Lecture Three

I Regard All the Students as My Disciples

        Do you know what I have been doing? I regard all the students, including those who can really cultivate through self-study, as my disciples, and thus give them guidance. To lead you to high dimensions by teaching you the cultivation system, I have no alternative but to guide you this way. Otherwise, I am in reality acting in a wholly irresponsible way, making confusion. We have given you so many things and allowed you to know so many Laws that ordinary people are not allowed to know. I teach the Great Law to you, and I also give you a lot of things. I have purified your bodies and dealt with some other problems. Therefore, it would never do if I do not take you as my disciples. It is not allowed to reveal so many secrets of heaven freely to an ordinary person. But the point is that times have changed. Now we do not need to perform the ceremony of kowtowing or making a bow with hands folded in front. That kind of ceremony is of no use. The performance of such a ceremony may look like practising a religion. We do not do that. What is the good of your kowtowing to become my formal disciple if you stick to your old way of doing things when you go out, and still behave as before among ordinary people, competing and scrambling for fame and gain? You may ruin the reputation of the Great Law under my banner!

        Real cultivation all depends on your heart. As long as you can cultivate and are able to keep cultivating firmly and steadily, I will take you as my disciple. It won't do if I do not treat you this way. However, there are some people who will not necessarily be able to take themselves really as cultivators and continue with their cultivation. It is impossible for some people to do so. But many people will. As long as you persevere in your cultivation, I will regard you as my disciple, and thus give you guidance.

        Can one be counted as a student of Falun Dafa if he only practises these sets of exercise every day? Not necessarily so. Because true cultivation requires you to act upon that Xinxing () criterion we have referred to and heighten your Xinxing in earnest. This is exactly true cultivation. If you only practise those movements without improving your Xinxing, there will be no powerful energy to reinforce everything you have cultivated. It cannot be called cultivation, and we cannot regard you as a student of Falun Dafa, either. If you go on like this, you practise the exercise, but you do not act upon the requirements of Falun Dafa or improve your Xinxing, and stick to the old way of doing things as before among ordinary people, then you could possibly run into some other troubles. Unfortunately, you would even say that the practice of our Falun Dafa has led you astray. All this is likely to happen. Therefore, you must act upon the requirements by our Xinxing criterion, and in this way you will become a genuine cultivator. I have made this clear to you. So do not ask me any more to perform those ceremonies to become my formal disciple. As long as you cultivate yourself in earnest, I'll treat you like this. I have so many Law bodies that they are countless. No matter how many students there will be, I am able to take care of them, not to mention these students of mine.

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