Inborn Qualities

        Inborn qualities are determined by the amount of De, the substance one's body in another space carries. The less De, the more black substance and the bigger the karma field is. And then this person is of poor inborn qualities. The more De, the more white substance and the smaller the karma field is. And then this person is of good inborn qualities. These two kinds of substances, white and black, can be converted to each other, and how can they be converted? Doing good things brings forth white substance, and the white substance means that one has taken hardships and suffered pain, and he has gained it by doing good things. The black substance means that one has done bad things and doing bad things brings forth the black substance, which is karma. There is such a converting process, and at the same time also a process of being taken along. As these two substances directly come along with the Chief Spirit (), they are not from one lifetime but from an accumulation from the remote past. So, there has been an accumulation of karma as well as a build up of De. Besides, they can be accumulated from the ancestors. I sometimes remember what the ancient Chinese or the old people have said: The ancestors have accumulated De, or accumulating De and lacking De. Such expressions are really true, and quite right indeed.

        Good or bad inborn qualities can determine good or bad enlightenment quality of a person. The person of poor inborn qualities can have his enlightenment quality become very bad. Why? Because a person of good inborn qualities has more white substance, and the white substance is in harmony with our cosmos, and can be integrated with the qualities of Zhen Shan Ren (Truth Compassion Forbearance) without gap in between. The cosmic qualities can be directly reflected in his body and they directly communicate with his body. But the black substance is just the opposite as it is brought by doing bad things and goes contrary to our cosmic qualities. So the black substance will bring forth a separation from our cosmic qualities. If such black substance is getting more, it will form a field around the human body to envelop him. The larger the field is, the higher density the black substance will have and thicker it will become. This will make his enlightenment quality even worse. This is because he can not receive the cosmic qualities, Zhen Shan Ren, and also because he has done bad things which have produced the black substance. Usually all the less such a person believes in cultivation, the worse his enlightenment quality will become, and the more he will be blocked by his karma. The more he suffers, the less he will believe in it, and the more difficult it is for him to cultivate.

        It is easier for a person who has a lot of white substance to cultivate, because such De of his will be directly transformed into cultivation energy as long as he becomes assimilated with the cosmic qualities and his Xinxing can be improved. However, a person who has a lot of black substance needs an extra procedure just like turning out products in a factory. What others have brought with them are ready-made materials, and what he brings with him are raw materials, which need to be processed first, to go through such a process. So he needs to suffer at first to reduce his karma and then turn it into white substance. After transforming it into the substance De, he can increase high cultivation energy. However, such a person himself usually has a poor enlightenment quality. If you let him suffer more, all the less he will believe in cultivation and all the more he will find it unbearable. So it is difficult for a person who has a lot of black substance to cultivate. In the past, the Tao School or a certain Law Gate of teaching a cultivation way to a single disciple requires that the master should search for the disciple instead of the other way round. This is also determined by how much such matter a disciple's body carries.

        Inborn qualities determine one's enlightenment quality, but it is not absolute. Someone's inborn qualities are not very good, but his family environment is very good and many people around him do cultivation and some of them are religious. They all believe in cultivation. In such an environment he can be convinced to believe in cultivation and have his awakening quality getting better. So it is not absolute. There is also someone who has very good inborn qualities, but he has become extremely narrow-minded because of such a little of knowledge he has received from education in our realistic society, especially the absolute way of ideological education during the last few years. He does not believe anything at all beyond his knowledge. That can also severely interferes with his enlightenment quality.

        For example, when I expounded the issue of opening the Celestial Eye on the second day during my lecturing session, there was a person who had very good inborn qualities, whose Celestial Eye was opened to a very high plane. He saw many scenes which the others could not see. He told other people: Ah, I have seen Falun falling upon everyone in the whole Law-preaching field just like flakes of snow. I have seen what Teacher Li's true body looks like. I have seen Teacher Li's halo. I have seen what Falun looks like and many Law bodies of Teacher Li's. I have seen the Teacher lecturing in different dimensional spaces and how Falun is purifying the students' bodies. While the Teacher was lecturing, his Gong Shen ( Energy Bodies) were lecturing from dimension to dimension and in different dimensions. I have also seen fairies from the Heaven scattering flowers around, etc.. He saw all those wonderful things, which show that his inborn qualities are quite good. He talked on and on, but finally he said: I do not believe such things. Some of these things have already been proved by the current existing science, and many can find their explanations in it, and still some other things we have expounded in my lectures. It is certain that what qigong has come to understand is far beyond contemporary science. Viewing from what has been mentioned above, we can say that inborn qualities do not completely determine one's enlightenment quality.

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