Lecture One

Genuinely Guiding People Up to the High Hierarchy

        During the whole course of my Law lecturing and practice exercise teaching sessions, I have been responsible to society and my students, and therefore we have achieved good results and have had a good effect on society. Some years ago, many qigong masters came to teach qigong, but what they were talking about all belonged to the level of healing diseases and keeping fit. Of course I do not mean that their qigong practice was not good, but just that they did not bring into the open anything of a high order. I have the situation of qigong of the whole country well in mind. At present, I am the only person genuinely teaching the gong in high dimensions both at home and abroad. Why isn't there anybody else who can do it? Because doing this means dealing with many big and controversial issues, which involve the remote historical origin of qigong, and which are of a wide range. What's more, teaching the gong at a high level can not be done by an ordinary person, for it involves doing away with things belonging to many systems of qigong. In particular, we have a lot of practitioners who have made a mess of their bodies by practising this qigong today and that one tomorrow, and therefore they are bound to be unable to ascend in cultivation. Unlike those who go up in cultivation by following one main cultivation way, he takes all the branch roads. While he is practising this one, that one comes to interfere; while practising that one, this one comes. As they all come to interfere, he has been left unable to go on with his cultivation.

        I am going to sort out all those things, retaining the good and eliminating the bad, so that you will be guaranteed to be able to practise hereafter. However, I will do this only for those who have come to learn the Great Law truly and wholeheartedly; I will not do this for those who are attached to various desires, who have come to seek after supernormal capabilities, to cure diseases, to learn some theories, or for certain ill purposes. As I have told you, I am the only person doing this. There will not be so many opportunities because I cannot always give lectures like this. I think those who are able to attend my lectures in person are really... You will understand what I mean when you feel your appreciation of this period of time in the future. Of course we believe in predestined relationship, and it is this relationship that has brought us here together.

        Let's just think, why do I teach the gong in high dimensions? What is this? Aren't we saving people? Saving people means cultivating yourself in a true sense rather than just healing diseases and keeping fit. Thus true cultivation requires a high Xinxing ( mind nature) in my students. Since all of you sitting here have come to learn the Great Law, you should regard yourself as a true practitioner and let go of your attachments. You will gain nothing if you come here to learn the gong and the Great Law for the purpose of pursuing various personal interests. To tell you a truth: The whole course of one's cultivation is to let go of his attachments unceasingly. In human society, one vies with the other, tries to cheat or outwit the other, and hurts the other for a bit of personal interests. All these attachments must be done away with. Especially those who are learning the gong here today should do away with them better.

        I am not going to talk about treating diseases here, nor shall I treat diseases. However, as a true cultivator, you cannot cultivate yourself without a healthy body. So I'll purify your body, but only for those who really have come to learn the gong and the Law. Here I would like to point out emphatically that I have no way to help you if you cannot rid yourself of your attachments, and I can do nothing for you if you cannot let go of your diseases. Why? As there is such a Law in the universe: According to Buddhism, the causational relationship governs everything in human society. Birth, old age, diseases and death stay with an ordinary person the way they are because the wrongdoings he committed in his previous lives incur karmic debts, which make him suffer from illnesses or tribulations. To suffer is to pay your karmic debts; therefore no one is allowed to change it as he pleases. Changing it means that the debt one owes does not have to be paid off; and no one is allowed to do it of his own free will, or he is as good as committing evil deeds.

        Some people believe they are doing good when treating diseases and keeping fit for others. In my opinion, they have not really cured the diseases, but only put them off or transformed them, instead of rooting them out truly. Only by dissolving one's karma can you really remove his tribulation. If someone has reached such a level that he is indeed able to cure the disease and dissolve the karma completely, he must be in quite a high dimension. He has already seen the truth, that is, the Law of the human world cannot be violated as one wishes. During the course of their cultivation, practitioners are allowed to do some good out of compassion, such as to help people treat diseases and keep fit, but they can not cure the patients completely. If you were able to cure an ordinary person of his diseases thoroughly, as a non-practitioner, when he left here diseases free, he would still behave like an ordinary person, scrambling for his own personal interests. Why should his karma be cleared off for him? This is definitely not allowed.

        Then why can we do it for cultivators? This is because a cultivator is most precious. He wants to cultivate himself, and it is this very thought that is most valuable. In Buddhism, there is Buddha nature to it. Once this nature reveals itself, the enlightened beings () will come to his help. What does this mean? In my view, this is because I am teaching the gong in the high dimension, dealing with the Law in the high dimension, and the issues involved are quite big. In this universe, the real life of a human being is not born in this human world, but in the cosmic space. In the universe, there are quite a lot and a great variety of life - creating substances, the interplay of which can create lives. That is to say, the earliest life of a human being came from the universe. The cosmic space itself was originally nice and compassionate, actually possessing such qualities as Zhen Shan Ren ( Truth Compassion Forbearance), with which human beings were born. However, as more and more lives came into being, there occurred a kind of social relationship among groups of people. Some of them might have developed selfish motives, and thus gradually lowered their dimension; they could not stay where they were and had to drop to a lower dimension. However, in this new dimension, they became bad again and still could not stay there, so they continued to drop until reaching the dimension of human beings.

        The whole human society stays in the same dimension. Having dropped to this stage, these living beings should have been destroyed, from the point of view of supernormal capabilities, or according to the great enlightened. However, the great enlightened gave them another chance out of mercy, and thus created such a special environment and space, while the living beings in this space are quite different from those in all the other spaces in the universe. They cannot see the living beings of the other spaces, nor can they see the truth of the other spaces, nor can they see the truth of the universe; therefore they are as good as lost. In order to cure their diseases, stop their sufferings and rid themselves of their karma, these people have to cultivate to return to the origin and go back to the truth. This is a view held by all schools of cultivation. The real purpose of being a human being is to return to the origin and go back to the truth. So once a person wants to cultivate himself, he is said to have revealed his Buddha nature. This thought is most valuable because he wants to return to the origin and go back to the truth, jumping out of the level of ordinary people.

        You may have heard of a saying from Buddhism: Once Buddha nature presents itself, it shakes the Ten Directions of the universe. Whoever sees it will come to his help unconditionally. Buddhas save people without making a condition, without asking for anything in return. They can help people unconditionally. So we can do many things for our students. As for an ordinary person, we will not help him because he just wants to remain an ordinary person and be cured of his diseases. Here is someone who thinks: I'll start cultivation as long as I have recovered from illness. He cannot make a condition for cultivation. If he wants to cultivate, he may start to do it. However, there are some people who have come with unhealthy bodies; some carry disorderly messages in their bodies; others have never practised qigong at all; still others have practised for decades only to find themselves still wandering in the state of qi, and therefore have not gone up in cultivation.

        What shall we do then? We'll purify their bodies to enable them to go up to a high level of cultivation. During the lowest level of cultivation, there is quite a process of purifying the body thoroughly and completely; emptying the mind of bad thoughts, cleaning up the karmic field around the body and driving away the factors causing diseases all at once. Otherwise, with such a turbid body, a blackened body and a filthy mind, how can you reach the high dimensional cultivation? Here we do not exercise qi, therefore you do not have to practise low level things, for we'll push you over to make your body free of diseases. Meanwhile, we'll plant a series of what is ready-made for you to lay the foundations at the lower levels. In this way, you can start practising at a very high level.

        According to a saying from cultivation, cultivation consists of three phases, including the practice of qi, but genuine cultivation has only two great phases (excluding the practice of qi): One is the cultivation of Shi Jian Fa ( the In-Triple-World-Law); the other is the cultivation of Chu Shi Jian Fa ( the Beyond-Triple-World-Law). These two are entirely different from the terms World-In and World-Out used by monks and nuns in the temple, which fall into the category of theory. The two great phases of ours have brought about a transformation in the true cultivation of the human body. In the course of the cultivation of the In-Triple-World-Law, the human body keeps being purified, and is purified incessantly; and when a person arrives at the highest form of the In-Triple-World-Law, his body will completely be replaced by substances of high energy. And the cultivation of the Beyond-Triple-World-Law is virtually the cultivation of the Buddha body, a body made up of substances of high energy, with all the supernatural powers emerging once again. What we refer to are these two great phases.

        We believe in predestined relationship. Since we are all sitting here, I can do this for all of you. Now we have only over two thousand people, but I can do it for several thousand, even more than this, or ten thousand. That is to say, you do not have to do low level practice any more. I'll push you over this level after purifying your body, and then equip you with a set of integrated cultivation systems for you to begin your high dimensional cultivation directly. However, I'll do this only for those who really have come here for cultivation without saying that you are a cultivator as long as you are sitting here. Only by making a fundamental change of your mentality can we give you all these, but what I give you is not limited to them. You will understand what I have given you later on. Here we have no consideration for treating diseases, but we go in for purifying your bodies as a whole to enable you to practise. With such an unhealthy body, you will not be able to come up with cultivation energy. Therefore, do not ask me to treat your diseases, and I am not going to do this for you. The chief purpose of my coming to the public is to guide people up to the high hierarchy, genuinely guide people to the high hierarchy.

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