Stealing Qi

        Speaking of stealing qi, some people's faces would turn pale as if mentioning a tiger, and they will be too frightened to practise qigong. Because of the gossips of cultivation insanity and stealing qi, etc., in the world of cultivation, many people have become too scared to practise or approach qigong. If there had not been such remarks, there would probably have been more people practising qigong. There are some qigong masters of bad Xinxing, who specialize in teaching such nonsense, which foul up the world of cultivation. In fact, it is not as dreadful as they have described. We say that qi is just qi, though you may call it chaotic energy, this qi or that qi. As long as a human body has qi, this person is at the level of healing disease and keeping fit, and he is not yet a practitioner. As long as a person still has qi, this means his body has not yet reached a high degree purification, and he still has pathogenic qi. This is for sure. The person who steals qi is also at the level of qi. Which practitioner of ours would want that turbid qi? The qi of a non-practitioner's body is rather turbid, and it could become clear through practising qigong. The affected area would be able to show a mass of black substance in high density. If he continues his practice, and when he has indeed succeeded in healing the disease and keeping fit, his qi will gradually turn slightly yellow. A further practice will really remove his disease, and then there will be no qi in his body. He will enter the state of Milk White Body.

        That is to say, one is still not free from disease if he has qi. We are practitioners. What does one want qi to do in practising qigong? Our bodies need to be purified. How can we take turbid qi? Definitely not. A person who wants qi is also at the level of qi where he has no ability to tell good qi from bad qi as he is not capable of doing so yet. As for that bit of true energy in the field of elixir in your body, he is unable to have access to it. Only a highly achieved person can remove it. As for turbid qi in your body, let him steal it. It is nothing serious. If I want to fill up myself with qi during practice, my belly will be full of it in a short while as long as I just think about it.

        The Tao School teaches keeping a Tianzi-stance while the Buddha School requires filling qi into the top of the head with the hands. There is a lot of qi in the universe for you to fill into your body daily. With the Laogong and Baihui points open, you can fill qi into them with your hands by concentrating your mind on the Elixir Field. You would be full of qi in a while. What is the use of filling yourself with qi? Some people who have practised a lot of qi may find their fingers and bodies feeling swollen. When others walk up to such a person, they will feel a field surrounding him. "Oh, you have really done well". I would say that it is nothing. Where is your cultivation energy? It is still a practice of qi which can not replace cultivation energy no matter how much you possess it. The purpose of practising qi is to substitute the qi in one's body with the good qi from the outside, and to purify the body. What do you store up qi for? It is not yet cultivation energy because you are at the level where no essential changes have taken place. No matter how much qi you have stolen, you are nothing but a big bag of qi. What is the use of it? It has not yet been transformed into the high energy matter. Therefore, what are you afraid of? Let him steal the qi if he really wants to.

        Please think about it. As long as your body has qi, it is not free from disease. Then, did he also take your pathogenic qi with him when he stole qi from you? He could not tell such a difference at all as a person who wants qi is also at the level of qi, and he has not any capabilities. A person who has cultivation energy does not want qi, and this is for sure. If you do not believe it, we could conduct an experiment. Allow such a person who really wants to steal your qi to stand over there to steal. While you are thinking about filling up your body with qi from the universe here he is stealing your qi behind you. You see what a good deal it is, as it will speed up your body purification, and save you the trouble of moving your hands up and down like that. As he has a bad intention and has stolen something from others, although what he has stolen is something bad, he also has done something that will make him lose his De (virtues), and so he will give you De (virtues). In this way a convection is rising when he is taking your qi here and he is giving you De over there. The person who steals qi does not know this. He will not dare to do this at all if he does.

        All those people who steal qi become dark faced. They are all this way. Many people who go to practise qigong in a park aim at removing disease, but such a person suffers from diseases of all sorts. When one is treating disease, he has to remove the pathogenic qi from his body. However, the person who steals qi will not do that. Instead, he would fill his whole body with all kinds of pathogenic qi which darkens the inside of his body. As he always loses his De, it is all dark around him. With a large field of karma and the loss of a lot of De, he will become black both inside and outside his body. If the person who steals qi knows that such a change has occurred in his body, and that he has been doing such a foolish thing as to give away his De to others, he will never do that again.

        Some people make qi sound mystical by saying: If you are in America, you can receive the qi I have released; you may wait on the other side of the wall, and you can receive the qi I have released. Some people are quite sensitive, and may receive it when it is released. However, qi does not travel in this space but in another space where there is not such a wall. Why don't you feel it when some qigong masters release qi on a level ground? Because there is a separation in another space there, qi does not have as much penetrative power as we have described.

        What can genuinely work is cultivation energy. When a practitioner is able to deliver his cultivation energy, he no longer has any qi. What he releases is high energy matter which is seen in the form of light with the Celestial Eye. When it reaches others, it gives a sensation of burning heat, and can restrain an ordinary person. However, it also can not meet the purpose of thoroughly curing disease, and could only play the role of inhibition. In order to genuinely cure disease, there has to be supernormal capabilities as there are different supernormal capabilities aimed at different diseases. In the extreme microcosms, each tiny particle of the cultivation energy takes on your personal image. It can recognize people, and has intelligence as a high energy substance. When it is stolen by the others, how could it stay there? It will not stay there, and cannot be placed there as it is not their own property. After developing their cultivation energy, all those genuine practitioners will be looked after by their masters. When his master sees what he does, and when he is trying to take things from others, his master will not allow this to happen.

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