The Two Hand Positions for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Holding One Palm Erect

The Lotus Hand Position

(Pinyin romanization)
fă zhèng qián kūn,   xié è   quán  miè.

fă zhèng tiān  dì,   xiàn shì  xiàn bào.

(Phonetic rendering)
fah jung chyen kwuhn   shyeh uh! chwen myeh
fah jung tyen dee   shyen shrr shyen baow

(Audio files)
Verse 1 (female)
Verse 1 (male)

Verse 2 (female)
Verse 2 (male)

June 12, 2001

Download: Holding One Palm Erect | The Lotus Hand Posture

Translator’s Notes:

1) In general, formulas should always be recited with their original words/sound in order for them to have the proper effect.

2) The general meaning of the first formula is "the Fa (Fa) rectifies (zheng) the Cosmos (qian kun); the Evil (xie e) is completely (quan) eliminated (mie)." The second part can also be translated as "destroying all the Evil."

3) The general meaning of the second formula is "the Fa (Fa) rectifies (zheng) Heaven (tian) and Earth (di); immediate (xian… xian) retribution (bao) in this lifetime (shi)."

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Link to simplified Chinese article: https://gb.falundafa.org/chigb/jjyz2_30.htm

Link to traditional Chinese article: https://big5.falundafa.org/chibig5/jjyz2_30.htm