Be Constant in a Single Cultivation System

        We teach how to be constant in a single cultivation system. No matter how you cultivate yourself, you should not cultivate blindly by mixing other things into what you practise. Some lay Buddhists cultivate what is taught in Buddhism, and they also cultivate what belongs to our Falun Dafa. I tell you that if you cultivate this way you will get nothing in the end, for nobody will give you anything. Though both of us belong to the Buddha School, there is the matter of Xinxing, and single-minded cultivation. You have only one body. Which school's cultivation energy will you develop in your body? How should it be evolved for you? Where do you want to go? The school you have cultivated will take you to the place belonging to it. If you cultivate in accordance with the Pure Land School, you will go to the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss presided over by the Buddha Amitabha. If you cultivate in accordance with the Buddha of the Master Physician, you will go to the Glazed Paradise. This is the view held in the religion and is called the one and only way.

        The practice of the exercise we teach here, which, in fact, refers to the whole process of the evolution of cultivation energy, goes the way one's cultivation school has arranged for his cultivation all the time. Where would you say you should go? If you straddle two boats, you will get nothing. Just as the practice of qigong and the cultivation of Buddhahood in the temple cannot be mixed up, neither can different cultivation ways, neither can different qigong forms, and neither can different religions. Even the different schools in the same religion cannot be mixed up in cultivation, but only one of them can be chosen for cultivation. When you cultivate the Pure Land School, you practise nothing else but the Pure Land School. When you cultivate the Esoteric School, you practise nothing else but the Esoteric Sect. When you cultivate Zen Buddhism, you practise nothing else but Zen Buddhism. If you straddle two boats and cultivate this one, and that one, you will get nothing. That is to say, even in Buddhism the one and only way is taught, and you are not allowed to cultivate different schools at the same time. A Buddhist also practises, and also cultivates himself. The development process of his cultivation energy follows the cultivating and evolving course arranged in the school he himself cultivates. In another space, there is also an evolution process of cultivation energy, which is also extremely complex and mystical. Therefore, it can not be practised together with other things at will either.

        Some lay Buddhists try to take our practitioners to the temple for conversion to Buddhism when they hear that we practise qigong belonging to the Buddha School. I tell you, all of our students here, do not do such a thing in any way. By doing so, you are disrupting both our Great Law and the commandments of Buddhism. Meanwhile, you are hindering our students, and as a result they will achieve nothing. It will never do. Cultivation is a serious matter, which must be done single-mindedly. Though what we teach to ordinary people is not a religion, the goal of cultivation is the same, that is, to reach the opening of cultivation energy and attain enlightenment, and reach consummation in cultivation.

        Sakyamuni said that in the Period of Decline even the monks in the temple would find it difficult to save themselves, not to mention lay Buddhists, whom nobody is actually taking care of. Though you have formally become a disciple to a master, the so-called master is also a cultivator. If he does not get down to genuine cultivation, he will also achieve nothing. Nobody can ascend if he does not cultivate his heart. Conversion is a ceremony for an ordinary person. Will your conversion to Buddhism make you a person belonging to the Buddha School? And then, the Buddha will take care of you? There is no such thing. Even if you kowtow every day with your forehead grazed and burn incense bundle after bundle, it is still of no use. You have to cultivate your heart in a real and earnest way. Up till to the Period of Decline, a great change has already taken place in the universe. Even the places where people practise their religious beliefs have gone bad. Those who possess supernormal capabilities (including monks) have also found such a situation. At present only I myself in the whole world am teaching the Orthodox Law in public. I have done something never done by anyone before, and opened such a large door during the Period of Decline. This, in fact, is a chance that does not occur once in a thousand years or even in ten thousand years. However, it still depends on you yourself whether you can be saved or, to put it another way, whether you are able to cultivate. What I say is a great cosmic Law.

        I am not saying that you must learn nothing else but my Falun Dafa. What I teach is a truth. If you want to cultivate, you must stick to only one cultivation way. Otherwise, you will never succeed in cultivation. Of course, if you do not want to continue with your cultivation any longer, we will leave you alone, as the Law is taught to true cultivators. So, you must cultivate single-mindedly and never take in any thinking about other cultivation systems. I am not talking about mental activities here. No mental activities are required in our Falun Dafa. Therefore, do not add any thinking to your cultivation. You must keep this in mind: There are basically no mental activities in our system, as the Buddha School teaches the Emptiness and the Tao School the Nothingness.

        Once I had my mind connected with those of four or five great enlightened beings and great Taoists of the extremely high dimensions. In the eyes of an ordinary person they were devastatingly high. They wanted to know what I was thinking about. I have cultivated for so many years and it is absolutely impossible for others to read my mind because supernormal capabilities cannot enter me at all. Nobody is able to understand me or know what I am thinking about. In order to know what I was thinking about, they connected their minds with mine for a certain period of time with my consent. With this connection, I felt this a bit unbearable. No matter how high or how low my attainment was, I was still among ordinary people doing something, that is, saving people, my mind is saving people. But how tranquil were their minds? Their tranquillity reached a dreadful extent. If there had been only one who had reached such a tranquil state, that would have been all right. But there were four or five people sitting there with their tranquillity all reaching such an extent -- just like stagnant water, that you would find nothing moving there. I tried in vain to feel their thoughts. During those few days I really felt bad, and just had that kind of feeling. Their minds were in such a state of complete inaction and emptiness that it is beyond the imagination and sensation of ordinary people.

        There are no mental activities at all for the very high dimensional cultivation because your foundation has been built up when you are on the foundation building stage of an ordinary person. Reaching the very high dimensional cultivation, especially our cultivation system, is entirely automatic. As long as you heighten your Xinxing, your cultivation energy keeps on growing. You even do not have to do any hand movements any more. The exercises in our cultivation system are meant to strengthen the automatic mechanism. Why does one always keep still when sitting in meditation? He is entirely in the state of inaction. You may find that the Tao School teaches this technique or that one, something like mental activities and conducting intention. I tell you that the Tao School will have nothing left and pay no attention at all to this intention or that one when they have come slightly out of the stage of qi. However, some practitioners who have practised some other qigong can never give up such things as how to conduct qi, how to do intention, etc.. I teach them something from a college level, but they always ask me things on the level of primary school pupils, such as how to conduct or how to use mental activities, because they have already fallen into such a habit. They think this is the way qigong is, but it is not.

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