness, greed, stupidity, and ignorance are interwoven with the goodness inherent in human nature, and humans are unknowingly creating everything they will have to bear; this is currently swallowing up society. Numerous social problems of various sorts are surfacing in the world and crises lurk everywhere. Yet humans do not know to find the causes within their own nature. After the degeneration of morality, humans are unable to see that the terrible human heart is the poisonous root of social problems, and so they always foolishly try to find the way out in social phenomena. As a result, human beings never realize that all the so-called “ways out” that they create for themselves are precisely them sealing themselves off. As such, there are even fewer ways out, and the new problems that follow are even worse. Thus, with much difficulty humans again find a tiny space and take new measures, thereby closing this remaining bit of space once again. As this repeats itself over a period of time, there is no room left and they can no longer find a way out, nor can they see the truth beyond the enclosed space. Human beings begin to suffer from all that they have created for themselves. This is the final way in which the universe eliminates lives. 

The Lord of Buddhas, whose mercy is incredibly immense, has left the Buddha Fa to human beings. The universe is giving humans another opportunity, allowing the mighty Buddha Fa once again to reveal the universe’s actual reality to the human world, to wash away all filth and ignorance, and to use human language to recapture its brilliance and splendor. May you cherish it! The Buddha Fa is right in front of you.

Li Hongzhi

September 28, 1996