Hospital Treatment and Qigong Healing

        Let us talk about the relationship between hospital treatment and qigong healing. Most doctors of Western medicine do not recognize qigong. Their view is, why would we need hospitals if qigong can heal illnesses? You can substitute for our hospitals! Would it not be nice if your qigong could replace hospitals and treat patients single-handedly without resorting to injections, medicine, hospitalization? Such an opinion is neither reasonable nor rational. Some people do not know about qigong. In truth, qigong healing is not like the conventional treatments of ordinary people. It is not an ordinary person's skill, but something supernormal. How could it be allowed to disturb ordinary human society on a great scale with something supernormal? How powerful a Buddha is, and he could wipe out all the human illnesses by waving his hand just once. Why does he not do it? In addition, there are so many Buddhas. Why would they not show mercy to cure your illnesses? It is because ordinary human society has such a state of birth, old age, diseases and death. They all have causational relationship and they are all karmic rewards and tribulations. You have to repay the debts you owe.

        If it is you who cure his illnesses, which is equal to violating this principle, it means everyone can do wrong without paying back the debts. Is that all right? Out of mercy and compassion, while you do not have such a great ability to solve this problem completely in cultivation, you are allowed to treat diseases. You are allowed to do so because of your compassion and mercy. However, if you are really capable of resolving such problems, you will not be allowed to do it on a large scale because this would seriously disrupt the state of ordinary human society. Therefore, qigong is not at all allowed to replace the hospitals of ordinary people, because qigong is a supernormal Law.

        What would it be like if qigong hospitals were allowed to be set up in China with a lot of great qigong masters treating diseases? This will not be allowed because they all want to maintain the state of ordinary human society. If qigong hospitals, qigong clinics, qigong health centers and treatment resorts are established, the treatment of qigong masters will go down immediately and its curative effect will drop sharply once they begin to practise. What is the reason? Because they are doing what belongs to ordinary people, they must have the Law as high as that of ordinary people and stay on the same level as the state of ordinary people. Its curative effect should be the same as that of the hospital. As a result, qigong treatment of diseases does not work well. They also usually require something like several courses of treatment of the patients.

        With or without qigong hospitals, it cannot be denied that qigong can cure diseases. Qigong has been popularized in the public for such a long time, and many people have indeed attained the goal of removing their illnesses and improving their physical conditions through practising qigong. Whether the illness was postponed by the qigong master or however it was treated, that illness is not there now. In other words, nobody can deny that qigong can heal illnesses. Most of the people who have seen a qigong master are those with difficult and complicated cases incurable at hospital. They went to a qigong master to try their luck and had their diseases cured in the end. Those who can be cured at hospital would not visit a qigong master. Especially at the beginning, people usually don't think that way. Thus, qigong can heal illnesses. The difference is that it cannot be applied like other things done in ordinary society. A large-scale interference will never be allowed though a small-scale or not very influential, unnoticed practice can be allowed. But it is certain that the treatment will not thoroughly cure diseases. The best way to heal illnesses is to practise qigong exercise oneself.

        Some qigong masters said that hospitals could not treat illnesses or how bad their healing effects were. What do we say about it? Of course, there are many reasons. The principal one in my opinion is the current deteriorating human moral standard, which results in a variety of odd diseases. Those are incurable at the hospital. Medicine cannot treat them, either. There are also a lot of fake drugs. All this results from human corruption of society, which has gone so far as now. No one should blame others for it, because everyone has added fuel to the flame. As a result, everyone will run into hardships in cultivation.

        Some illnesses cannot be diagnosed at the hospital though they do exist. Some diseases are new and nameless after they are identified, and so they are labelled by the hospital as "modern diseases". Can hospitals treat illnesses? Of course they can. Otherwise, why do people trust them and go there if hospitals cannot treat illnesses? Hospitals can treat illnesses. But their treatment belongs to the level of ordinary people while the disease is paranormal. Some diseases are very serious; thus, hospitals believe in early treatment because hospitals will be helpless if they grow serious. An overdose of medicine could be poisonous. Today's level of medical treatment is the same as that of science and technology. They are all on the level of ordinary people. Hence such an effect of treatment. One issue that should be clarified is that ordinary qigong healing and hospital treatment put off the tribulation, which is the basic cause of an illness, perhaps to the later half of life or afterwards. They do not remove the karma at all.

        Let us say something about Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is close to qigong healing. In ancient China, Chinese doctors generally had supernatural powers, such as Sun Simiao, Huatuo, Li Shizhen, Bian Que and the others. These well-known medical scientists all had supernatural powers, which were documented in the medical books. However, oftentimes such cream is criticized today. What Chinese medicine has inherited are only those prescriptions or the experience from practice. Ancient Chinese medicine was very advanced, more advanced than today's medical science. Some people may think how advanced modern medical science is: There is a CT scanner to examine the interior of the human body; and there are bright supersonic scanners, photography and X-ray pictures. Though the modern equipment is advanced, it is not as good as ancient Chinese medicine in my opinion.

        Huatuo detected a tumour in Caocao's brain, and wanted to operate on it. Caocao thought Huatuo wanted to murder him so he imprisoned him. Huatuo died in prison in the end. When Caocao became ill, he remembered Huatuo and looked for him. But Huatuo had died. Later, Caocao died of the brain tumour. How did Huatuo know about it? He had seen it. This is our human supernatural power, which all the great medical scientists in the past possessed. With the Celestial Eye open, one sees four sides of a human body on one plane at the same time. From the front he can see the rear, the left and the right. He may also be able to see through different layers, or look at the basic cause of the illness beyond this space. Can modern medical means reach this standard? It is far from this standard, and that would take another thousand years. CT scanners, bright supersonic scanners and X-rays can also examine the interior human body. But the equipment is huge, not portable and cannot be operated without electricity. How can it be compared with the Celestial Eye which is carried around and which does not need a power supply.

        Some people talk about how marvelous modern medicine is. I say I do not think so. Ancient Chinese herbs could really heal illnesses as soon as they were applied. Many prescriptions have been lost, and many have not been lost and are still in use among the people. When I was in Qiqihar giving lectures, I saw a person on the street, pulling teeth for others. He appeared to be from the South, and was dressed unlike one from the Northeastern region. He would treat anyone who came to him, and had pulled a pile of teeth there. His purpose was not to pull teeth, but to sell his liquid drug. The liquid drug released a strong yellow gas. While pulling the teeth, he would open the drug bottle and direct it towards the location of the bad tooth outside the patient's cheek. The patient would be asked to smell the yellow liquid drug which was consumed very little. The drug bottle would be then sealed and put aside. The man took out a match stick from his pocket. While promoting his drug, he touched the bad tooth slightly and pulled it out with the match stick. The tooth had a few blood stains, but was neither bleeding nor painful for the patient. Let us think about it. A match stick could be broken if used with too much force. But the man used it to pull out a tooth by a slight touch.

        I have said that some treatments are circulated among the people in China, which the Western precision instruments cannot be compared with. Let us see whose treatment is more effective. A man's match stick could pull out a tooth. If a Western medical doctor wants to pull a tooth, he first gives injections of anesthetics, which is quite painful with the injections plunged in here and there, and wait until the anesthetic is working; then, he will pull the tooth out with a pair of pliers. If the doctor is not careful, the root may be broken inside the tooth bed after a long effort. Then, the doctor will use a big hammer and a big drill to dig for it, which indeed makes the patient palpitate with anxiety and fear. Later, a precision instrument will be utilized to drill the tooth, which is painful and bloody. Then the patient will spit out the blood for a while. Some people will jump up with the drill. Which kind of treatment would you say is better? Which one is more advanced? We should not just look at the appearance of the tools, but the effect of the treatment. Ancient Chinese medicine was very advanced, and Western medicine cannot catch up with it for many years to come.

        Ancient Chinese science is different from our science today, which is learned from the West. It took a different path which could bring about a different situation in science. Therefore, we can not understand ancient Chinese technology with the current way of understandings because ancient Chinese science aimed at the human body, life, and the universe. It focused itself directly on these subjects and took a different approach. The students of that time paid attention to sitting properly with legs crossed, and they also attached weight to the way they sat. They gave attention to breathing and the exercise of qi while writing with a pencil or brush. People from all walks of life believed in emptying the mind, breathing properly with the whole society in such a state of mind.

        Some people have said: Would we have cars and trains if we had followed the ancient Chinese science? Would we have today's modernization? Let me tell you that you cannot understand another state from the perspective of this environment. There should be a revolution in your mind. Without a TV set, people would have had one in their foreheads, and watched anything they wanted, and there also would have been supernormal capabilities. Without trains and cars, people would have been able to lift up from where they sit without using an elevator. It would be a different state of social development, which is not necessarily confined to this frame work. The UFO's of the outer space lives travel at an unbelievable speed and can expand and contract. They have taken a completely different way of development, which is another scientific approach.

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