Li Hongzhi

4th Translation Edition, Updated in April 2001


Part I


Chapter I Introduction

1. The Origins of Qigong
2. Qi and Gong

3. Gong Potency and Supernormal Abilities

4. The Third Eye

5. Qigong Treatments and Hospital Treatments

6. Buddha School Qigong and Buddhism

7. Righteous Cultivation Ways and Evil Ways

Chapter II Falun Gong

1. The Falun’s Function
2. The Falun’s Configuration

3. Characteristics of Falun Gong Cultivation

4. Cultivation of Both Mind and Body

5. Mind-Intent

6. Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

Chapter III Cultivation of Xinxing

1. Xinxing’s Inner Meaning
2. Loss and Gain

3. Simultaneous Cultivation of Zhen, Shan, and Ren

4. Eliminating Jealousy

5. Eliminating Attachments

6. Karma

7. Demonic Interference

8. Inborn Quality and Enlightenment Quality

9. A Clear and Pure Mind

Glossary of Terms and Pronunciation

Part II
The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa

Movements Are the Supplementary Means for Reaching Consummation

Li Hongzhi
November 13, 1996

Chapter I The Characteristics of Falun Dafa

1. Cultivation of a Falun; No Cultivation or Formation of Dan.
2. The Falun Refines the Practitioner Even When He or She is Not Doing the Exercises.
3. Cultivating the Main Consciousness so that You Obtain Gong.
4. Cultivation of Both Mind and Body.
5. Five Exercises that are Simple and Easy to Learn.
6. No Use of Mental Activities, No Going Awry, and a Rapid Increase of Gong.
7. No Concern for Location, Time, or Direction When Doing the Exercises, and No Concern About Ending the Practice.
8. Having the Protection of My Law Bodies, There is No Need to Fear Interference from External Evils.

Chapter II Illustrations and Explanations of the Exercise Movements

1. Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands
2. Falun Standing Stance
3. Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes
4. Falun Heavenly Circuit
5. Strengthening Divine Powers

Chapter III Mechanics and Principles of the Exercise Movements

1. The First Exercise
2. The Second Exercise
3. The Third Exercise
4. The Fourth Exercise
5. The Fifth Exercise

Appendix I Requirements for Falun Dafa Assistance Centers
Appendix II Regulations for Falun Dafa Disciples in Propagating Dafa and Teaching the Exercises
Appendix III The Standards for Falun Dafa Assistants
Appendix IV Notification for Practitioners of Falun Dafa

Glossary of Terms and Pronunciation