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The Second Talk

About the Third Eye

There are a lot of other qigong masters who’ve talked about some things that are related to the Third Eye. But the Law manifests in different forms at different levels. Whatever level a person has cultivated to, that’s the level’s scenes he can see. He can’t see the truth of things beyond that level, and he doesn’t believe in them. So he just thinks that what he sees at his level is right. Until he cultivates to a higher level he’ll think that those things don’t exist and he won’t believe in them. That’s the result of his level, and his thinking can’t elevate. So in other words, when it comes to the question of the Third Eye, people describe it every which way, they’ve made it into a big mess, and when all’s said and done nobody has explained it well. The truth is, the Third Eye isn’t something you can explain from a low level. The Third Eye’s structure used to be the secret of secrets, and ordinary people weren’t allowed to know about it. That’s why nobody ever revealed it. But what we’re going to talk about here doesn’t revolve around those theories from the past. We’re going to explain it with modern science and in the plainest modern terms, and we’ll explain what it’s really about.

The Third Eye we’re talking about is actually located slightly above the spot that’s between your eyebrows, and it’s connected to the pineal gland. That’s the main passageway, at least. The body has lots and lots of other eyes, and Daoists say that every bodily aperture is an eye. Daoists call the acupuncture points in the body "apertures," while in traditional Chinese medicine they’re called "acupuncture points." Buddhists say that every bodily pore is an eye. And that’s why some people can read with their ears, some can see with their hands or the backs of their heads, and there are other people who can see with their feet or their bellies. They can all be used.

Now that we’re talking about the Third Eye, let’s start with a few words about this pair of eyes that we human beings have. Nowadays some people think that this pair of eyes can see all matter, or all material things in our world. So some people have formed a rigid concept, and think that only the things they see through their eyes are tangible and real, and they don’t believe in what they don’t see. In the past people always took these people to have poor comprehension. Some people can’t explain why that’s poor comprehension. "He doesn’t believe in what he doesn’t see. That’s perfectly reasonable." But, when you look at it from a slightly higher level, it’s not reasonable. Every space-time is made of matter, and of course, different space-times have different material structures, just as they have different beings that take on different forms.

I’ll give you an example. In Buddhism they say that everything in the world is an illusion, that it’s not real. But how’s it an illusion? Who’d say those real, material things right there in front of you are fake, right? The form that material things exist in is one way, while the form they manifest in, it turns out, is different. And our eyes have an ability: they can fix the material things in our material dimension so that they appear to be in the state we now see. But actually, that’s not their state. That’s not even their state in our dimension. For example, what does a human being look like under a microscope? His whole body is loose and made up of little molecules, just like grains of sand, and they’re granular and in motion, electrons are orbiting nuclei, the whole body is wriggling and in motion, and the surface of the body isn’t smooth, it’s irregular. The same goes for every material thing in the universe, be it steel, iron, stone, or whatever, all the molecular elements inside them are in motion. You really can’t see the overall form of it, and the truth is, none of those things are static. This table is wriggling too, but your eyes can’t see the reality of it. So this pair of eyes can give you a false image.

It’s not that we can’t see microcosmic things, it’s not that people don’t have the ability. People do have it when they’re born—they’re able to see things down to a certain microcosmic level. But once we human beings get this pair of eyes of this material dimension, exactly for this reason, we might get a false picture. They obstruct people’s vision. That’s why in the past, people believed that those who don’t acknowledge the things they can’t see have poor comprehension, and cultivation circles have always thought that those people have been deluded by the false picture of things and gotten lost in the midst of ordinary people. This is something religions have taught over the ages, and in fact, we too think there’s some truth to it.

This pair of eyes can fix the things in this material dimension so that they’re in this state, but other than that they can’t do much. When people see things the images don’t form directly in their eyes. Their eyes are like the lens of a camera, and they only serve as a tool. A lens will extend when it looks at distant things, and our eyes do something like that, too. When looking in the dark the pupils need to enlarge, and when a camera takes a picture in the dark, its aperture has to enlarge, too, or the exposure won’t be good and the picture will turn out too dark. When you walk outside and it’s really bright, your pupils contract tightly right away, or else your eyes would be dazzled and you wouldn’t be able to see anything clearly. A camera works the same way, and its aperture has to contract, too. All they can do is capture the object, they’re just a tool. Actually, when we see the form that something exists in, or maybe of a person, or an object, it’s in the brain that the image really forms. What this means, then, is that we look through the human eyes, and what we see is transmitted through the optic nerves to the pineal gland, which is in the rear of the brain, and then the image appears in that area. So when we see things, it’s in our brain’s pineal gland area that the image really appears. And this is something modern medicine now understands.

When we talk about "opening the Third Eye" it’s about bypassing your optic nerves and opening a passageway between your eyebrows, which makes it possible for your pineal gland to see outside directly. And this is what opening the Third Eye means. Now some of you are thinking, "That’s not realistic. These eyes can still serve as a tool at least, and they can capture objects’ images. How could we get by without them." Modern medical studies in anatomy have found that at the front part of the pineal gland there’s the complete structure of a human eye and all of the components of an eye. Since it’s inside the skull they say it’s a vestigial eye. We in the cultivation world have reservations about it being a vestigial eye. But all the same, today’s medical sciences have acknowledged that there’s an eye in the middle of the head. The passageway we open points exactly at that spot, and this is perfectly in line with the understanding of today’s medical sciences. That eye doesn’t produce a false picture of things like our regular eyes do. It can see the essence of any thing or any kind of matter. So, people with a high-level Third Eye can penetrate our dimension to see other space-times, and they can see scenes that ordinary people can’t. People who aren’t at a high level might have the ability to see through things, they might be able to see through walls to look at things, or see inside the human body. It’s able to do that.

Buddhists talk about the five powers: Flesh Vision, Divine Vision, Wisdom Vision, Law Vision, and Buddha Vision. These are five major levels of the Third Eye, and each level is subdivided into upper, middle, and lower levels. Daoists talk about nine times nine, 81 levels of Law Eye. We open the Third Eye for you here, but we don’t open it at or below Divine Vision. And why not? Even though you are sitting here and you’ve started to cultivate, you’re still just starting from the level of ordinary people after all, and you still have a lot of ordinary people’s attachments that you haven’t gotten rid of. If your Third Eye were opened at Divine Vision or below, you’d have what ordinary people think of as supernatural abilities—you’d be able to look through walls to see things, and look inside the human body. If we passed on this ability on a large scale, and opened the Third Eye that far for everybody, we’d be seriously interfering with the ordinary world and upsetting the way of things in the ordinary world. State secrets couldn’t be kept, it’d make no difference if people wore clothes or not, you’d be able to see people in their rooms from outside, and when you saw lottery tickets while you’re out and about you’d pick the top winners. That’d be awful! Think about it, if everybody had their Third Eyes opened at Divine Vision, would this still be a human world? Any phenomenon that seriously disrupts the world absolutely isn’t allowed to exist. If I really did open your Third Eye at that level, you might dub yourself a qigong master right on the spot. Some people have always dreamed of becoming qigong masters, and now that their Third Eyes are open, at last!—they can see patients. Wouldn’t I be guiding you wrong?

So, what level will I open your Third Eye at? I’ll open it for you straight to the Wisdom Vision level. If I opened it at a higher level your character wouldn’t be good enough, and if I opened it at a lower level it would seriously upset the way of things in the ordinary world. When it’s opened at Wisdom Vision you don’t have the ability to look through walls to see things or to look inside a human body, but you are able to see scenes in other dimensions. And what’s good about that? It can boost your confidence in practicing. When you really do see things that ordinary people can’t see, you’ll have the sense that they actually do exist. Right now it’s alright if you can see clearly, that’s fine, just as it’s alright to not see too clearly, because I’ll still open it up to this level all the same, since it’s good for your practice. People who truly cultivate Dafa and who are disciplined about improving their character will get the same results by reading the book.

So what determines the level of a person’s Third Eye? It’s not like you can just see everything after your Third Eye is opened for you, that’s not how it works. There’s a classification of levels. Then what determines the level? There are three factors. The first factor is that there has to be a field running from the inside to the outside of a person’s Third Eye. We call it "vital essence." And what’s its function? It’s just like the fluorescent screen of a TV: if it doesn’t have fluorescent powder in it, after you turn the TV on it’ll just be a bulb, it’ll only have light but no pictures. It’s the fluorescent powder that allows it to display pictures. Of course, this example isn’t too precise, because we see directly, while it displays pictures through the fluorescent screen. But that’s basically the idea. That bit of vital essence is extremely precious, and it’s made up of something extracted from virtue that’s even more refined. Usually each person’s vital essence is different, and maybe you’d only find two out of 10,000 people who are at the same level.

The Third Eye’s level is a direct manifestation of our universe’s Law. It’s something higher, and it’s closely related to a person’s character. If a person’s character is low, his level is low. And because his character is low, he’ll have lost more of this vital essence. But if somebody’s character is high, then he’s gone through life not worrying much about his reputation, profit, problems with others, his own gain, or about different emotions and desires, and his vital essence will probably be retained better. And so after his Third Eye is open he’ll be able to see more clearly. Kids who are under six can see really clearly after their Third Eyes open. And it’s easy to open them—just one sentence can open them.

People have been contaminated by the strong torrent of the ordinary world and its huge dye vat, so a lot of the things that people think are right, in fact, turn out to be wrong. Doesn’t everybody want a happy life? Since they want a happy life, they might hurt other people, they might fuel their own selfishness, they might benefit at other people’s expense, and they might take advantage of other people or harm them. And just to benefit themselves, they’ll go and fight and compete with ordinary people. Aren’t they violating the nature of the universe? So chances are, what people think is right isn’t actually right. When a lot of adults teach their kids, right from the time they’re little they tell them, "You have to learn to be clever," so that they’ll be able to hold their own out in the ordinary world. But this "clever," when you look at it from the universe, is just wrong. That’s because we believe in letting things happen naturally, and that we shouldn’t care much about our own gain. This guy’s so clever, and he just looks out for himself. "If someone bullies you, go find his teacher, go find his parents," "When you see money on the ground, pocket it…"—that’s how they teach them. And as this kid grows up and takes in more of these things, slowly but surely, his selfishness gets stronger and stronger out in the ordinary world, and he gains at other people’s expense, so he ends up losing virtue.

Virtue is a type of matter and it doesn’t vanish after you lose it, it’s transformed over to other people, but vital essence does vanish. If someone is shrewd from his childhood right on up and he puts a lot of stock in his own gain, and all he cares about is getting ahead, then that kind of person won’t be able to see well after his Third Eye opens. But it’s not like he’ll never be able to. And why is that? It’s because in the process of cultivating, what we’re doing is returning to our original, true selves, and as we keep practicing it’ll keep being replenished, and it’ll be restored. That’s why we have to stress character, and make a point of improving your whole self, of elevating your whole self. When your character improves, other things rise along with it, but if your character doesn’t improve, then that small amount of vital essence you have at your Third Eye won’t be replenished. That’s how it works.

The second factor is that when a person practices on his own, if his base is good, he too can open his Third Eye with cultivation exercises. A lot of times some people get startled when their Third Eyes first open. And why are they startled? Because people usually choose to do their exercises around midnight, when the night is still. They’re exercising away there and then all of a sudden there’s this big eye right in front of them, and they get startled. That’s one serious scare, and they won’t dare to do the exercises again. It’s so scary!—such a big eye was looking at them and blinking, and it was so vivid. So, some people call it the "demon eye," while there are also people who call it the "Buddha eye," and so on. But it’s actually your own eye. Of course, cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master. The whole process of evolving a cultivator’s gong is a really complex process in another dimension, and it’s not just in one dimension, your body in all dimensions, in every dimension, is changing. Could you do that yourself? No, you can’t. The master is the one who arranges these things, it’s the master who does it. That’s why we say, "Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." All that you have is that goal, that thought, but it’s really the master who takes care of it.

Some people open their Third Eyes on their own by practicing. We say that it’s your eye, but it’s not something you can evolve yourself. Some people have a master, and when the master sees that your Third Eye is open, he’ll evolve an eye for you. It’s called the True Eye. Of course, some people don’t have a master, but they do have a passerby master. Buddhists say, "Buddhas are present everywhere," meaning they’re everywhere, there’s that many of them. And some other people say, "There are deities a yard above your head." Meaning, there’s tons of them. When a passerby master sees that you are doing pretty well in your practice, and that your Third Eye is open but you don’t have an Eye, he’ll evolve one for you, and it’ll still count as something you’ve developed through your own practice. That’s because saving people has no conditions attached, there’s no asking a price, and there’s no wanting rewards, there’s no taking credit. They are way above ordinary people’s good Samaritans, and it’s done completely out of compassion.

Now there’s something that happens when your Third Eye is opened. It’s that your eyes are badly dazzled, and they feel irritated. Actually, it’s not your eyes that are dazzled, it’s your pineal gland that’s dazzled. But to you it feels like your eyes are dazzled. And that’s because you don’t have that Eye yet. After that Eye is put in you won’t feel like your eyes are dazzled. Some of us will sense or see that Eye. It has the same nature the universe has, so it’s innocent, and it’s curious. It looks in to see if your Third Eye has been opened and to check out if you can see, and it looks in at you. By then your Third Eye will have been opened, so you’ll be startled when you suddenly see it looking at you. It’s actually your Eye, and from then on you’ll see things with that Eye. There’s no way you can see without that Eye, even if your Third Eye is open.

The third factor has to do with the differences that show in each dimension when a breakthrough is made in cultivation level. And it turns out, that’s really what determines the level. A person sees not only through the main passageway, but also through a lot of sub-passageways. Buddhists say that every pore is an eye, while Daoists say that all apertures in the body are eyes, or in other words, all the acupuncture points are eyes. Of course, what they’re talking about is just one form of the Law’s transformation in the body, where you can see from anywhere in your body.

But the level we’re talking about is actually different from that. There’s not only the main passageway, but also several major sub-passageways which are at the eyebrows, above the eyelids, beneath the eyelids, and at the Shangen acupuncture point at the root of the nose. They determine the level you break through to. Now of course, if an ordinary cultivator can see things from those areas then he’s broken through a pretty high level. Some people can also see with their eyes, they’ve fully cultivated their eyes, and they have different forms of abilities. But if they can’t use their eyes well, they’ll always just see one thing without seeing others, and that’s still not so great. That’s why there are people who usually have one eye look at one side and the other eye look at another side. But below this eye (the right eye), there’s no sub-passageway, and this is directly related to the Law, since people tend to use their right eye when they do bad things, so there aren’t any sub-passageways below the right eye. These are several of the major sub-passageways that come about in Triple-World-Law cultivation.

When a person gets to an extremely high level, after he’s gone beyond Triple-World-Law cultivation, an eye that’s like a compound eye appears. To be more specific, a large eye develops over the whole top half of his face, and there are countless small eyes in it. Some Great Enlightened Beings at really high levels have cultivated an incredible number of eyes, and they’re all over their faces. All of their eyes see out of that one large eye, they can see whatever they want to, and when they look they see all levels at once. Nowadays zoologists and entomologists study flies. They’ve seen that a fly’s eyes are big, and that under a microscope they have countless small eyes in them. They call that a compound eye. When you get to a really high level that cultivation state might appear, but you have to be way higher than a Tathagata to have that happen. An ordinary person won’t be able to see it, though, and somebody who’s at an average level won’t be able to see that it’s there. To them the person looks the same as a normal person since it’s in another dimension. This is about breakthroughs in levels, or to put it another way, it’s about being able to break through different dimensions.

I’ve pretty much revealed the structure of the Third Eye to you. We open your Third Eye by external force, so that’s quicker and easier. When I’m talking about the Third Eye, every one of us feels his forehead become tight, with the flesh gathering and drilling inward. Isn’t that right? You bet. You’ll all feel it as long as you really leave your attachments behind and have come here to learn Falun Dafa, and it presses inward with a lot of force. We open your Third Eye by shooting out gong that’s specifically for opening the Third Eye. While that’s happening, we also shoot out Law Wheels to repair it for you. While we talk about the Third Eye, we’re opening it for everybody as long as they cultivate Falun Dafa. But there’s no guarantee everybody can see things clearly, or even see at all. That has to do directly with you. But don’t worry if you can’t see much, just keep going steadily in your cultivation. As you keep on raising your level you will gradually be able to see, and your clouded vision will gradually turn clear. As long as you cultivate, and when you steel your will to cultivate, whatever you’ve lost will be replenished.

It’s harder for a person to open his Third Eye on his own. Let me talk a little about the different ways people open their Third Eye. Here’s an example. We have some people who look at their foreheads, at their Third Eye, when they meditate, and they discover that it’s dark at their foreheads, and nothing’s there. As time goes by they sense that it gets lighter at their foreheads. And after a period of cultivation, they discover that it’s gradually getting brighter at their foreheads, and after it becomes bright it turns red. At that time it blossoms, just like a bud opening its petals instantly, like you see on TV or in the movies. This is the scene that appears. That red color was flat before, and then it suddenly bulges in the center, and then blossoms and blossoms. If you want it to fully blossom, it could even take more than eight or ten years, because the whole Third Eye was blocked.

Some people’s Third Eyes aren’t blocked, though. They have a passageway, but they haven’t practiced qigong before and didn’t have any energy before. So when they start to practice, a black, round thing suddenly shows up in front of their eyes. After they’ve been practicing a while it gradually starts to turn white, and from white it gradually brightens, getting brighter and brighter, and the person’s eyes get a little dazzled from it. So some people say, "I see the sun" or "I see the moon." Actually, that wasn’t the sun you saw, and that wasn’t the moon. So then what was it you saw? It was that passageway of yours. Some people make breakthroughs in level more quickly, and after the Eye is put into them they can see things directly. It’s really hard for some other people, though, and whenever they do the exercises they run outward along this passageway, which is like a tunnel or in some cases a well. They even feel like they’re running outward when they’re asleep. Some people feel like they’re riding a horse fast, some like they’re flying, some like they’re running, and some like they’re rushing outward in a car. But they always feel that they can’t rush to the end of it. That’s because it’s really hard for a person to open his Third Eye on his own. Daoists consider the human body a small universe. Then if it’s a small universe, let’s think about it, it’s got to be thousands of miles from the forehead to the pineal gland. That’s why they always feel like they’re rushing outward but can’t ever reach the end.

So Daoists consider the human body a small universe, and that makes a lot of sense. They’re not saying that its compositional structure is like the universe’s, they’re not talking about the form our body takes in this material dimension. We want to ask this: what’s the material body’s state below the level of cells as today’s science understands it? There are all kinds of molecular particles, and below molecules there are atoms, protons, nuclei, electrons, quarks, and the smallest microscopic particle that’s been researched so far is the neutrino. So what’s the absolute smallest microscopic particle? It’s just too hard to research. In his later years Shakyamuni said, "It is so large that it has no exterior, and so small that it has no interior." And what’s that mean? It means that at the Tathagata level, in terms of largeness, you can’t see the edge of the universe, and in terms of smallness, you can’t see the smallest microscopic particle of matter. That’s why he said, "It is so large that it has no exterior, and so small that it has no interior."

Shakyamuni also put forth the theory of 3,000 boundless universes. He said that in the Milky Way galaxy of our universe there are 3,000 planets that have beings with carnal bodies on them, just like the human race. He also said that a grain of sand has 3,000 boundless universes like this one in it, so a grain of sand is like a universe, with intelligent human beings like us in it, and there are planets like this one, and mountains and rivers. Sounds hard to believe, right?! If it’s true, then let’s think, isn’t there sand in those universes? And in each of those grains of sand, aren’t there 3,000 boundless universes there, too? Then isn’t there sand in those 3,000 boundless universes? And in each of those grains of sand, aren’t there again 3,000 boundless universes? So at the Tathagata level you can’t see the end of it all.

The same goes for human molecular cells. People wonder how large the universe is. I can tell you that this universe does have boundaries, but even at the Tathagata level it still seems like it’s boundless and infinite. But the inside of the human body, going from its molecules down to its microscopic particles in the microcosm, it’s as large as this universe. I know it sounds hard to believe. In the extreme microcosm of what makes up a human being, or any being, his nature and the unique elements of his being have been formed. So our modern science’s research on this is still miles away. The level of our human race’s science and technology is pretty low when you compare it to that of the beings of higher wisdom on other planets in the greater universe. We don’t even have the ability to break through dimensions that exist at the same time and in the same place, while the flying saucers from other planets can just go and travel in other dimensions, even the concept of space-time changes, so they come and go in the blink of an eye, and it’s so fast nobody can explain it.

That was something we had to discuss in talking about the Third Eye, because when you’re running outward in your passageway you’ll feel like it’s boundless and endless. Some people might see another situation, where they’ll feel like they aren’t running along a tunnel, but like they’re running along a broad and endless road, and on both sides of the road there are mountains, there’s water, and cities, and they keep running outward. Sounds even harder to believe, right? I remember something one qigong master used to say: he’d say that even in one single pore of yours there’s a city, and there are trains and cars running in it. People who heard that were really surprised, and they thought it was a little far-fetched. Now, we know that material things are composed of molecules, atoms, and protons at their microscopic level, and you can trace it all the way down. If at each level you’re able to see the plane of that level instead of a single point—if you can see the plane of molecules’ level, the plane of atoms’ level, the plane of protons’ level, the plane of nuclei’s level—you’ll see the forms in which different dimensions exist. All material things, and this includes the human body, they all exist simultaneously with, and are connected to, the dimensional levels of the universe’s dimensions. In modern physics when they study the microscopic particles of matter, they only study one microscopic particle at a time, and do that through sectional analysis and fission, and they just study its post-fission composition after the nucleus undergoes fission. Now if we had an instrument that could unfold its whole plane and let you see a complete display of all the atomic elements or molecular elements at that level, if you could view that, you would have broken through this dimension and seen the reality of another dimension. Human bodies correspond to external dimensions, and they all have forms of being like that.

There are some other cultivation states that have to do with opening the Third Eye on your own. We’ve mainly just talked about some of the more common things. There are also people who see that their Third Eye is turning, for example. People who practice Daoist qigong often see that there’s turning inside their Third Eye, and then the Tai-ji plate splits open—"Snap!" and they see some things. But it’s not like that happens because there was a Tai-ji in your head. It’s that your master put a set of things in you right at the outset, and one of those things was a Tai-ji. He sealed up your Third Eye, but when it’s time for your Third Eye to open it splits open. So this is something that he purposely arranged for you. It’s not something that was originally in your head.

And there are some people who really want to get their Third Eyes opened, but the more they practice, the less likely they are going to open. What’s the reason? They’re clueless about it. The main reason is that you can’t seek the Third Eye—the more you seek it, the more you won’t have it. The more you seek it, not only won’t it open, but worse yet, something will actually flow out from inside your Third Eye, it’s something you can’t quite call black or white, and it’ll cover up your Third Eye. After a while it’ll form a big field and more and more of it will flow out. The more the Third Eye doesn’t open and the more you want it, the more that stuff will flow out, and the result is that it’ll envelop your whole body. It can even be thick and have a big field. Even if your Third Eye were really open, you wouldn’t be able to see with it because you’ve been sealed up by that attachment of yours. But if you don’t think about it that much later on, and you completely get rid of that attachment, it’ll gradually go away. But you’ll have to go through a really long stretch of grueling cultivation to get rid of it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Some people don’t get it. Their teachers tell them, "Don’t go seek it, don’t go seek it," but they just don’t believe it and they keep on seeking after it so stubbornly, and they get the exact opposite of what they wanted.

The Ability of Remote Vision

One ability that’s directly related to the Third Eye is called Remote Vision. Some people say, "While I just sit here I can see things in Beijing, things in the United States, or things on the other side of the world." Some people can’t understand this, and science can’t explain it, either—"How could that happen?" Some people explain it every which way, but they don’t make any sense. They’re still trying to figure out how a human being got such a great ability. But that’s not how it is. People who are cultivating at the level of Triple-World-Law don’t have that ability. When they see things, and that includes with Remote Vision, or with lots and lots of other supernatural abilities, it works in a specific dimension, and at most it doesn’t go beyond this material dimension that we human beings are in, and normally it won’t go beyond their own bodies’ dimensional fields.

Your body has a field in a specified dimension, and that field isn’t the same field as virtue’s field, and it’s not in the same dimension, but the scopes of their fields are the same. That field corresponds to the universe, so whatever the universe has over there can be reflected correspondingly into your field over here, and everything can be reflected over. They’re reflected images, and they aren’t real. For example, on our Earth there’s a United States and there’s a Washington DC, so in the person’s field the United States and Washington DC are reflected, but they’re shadows. Yet shadows exist materially, too. They’re correspondingly reflected, so they change with changes over there. So the Remote Vision some people talk about is when a person can see things that are in the scope of his own dimensional field. When he goes beyond Triple-World-Law cultivation he won’t see things that way. He’ll see directly, and that’s called Buddha Law’s divine power. There’s nothing more powerful.

So how does Remote Vision work in Triple-World-Law? I’ll spell it out for you. In that field’s dimension, at a person’s forehead there’s a mirror, and for people who don’t practice qigong it faces away from them, while for people who do practice qigong it’s turned toward them. When a person’s Remote Vision is about to come out it starts spinning. You know, film that’s shown at 24 frames per second will give you fluid animation, but at less than 24 frames it’ll seem jumpy. It spins faster than 24 frames per second, so the mirror holds the image that it’s captured and flips over for you to see it, and then it flips back and erases the image. Then it captures the image again, flips back again, and erases the image again, constantly spinning. So that’s why what you see is in motion. This is how it shows you the things it’s captured in your dimensional field, and the things in your dimensional field correspond to the greater universe.

So how do you see behind your body? That mirror is so small, right, can it really capture everything around your body? Now, we know that when a person’s Third Eye level goes above Divine Vision and it’s about to reach Wisdom Vision, it’s about to break through this dimension of ours. At that very moment, when it’s about to break through but hasn’t yet broken through all the way, the Third Eye will experience a change: you’ll see that objects have disappeared, and people are gone, the walls are gone, everything is gone, and matter has disappeared. In other words, in that specific dimension, when you look deeper, you’ll find that people are gone and that the only thing that stands in the scope of that dimensional field of yours is a mirror. But that mirror, which is in your dimensional field, is as large as your entire dimensional field, so when it spins around and around there’s nothing it can’t capture. It can capture everything in the scope of your dimensional field, as long as it’s something that corresponds to the universe. This is what we call the ability of Remote Vision.

When people who do research in human-body science test this ability it’s usually easy for them to dismiss it. Here’s the reason. Let’s say somebody wants to know what his relative in Beijing is doing, and when the relative’s name and general information are given, the person with Remote Vision sees things. He’ll tell you what the building looks like, how to go through the door and enter the room, and what things look like in the room. And what he says is all accurate. So what’s the person doing? He says that he’s writing. To verify whether that’s true, they pick up the phone and get a hold of the relative and ask him, "What are you doing right now?" "I’m eating." Then isn’t that different from what he saw? That’s why this ability has been dismissed before. But everything he saw about the place was right on target. That’s because our dimension and time, which we call space-time, has a difference in time from the space-time of the dimension where that ability is, so time is conceptually different in those two places. Earlier he was writing and now he’s eating, there’s a difference in time. That’s why if people who do research in human-body science make inferences and study things based on conventional theories, or based on today’s science, it’ll be useless, even if they do that for another 10,000 years. The reason is, these things are higher than ordinary people to begin with. So people’s thinking needs to change, and they shouldn’t try to understand these things that way anymore.

The Ability of Knowing Fate

There’s another ability that’s directly related to the Third Eye, and it’s called Knowing Fate. Nowadays six types of abilities have been recognized around the world, and they include the Third Eye, Remote Vision, and Knowing Fate. What’s Knowing Fate? It’s when a person knows someone’s future and past, and in terms of big things he’s able to know the rise and decline of societies, or in terms of even bigger things he’s able to see the patterns of the greater cosmic body’s changes. That’s the ability of Knowing Fate. Matter’s motion follows a pattern, so every object that’s in a special dimension has its own state of being in a slew of other dimensions. I’ll give you an example. When a person’s body moves, all the cells in his body move along with it, and all the molecules, protons, electrons, and the smallest elements—all the elements in the microcosm—they move along with it. But they have their independent forms of being, too. And the forms of the body that exist in other dimensions also change.

Don’t people talk about the conservation of matter? In a specific dimension, when people do something, like when somebody moves his hands and does something, it exists materially, and whatever people do, it leaves an image and message. Those things don’t vanish in other dimensions, and they exist there forever. So when people with abilities see things from the past they’ll know what took place. Later on when you have the ability of Knowing Fate, take a look at the form of our class here today, and you’ll see that it’s still there. It’s already there now. And when a person is born, his whole life already exists simultaneously in a special dimension where there’s no concept of time, and for some people there’s more than one life there.

Maybe some people are thinking, "So there’s no need for us to put in a lot of effort or improve ourselves?" They can’t accept the idea. Well actually, a person’s own effort can change small things in his life. Some small things can be changed through your own efforts. But exactly because you go and try so hard to change things you might get karma. If that wasn’t the case there wouldn’t be an issue of making karma, and whether you do good things or bad things wouldn’t matter. When someone just insists on doing things his way, he’ll gain at other people’s expense, and he’ll have done something wrong. So we’ve said again and again that in cultivation you should let things happen naturally, and that’s why. You could harm other people when you try hard. Maybe your life originally didn’t have something in it, but then out in the world you get that thing, which originally belonged to somebody else, and now you owe him.

Now when it comes to major things, ordinary people really just can’t change them. Well, there is a way to change them. It’s when a person does only bad things and stops at no evil. He can change his life that way, but what lies ahead of him is total ruin. Looking at it from a high level, we can see that when a person dies, his master soul doesn’t perish. How come the master soul doesn’t perish? Actually, we can see that when a person dies, the body that’s put in the morgue is nothing more than just human cells in this dimension of ours. His organs, the tissues inside his body, and his entire human body, meaning, the cells in this dimension, they’re what has sloughed off. But his bodies in other dimensions that are made up of material, microscopic particles that are smaller than molecules, atoms, protons, and so on, those bodies haven’t died at all. They exist in other dimensions, they still exist in microcosmic dimensions. But what a person who stops at no evil has in store for him is total disintegration of all his cells. In Buddhism it’s called "annihilation of both body and soul."

There’s another way that a person can change his life, and it’s the only way. It’s when he takes up the path of cultivation and sticks with it. And why can his life be changed by taking up cultivation? Who could just go and change something like that, right? Once a person wants to take up cultivation, once that idea comes out it shines like gold, and it shakes the Ten-Directional World. (The Buddhist concept of the universe is the Ten-Directional World theory.) That’s because, the way higher beings see it, a person’s life isn’t for him to be human. They see people’s lives as something that comes into being in the space of the universe, and that has the same nature as the universe, that’s good and kind, and made of the matter True, Good, Endure. But at the same time, these lives have community-like social relationships, and during social interactions among the group, some become bad and so they drop down. And at that level they again can’t stay there, and they become even worse, so they drop another level, and they drop, and drop, and drop, and finally they drop to this level of ordinary people.

When they get to this level people are supposed to be destroyed, eliminated. But out of their great compassion, the Great Enlightened Beings purposely created this dimension of our human world. In this dimension they give them an additional, human mortal body, and an additional pair of eyes that are limited to seeing the things in this material dimension of ours, meaning, they drop into this realm of delusion. They can’t see the true picture of the universe with those eyes, while in other dimensions its true picture can be seen. In this delusion, in this state, they’re left with this chance. And since they’re in this delusion it’s the most trying. They give them this body to suffer with. When a person wants to return back up from this dimension, to do what Daoist practices call "returning to the original, true self," he will need to put his heart into cultivation, which means his Buddha-nature has come out. And that wish is considered the most precious one. So people will help him. Even in such a tough environment, he hasn’t gotten lost and still wants to return, so people will help him, they’ll help him unconditionally, and they’ll help him with anything. And why can we do that for cultivators but not for ordinary people? That’s why.

But if you’re an ordinary person who wants to get his health problems fixed, there’s nothing we can do for you. Ordinary people are just ordinary people, and ordinary people are just supposed to follow the way of things in the ordinary world. A lot of people say, "Buddhas save all sentient beings, don’t they? Buddhists talk about saving all sentient beings, right?" I’ll tell you what, go dig through all the Buddhist scriptures if you want—there’s nothing in there that says healing ordinary people counts as saving all sentient beings. Those fake qigong masters have turned this into a big mess in recent years. But the true qigong masters, the qigong masters who paved the way, they never told you to heal people. They only taught you how to exercise to heal yourself and keep fit. You’re an ordinary person—you think you can heal people after learning it for a couple days? Aren’t they cheating people? Doesn’t that feed your attachments? That’s seeking a name for yourself and profit, it’s seeking supernormal things and wanting to show them off around ordinary people! That’s definitely not allowed. That’s why some people get less and less the more they seek things. You aren’t allowed to do that, and you aren’t allowed to just go and upset the way of things in the ordinary world.

There’s something that has always been true in this universe: when you want to return to your original, true self, there are beings that will help you. They think that a person’s being is supposed to return instead of staying in the environment of ordinary people. If the human race was made free of all sickness and lived in total comfort, even if you were given a chance to be a Celestial Being you wouldn’t take anyone up on it. You’d have no health problems, you’d have no hardships, and you’d have whatever you wanted—wouldn’t that be great? That’d really be like a Celestial Being’s world. But it’s because you became bad that you dropped this far, so you won’t feel well. It’s easy for people to do bad things when they’re in delusion. In Buddhism this is called karmic retribution. So, usually when people have tribulations or bad things happen, for example, they’re paying for their karma by karmic retribution. In Buddhism they say that Buddhas are everywhere. With the wave of a Buddha’s hand all of the human race’s sicknesses could be gone, and they can definitely do that. So with that many Buddhas around, why don’t they? People have to suffer like that because they owe debts from doing bad things in the past, and if you heal them it’s the same as violating the laws of the universe, it’s the same as letting him do bad things and letting him not pay back what he owes, and that’s not allowed. That’s why everybody upholds the way of things in the ordinary world and nobody upsets it. Nothing but cultivation can make you feel great, be free of sickness, and bring you true liberation! Having people cultivate true teachings is real "saving all sentient beings."

So why can all those qigong masters heal people? And why do they teach people healing? Maybe some of you have wondered about this. Most of those qigong masters aren’t doing the right thing. During their cultivation true qigong masters see that all sentient beings are suffering, and out of compassion, out of pity, they help people. That’s allowed. But they can’t fix that person’s health problem. They can only temporarily suppress it, or they can postpone and shift it so that if you don’t get it now you’ll get it later, so they postpone the sickness to a later time, or they transform it for you, and transform it over to your family members. But when it comes to really eliminating the karma for you, they can’t do it, and they’re not allowed to just go and do that for ordinary people. It can only be done for cultivators. That’s the reason.

The meaning of the Buddhist saying, "saving all sentient beings," is that you are brought out of the ordinary human state, which is the most miserable, and taken to high levels so that you’ll never suffer again and be liberated. That’s what they mean. Didn’t Shakyamuni talk about Nirvana, the "other shore"? That’s what he really meant by "saving all sentient beings." If you were to enjoy an ordinary life of luxury, and to have plenty of money, with even the beds in your home padded with money, and if you didn’t suffer one bit, then you wouldn’t want to become a Celestial Being even if you were given the chance. The course of your life can be changed because you’re a cultivator. And it’s only through cultivation that it can be changed.

The form that the ability of Knowing Fate takes is that at the forehead there’s something like a small TV screen. For some people it’s at the area of the forehead, for some it’s close to the forehead, and for others it’s inside the forehead. Some people can see it with their eyes closed, and if their ability is strong, some people can see it with their eyes open. Other people can’t see it, though, because it’s something within the scope of a person’s dimensional field. In other words, if the person is going to see them in his Third Eye, when that ability comes out there has to be another ability that serves as a carrier and reflects over the images that are seen in other dimensions. He can see a person’s future, and he can see a person’s past. And he can see them with great accuracy. He can see them really clearly, and he can even see the year, and even the details of how events play out, because what he sees are the true reflections of people and objects in other dimensions. By contrast, people who do fortune-telling can’t make out the small things, the detailed parts, no matter how well they do it.

As long as somebody cultivates Falun Dafa I’ll open his Third Eye. But I won’t unlock some of the other abilities we talked about. As your level keeps rising the ability of Knowing Fate will come out naturally. You’ll experience it later on in your cultivation, and when that ability comes out you’ll know what’s going on. That’s why we’re telling you all about these Laws and principles.

Beyond the Five Elements, and Leaving the Three Realms

What does "beyond the Five Elements, and leaving the Three Realms" mean? This is a delicate subject to bring up. A lot of qigong masters have talked about this, but they got tongue-tied by people who didn’t believe in qigong—"So which one of you qigong people has gone beyond the Five Elements? Which of you people is out of the Three Realms now?" Some people aren’t qigong masters, and they’ve just given themselves the title of qigong master. If they can’t explain it they should just be quiet, but they dare to talk about it anyway, and so other people shut them up with their remarks. This has done a lot of harm to the cultivation world and made a big mess. And people have used this to attack qigong. "Beyond the Five Elements, and leaving the Three Realms" is a saying in the cultivation world, and it comes from religions. It’s a product of religions. So we can’t talk about this without keeping in mind its historical context and the environment back when it was coined.

What’s "beyond the Five Elements" about? Our ancient Chinese physics and our modern physics both acknowledge that the Chinese theory of Five Elements is correct. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—these Five Elements form the myriad things in our universe. This is fact, and that’s why we talk about these Five Elements. When someone says that a person has gone beyond the Five Elements, in today’s language, it means going beyond this material world of ours. Sounds hard to believe. But let’s think about something. Qigong masters have gong. I’ve been tested, and lots and lots of other qigong masters have been tested this way, too—tested for energy. A lot of the instruments that we have today can detect the material elements in gong, so in other words, if there’s the right instrument, the elements emitted by qigong masters can be detected. Nowadays the instruments can detect things like infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrasonic waves, infrasonic sounds, electricity, magnetism, gamma rays, atoms, and neutrons. Qigong masters all have these forms of matter, and some other matter emitted by qigong masters can’t be detected, since there’s no such instrument. But as long as you have the right instrument these can be detected, and they’ve discovered that the matter emitted by qigong masters is extremely rich.

Under the effect of a special electromagnetic field qigong masters can have strong luminescence, and it’s really beautiful. The higher a person’s potency, the larger the energy field he projects. Ordinary people have one too, but it’s a really weak kind of luminescence. People who do research in high-energy physics think of energy as being things like neutrons and atoms. A lot of qigong masters have been tested. And all the qigong masters who are pretty well-known have been tested, in fact. I’ve been tested, too, and they found that I emit gamma rays and thermal neutrons 80–170 times greater than the radiation of normal matter. At that point the needle of the testing instrument had hit the limit, and since the needle had hit the maximum point they couldn’t tell exactly how strong it was. Imagine, neutrons that strong—it’s just incredible! How could a person emit neutrons that strong? This proves that we qigong masters do have gong, it proves we do have energy. It’s been verified by the scientific and technological community.

Going beyond the Five Elements only happens in a practice that cultivates both your nature and longevity. It’s not part of practices that don’t cultivate both nature and longevity. They only grow the gong that determines levels, and they don’t cultivate longevity, so they don’t talk about going beyond the Five Elements. In practices that cultivate both nature and longevity, a person’s energy is stored in all the cells in his body. The energy that an ordinary qigong practitioner gives off, or that somebody who’s just started to build up gong gives off, that gong has large particles with gaps between them and low density, and so it has little power. When a person’s level rises, it’s possible that the density of his energy will be 100 times, 1,000 times, or 100 million times higher than ordinary water molecules. That’s because the higher the level, the higher the density, the finer the grains, and the greater the power. When that happens, the energy is stored in every single cell of the body, and it’s not just in every cell of the body in this material dimension of ours, but in all the bodies in other dimensions—the molecules, atoms, protons, and electrons, and all the way down to the extremely microcosmic cells, they’re all filled with that energy. So over time the person’s body is completely filled with that high-energy matter.

That high-energy matter is an intelligent entity, and it has power. When there’s more of it, when its density gets high, and after it fills all the cells in a person’s body, it’s able to suppress his flesh cells, those least capable cells. And once they’re restrained there isn’t any metabolism, and at some point it will completely replace the human flesh cells. Of course, this is easy to say, but cultivating to that point is a slow process. When you’ve cultivated to that point all the cells in your body will have been replaced by the high-energy matter, so think about it, is your body still made up of the Five Elements? Is it still matter that belongs to this dimension? It’s made of high-energy matter collected from other dimensions. The components of virtue are also matter that exist in other dimensions, and it’s not restricted by the time-field of this dimension we’re in.

Today, science believes that time has fields, and that when something isn’t within the expanse of a time-field it’s not restricted by that time. The concept of space-time in other dimensions is different from the one here, so how could it restrict matter from other dimensions? It doesn’t have any effect on it. Then think about it, at that time aren’t you outside the Five Elements? Is your body still an ordinary human one? Not at all. But there’s one thing to note, and that’s that ordinary people can’t actually tell the difference. Even though your body has changed that much, it’s still not the end of your cultivation. You still need to keep breaking through more levels and cultivating up. So you still have to cultivate around ordinary people, and it wouldn’t work if people couldn’t see you.

So, what happens next? During your cultivation, although all of your molecular cells are replaced by high-energy matter, the atoms have to have a certain configuration, and the configuration of the molecules and nuclei doesn’t change either. The configuration of the cells’ molecules is one way, and so they’re soft to the touch; the configuration of bones’ molecules has a high density, and so they’re hard to the touch; the density of blood’s molecules is very low, and so it’s liquid. Ordinary people can’t tell from your surface that there were any changes. The molecular cells still keep their former structure and configuration. So their structure hasn’t changed, but the energy inside has. And that’s why you won’t go through the natural aging process from that point on, and your cells won’t die, so you’ll be young forever. You will look young during your cultivation, and eventually you’ll hit a point where you don’t age any further.

Of course, if a body like that gets hit by a car the bones might still break, and if it’s cut by a knife it might still bleed. This is because its molecules’ configuration hasn’t changed. It’s just that they won’t naturally die, they won’t naturally age, and there won’t be any metabolism. This is what we mean by "going beyond the Five Elements." What’s it got to do with blind belief? It can be explained with scientific theory. But some people go and talk about it freely even though they can’t explain it, and then other people say we’re blindly believing. It’s a phrase that comes from religions, and it wasn’t coined by today’s qigong.

What is "leaving the Three Realms"? Like I said the other day, the key to increasing your gong is this: you cultivate your character and assimilate to the nature of the universe, then the nature of the universe doesn’t restrict you anymore, your character improves, and the elements of virtue evolve into gong, which grows constantly, rises, and then when it rises to a high level it forms a gong pillar. However high that gong pillar is, that’s the height of your gong. There’s a saying, "the Great Law is boundless"—how your cultivation goes all depends on your mind. The height you can cultivate to depends entirely on your ability to endure and your ability to bear hardships. When your white matter is used up you can transform your black matter into white matter by bearing hardships. And when that’s still not enough, you can increase your gong by bearing sins for your family members or your good friends who don’t cultivate. This applies to people who’ve cultivated to an extremely high level. When an ordinary person cultivates he shouldn’t think about bearing sins for his family members, since with that much karma the average person’s cultivation would fail. What I’m talking about here are truths of different levels.

The Three Realms talked about in some religions refers to the nine levels of Heaven, or the 33 levels of Heaven, in other words, Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld make up all the beings in the Three Realms. They say that all living things within the 33 levels of Heaven have to go through Transmigration. What Transmigration means, is that while somebody is a human being in this life, maybe he’ll be an animal in the next life. In Buddhism it’s said that a person should seize the years he has in this life, and that if he doesn’t cultivate now, when will he? They say that because animals aren’t allowed to cultivate, and they aren’t allowed to listen to the Law, and even if they do cultivate they can’t achieve a True Fruition. If their gong reaches a high level they’ll be slain by Heaven. You aren’t able to get a human body in hundreds of years. It’s taken over 1,000 years for you to get it, and you don’t even know to cherish it. If you reincarnate into a rock you won’t be able to get out of it for 10,000 years, and if that rock isn’t crushed, or if it doesn’t weather away, you’ll never be able to get out. Getting a human body is so hard! If a person can really obtain the Great Law he’s just so fortunate. A human body is hard to get—that’s how they see it.

In our practice we talk about levels. Your level is entirely up to you to cultivate. If you want to transcend the Three Realms, well, if your gong pillar is cultivated very, very high, won’t you have broken through the Three Realms? When some people are meditating their master souls leave their bodies, and in no time they get to a very high place. When a student wrote to me sharing his experiences, he said, "Teacher, I’ve reached this many levels of Heaven and I’ve seen such-and-such scenes." I told him, "Go up further." He replied, "I can’t go up further. I don’t dare to go up, I can’t go up anymore." Why was that? Because that’s just how high his gong pillar was, and because he got up there by riding on his gong pillar. That’s the "Fruition" talked about in Buddhism. He’d cultivated to that Fruition. But for a cultivator, that’s not the pinnacle of his Fruition, because he’s constantly moving up, constantly rising, and constantly improving. When your gong pillar has broken through the boundary of the Three Realms, won’t you have left the Three Realms? We examined it once, and found that the Three Realms religions talk about are only within the range of our nine major planets. Some people say that there are ten major planets. I’d say that’s really not true. I’ve seen that the gong pillars of some of the past qigong masters had charged beyond the Milky Way. They were pretty high, and they’d long since passed the Three Realms. So this "leaving the Three Realms" I just talked about is actually a question of levels.

Wanting to Get Things

A lot of people come to our cultivation sites wanting to get things. Some of them want to get abilities, some want to listen to some ideas, some want to resolve their health problems, and some want to come get a Law Wheel—there are all kinds of mindsets. There are also people who say, "Somebody in my family hasn’t come to any of the classes yet. I’ll pay some tuition, and how about you give him a Law Wheel?" It’s taken us so many generations, and it’s passed through such a great number of years—you’d be shocked if we told you the number—it was formed ages and ages ago, and you want to spend a few bucks to buy a Law Wheel? Then why is it we can give it to you with no conditions attached? It’s because you want to be a cultivator, and that thought can’t be bought with any amount of money. It’s your Buddha-nature that has come out, and that’s why we do this.

You’re always wanting to get things. Are you coming here just for that? My Law Bodies in other dimensions know your every thought, since the concepts of the two space-times are different. Looked at in another dimension, the formation of your thoughts is an extremely slow process, and they know your thoughts even before you think. So you should put a stop to all your wrong thoughts. Buddhists talk about karmic relationship—we’re all what we are because of karmic relationship. So, if you obtain it, then maybe you’re supposed to obtain it. That’s why you should cherish it, and shouldn’t want things.

In religious cultivation in the past, Buddhists taught Emptiness—not thinking about anything, and entering the Gate of Emptiness. And Daoists taught Nothingness—having nothing, wanting nothing, and seeking nothing. Cultivators used to talk about, "Putting the mind on practicing, not putting the mind on getting gong." So you cultivate in a state of nonaction and just focus on cultivating your character, then you’ll be making breakthroughs in your level, and you’ll definitely have whatever you should. If you can’t let go of something, isn’t that an attachment? Here we’re teaching such high-level Laws right at the outset, so of course the demands on your character are high. And that’s why you can’t come to learn the Law wanting to get something.

To be responsible to you, we’re taking you down the right path. So this Law needs to be taught to you thoroughly. When some people seek to get the Third Eye, the Third Eye might block itself, and it might seal you off. Also, I can tell you that in Triple-World-Law cultivation, all the abilities a person develops are innate to the mortal body—people nowadays call them supernatural abilities. They can only have an effect within the dimension right here, our dimension, and work on ordinary people. What are you wanting those trivial abilities and trivial skills for? You want and want, but after you reach Beyond-Triple-World-Law they don’t have any effect in other dimensions. When you go beyond Triple-World-Law cultivation, all those abilities have to be thrown away, they’re pressed into a very deep dimension and kept there. They’ll just act as a record of your cultivation path in the future, and that’s about all they do.

After a person goes beyond the Triple-World-Law he has to cultivate all over again. The body he has is like what I just talked about, a body that’s gone beyond the Five Elements. It’s a Buddha-body. Wouldn’t you call that kind of body a Buddha-body? That Buddha-body needs to cultivate all over again and bring abilities about all over again. But those aren’t called abilities, they’re called Buddha Law’s divine powers. Their might is infinite, and they take effect in every dimension—they are what really has an impact. So tell me, what’s the use of wanting to get abilities? All you people who want abilities, isn’t your intention to use them around ordinary people, to show off around ordinary people? If it’s not, what do you want them for? They can’t be seen and they can’t be touched… If you’re saying you just want to use them as decorations or something, wouldn’t you be better off finding something that looks nice? I can guarantee that subconsciously your aim is to use them. They can’t be sought after like skills of ordinary people. They’re altogether a higher thing, and you’re not allowed to go and show them off around ordinary people. For starters, showing off is a strong attachment, it’s a character flaw, and it’s a desire that a cultivator should get rid of. If you want to make money with them, if you want to get rich off them or achieve some worldly goal that you strive for, then that’s even worse. That would be using higher things to upset the way of things in the ordinary world, to damage the ordinary world. Those thoughts are even worse. So they can’t just be used whenever you want.

More often than not it’s children and older folks, the people at the two ends of the spectrum, who have abilities come out. This is especially true for older women, since they can usually keep up their character, they don’t have many ordinary people’s attachments, and they’re more likely to handle themselves well and not want to show off after their abilities come out. And why is it hard for young people to get them? Young men, more than others, still want to try to get ahead in the ordinary world, and they still want to fulfill their ambitions! Once they got abilities they’d use them to realize their goals, they’d treat them like skills for realizing their goals. But that’s just absolutely not allowed. That’s why their abilities aren’t brought out.

Cultivation isn’t kid’s stuff, and it’s not some ordinary people’s skill. It’s really serious. Whether you want to cultivate, and whether you can cultivate, this all depends on how you are going to improve your character. It would really be trouble if a person could actually get abilities by just seeking them. You’d see him there, "What cultivation??"—he wouldn’t think about it at all. And since his character has an ordinary person’s foundation, and since he got his abilities by just seeking them, maybe he’d do all kinds of bad things. There’s plenty of money in the bank, and he’d haul some of it off, or there are lots of lotto tickets sold on the street, and he’d pick first prize. So why don’t those things happen? Some qigong masters say, "It’s pretty easy for somebody who doesn’t care about virtue to do bad things after he gets abilities." I’d say that’s wrong. It’s not like that at all. If you don’t care about virtue, if you don’t cultivate your character, your abilities won’t come out one bit. There are some people who have good character and at that level their abilities come out, but then later on they don’t handle themselves well, and they do things that they shouldn’t do. There are cases like that. But once they do bad things, their abilities will lose strength or disappear, and once they lose them, they’ll lose them forever. And what’s most serious about this is that it can stir up your attachments.

Some qigong masters say that you can heal people after learning their qigong for just a few days. It’s like advertising. They should be called qigong dealers. Think about it, you’re an ordinary person—how could you cure people just by sending out a little qi? Ordinary people’s bodies have qi, and you have qi, too. You’ve just started to practice qigong, and it’s only that your palm’s Laogong acupoint is open, so you can collect qi and send out qi. When you go treat other people, their bodies have qi, too, so maybe theirs will end up curing you! How could one qi control another qi? Qi can’t heal anything. Besides, when you treat another person you and that sick person form one field, and all of his pathogenic qi will come over to your body, and you’ll have just as much of it. Even though the root of it is in his body, if you have a lot of pathogenic qi it’ll make you ill. Once you think you can heal people, you’ll set up shop and go treating people, you won’t turn anybody down, and you’ll get attached. And when you heal people you’ll be so happy! But why can you heal them? There’s something you don’t realize: all fake qigong masters have possessing spirits on their bodies, and in order to make you a believer they give you a few energy messages. After you’ve healed, say, three, five, eight, or maybe ten people they’ll be used up. It’s a type of energy consumption, and from then on you won’t have that little bit of energy. You don’t have gong yourself—where could you have gotten gong from? We qigong masters have gone through decades of cultivation, and it used to be pretty hard to cultivate. If a person doesn’t stick with a true discipline and cultivate in it, if he cultivates in a side practice, or if he cultivates on a lesser path, then it’ll really be hard.

Just look at those big-time qigong masters who are pretty famous, they’ve cultivated for decades just to get that little bit of gong. You haven’t cultivated, and you think you can get gong by going to a class? Forget about it! And from that point on you’d be attached, and once you got attached you’d get anxious when you couldn’t heal people. You know what some people are even thinking when they treat people, trying to protect their reputation? "Let me get his illness so that he can be healed." That’s not out of compassion. He hasn’t gotten rid of his attachments to reputation and personal gain one bit, and no compassion is about to come out. He’s afraid of losing his reputation, and he’d even rather get the illness himself than lose face. He’s that attached to his reputation! Once that desire of his comes along, "Okay, if you want it that way," that illness will instantly get transformed and shifted over onto his body—it really can make that happen. He goes home with the illness and the other person is healed. So after he treats someone he goes home and suffers himself. You think you’ve healed someone, and when people call you "qigong master" you feel pretty good about yourself, and you get conceited. Isn’t that an attachment? And when you can’t heal someone, you hang your head, depressed. Isn’t that because of your attachment to reputation and personal gain? Besides, all the pathogenic qi of those people you treated comes over to your body. That fake qigong master supposedly teaches you to do this and that to expel it, but I’m telling you, you can’t expel it at all, you can’t expel it even one bit, because you don’t have the ability to tell good qi from bad qi. Over time your body will get all black inside, and that’s karma.

When you really start cultivating it’s going to be tough. How will you handle it? How much hardship will you have to go through to transform that into white matter? It’ll be really hard. A person with a good base is more likely to have this problem. Some people just keep seeking the ability to heal people, heal people, heal people. But when you’re seeking things animals see it, and they’ll get right on you. That’s possession. "You want to heal people? I’ll help you heal people." But it won’t help you heal people for nothing. A person doesn’t gain if he doesn’t lose. It’s dangerous. And in the end, you bring it upon yourself. How could you cultivate, then? You’ll be done for.

Some people with good bases exchange their bases for other people’s karma. People with health problems have lots of karma. If you treat somebody with a serious health problem, when you go home after treating him you’ll feel awful! A lot of people who’ve treated others have experienced this, where the sick person recovers, but you go home and suffer with serious sickness. As time goes on, you’ll have a lot of karma that’s exchanged and transferred over to you, and you’ll have given other people virtue for their karma. Well, no loss, no gain. You want illness, but karma has to be exchanged with virtue all the same. There’s a law in this universe that if you want something, nobody can try to stop you. Then it can’t be said that you’re good. And there’s something that’s specified in this universe: whoever has a lot of karma is a bad person. But you’re exchanging your own base with him for karma, and with all that karma, how are you going to cultivate? Your whole base will be ruined by him. Isn’t that scary? The other person is healed, and he feels just fine now, but you go home and suffer. If you heal two people with cancer you’ll have to die in their place. Isn’t that dangerous? That’s what happens. A lot of people don’t know what’s at work here.

Now maybe some fake qigong masters are pretty well-known, but being "well-known" doesn’t mean "knowing well." What do ordinary people know anyway? They just follow the crowd. Maybe they’re able to do that right now, but they aren’t just harming other people, they’re harming themselves, too. Wait and see what becomes of them in a year or two. Damaging cultivation that way isn’t allowed. Cultivation can heal, but it’s not meant for healing. It’s something higher, and it’s not some ordinary people’s skill. You definitely aren’t allowed to just damage it like that. Nowadays some fake qigong masters are really making a stinking mess of things since they try to use qigong as a way to fame and fortune. They try to form wicked gangs to expand their influence, and they outnumber the real qigong masters by umpteen times. So you buy into it just because ordinary people say that and do that? You think qigong is supposed to be like that. Well it’s not. I’m telling you the truth of it.

As the different relationships ordinary people have are playing out, they have to bear responsibility and pay for both the bad things they’ve done and the debts they’ve built up seeking things to benefit themselves. Let’s suppose you just go and treat someone. Even if you really were able to heal him, could that be allowed? Buddhas are everywhere. There’s so many Buddhas around, so why don’t any of them do that? Wouldn’t it be just great if they let the human race live in total comfort! Then why don’t they do that? People have to pay for their own karma, and that’s a law nobody dares to undermine. During his cultivation, a person might give somebody a little help once in a while out of compassion. But all that does is postpone the illness a little. If you don’t suffer now you’ll suffer later. Or, maybe he’ll transform it for you, so you lose money or have hard luck instead of that illness. Maybe that’s what happens. Truly doing it—instantly eliminating your karma—that’s something that can only be done for cultivators. It can’t be done for ordinary people. I’m not just telling you the truths of my own discipline, here. I’m talking about the Truth of the whole universe, I’m talking about how things really are in the cultivation world.

We don’t teach you to heal people here. We’re leading you down the great way, the true path, and guiding you up. That’s why I always say in my classes that Falun Dafa disciples aren’t allowed to do healings. If you go and heal people you don’t belong to my Falun Dafa. Since we’re guiding you down the true path, during Triple-World-Law cultivation we’re always purifying, purifying, and purifying your body for you, all the way until it’s completely transformed into high-energy matter. But you’re still bringing all that black stuff onto your body—how are you going to cultivate? That’s karma! You won’t be able to cultivate one bit. Once you get too much of that you won’t be able to take it, and when you have to suffer too much you won’t be able to cultivate. That’s the reason. I’m bringing this Great Law to you all, but maybe you still have no idea what I’m teaching. Since this Great Law can be brought to you, of course there are ways to protect it. If you try to heal people my Law Bodies will take back all of the cultivation things that were put in your body. You aren’t allowed to just damage something this precious to make a name for yourself or to benefit yourself. If you don’t follow the Law’s requirements you don’t belong to our Falun Dafa. Your body will be returned to the level of ordinary people, and we’ll return the bad things to you, because you want to be an ordinary person.

Starting yesterday, after class, a lot of you felt that your whole body was full of energy. But a few people with serious health problems went ahead of others, and they started to feel unwell yesterday. Yesterday after I plucked the bad things from your body, for most of you, your whole body felt full of energy, and your body felt great. But in this universe of ours, there’s this law called "no loss, no gain." I can’t take everything off of you—you definitely have to bear at least something. So in other words, we’ve taken out the root cause of your health problem, the root cause of your being unwell, but your problem still has a field. A person whose Third Eye is open at a low level can see that your body has clumps of black qi, filthy pathogenic qi. They’re condensed black-qi clumps with a high density, and when they disperse they’ll fill your whole body.

Starting today, some people will have chills, as if they’ve got a bad cold, and their bones might even ache. Most people won’t feel well somewhere in their bodies—aching legs, lightheadedness, you name it. Maybe you think that by practicing qigong you healed some area of your body that had a problem, or that maybe some qigong master healed it for you, and that now it’s relapsed. That’s because he didn’t heal it, he only put it off for you. It’s still right where it was, so the health problem didn’t surface back then but it would later on. We have to dig all of those out, drive them all out for you, and completely get rid of them at the root. So you’ll think that your problem has relapsed, and this is eliminating karma at the root—that’s why you have reactions. Some people will have localized reactions in their bodies, maybe one part hurts, or maybe it’s some other part, and all kinds of unpleasant sensations will come up. It’s all normal. I want to tell you, no matter how awful you might feel, do your best to keep coming to the class, and as soon as you walk into the auditorium all of your symptoms will be gone, and there won’t be any danger. I can say this, and I hope you’ll make an effort to come, no matter how crummy you feel because of that "sickness." A chance to obtain the Law is hard to come by. When you feel worse, it means that, "when something reaches the extreme it reverses," and your whole body will be purified. It has to be completely purified. The root of your health problem has been plucked out now, and only that little bit of black qi is left, coming out on its own, so that you have a little hardship and go through some difficulty. If you didn’t bear anything it really wouldn’t work.

Out in the ordinary world you compete with other people for your reputation and profit, so you can’t sleep well, you can’t enjoy your food, and you’ve wrecked your body. When your body is looked at in another dimension even each of your bones is black. So purifying a body like that all at once, there just have to be reactions. That’s why you’ll have reactions. Some people could even have diarrhea or throw up. Students in a lot of regions have written to me and shared their experiences with that. "Teacher, I kept having to look for bathrooms all the way home from the class." That’s because even your internal organs have to be purified. A small number of people might even fall asleep, and then they’ll wake right up when I finish talking. Why does that happen? Because there are diseases in their heads, so they have to be adjusted. There’s no way people could stand having their heads adjusted, so you have to anesthetize them. They don’t know it, though. But for some people the hearing part doesn’t have any problem. They sleep soundly but they don’t miss a word, they hear it all, and then they’re alert, and some of them don’t get sleepy even if they go a couple days without sleep. These are the different conditions people are in, and they all need to be adjusted. Your whole body has to be purified.

So if you truly practice Falun Dafa, you will, starting today, have reactions when you truly set your attachments aside. The people who can’t set them aside might say that they have, when in fact, they really haven’t been able to, so it’s hard to purify their bodies. There are also people who understand later on what I’ve been teaching in this class, they set them aside, and then their bodies are purified. Other people find their bodies energized, while these folks just start to get healed and just start to feel unwell. In every class there are people like that who lag behind, people whose comprehension isn’t as good. So no matter what you experience, it’s normal. When I held classes in other regions some things happened all the time. There’d always be some people who felt awful, and they’d be sitting there bent over their seats, they wouldn’t get up, and they’d just wait for me to come down off the stage to heal them. But I wouldn’t heal them. You can’t even clear that hurdle, and later on when you cultivate on your own you are going to have a lot of big tribulations, so if you can’t even clear this one, tell me, how are you going to cultivate? You can’t even overcome that little thing? You can all definitely overcome those things, so don’t ask me to heal you. I don’t do healing. The moment you say "health problem" I don’t want to listen.

It’s really hard to save people. In every class there’s always about five or ten percent who can’t keep up. There’s no way everybody can attain the Dao. Even if you are able to persevere in your cultivation, it remains to be seen whether you can succeed, and it remains to be seen whether you’re really committed to cultivating. There’s no way everybody can become a Buddha. True cultivators of Dafa experience the same things when they read the book, and they too gain all that they’re supposed to.