What Are Supernormal Abilities

Supernormal abilities are also called divine powers. Contemporary people call them extraordinary abilities. Supernormal abilities are in fact beings’ innate abilities. The higher a being’s level, the more fully his innate abilities can take effect; conversely, the lower a being’s level, the harder it is for his innate abilities to take effect, or to take full effect. The fundamental reason is that in this cosmos, from the highest level to the lowest level, the lower it gets, the higher the proportion of matter beings and everything in their particular realms have, the larger the particles’ grains are, and the more weight beings carry—the lower it gets, the more the beings’ innate abilities (supernormal abilities) are restrained by matter itself, and the more heavy this restraint, the less effective the abilities are. This is why the lower the level, the lesser the abilities. When it gets to the human dimension, all the innate abilities of beings are already covered up, their innate abilities (supernormal abilities) cannot work. So if humans do something or want to get something, they have to rely solely on working their matter-comprised bodies in order to get what they want. Man cannot see the true situation of the cosmos because he is completely buried in matter. That is why it’s said that the human dimension is one of delusion.

As for a cultivator, the higher the level he cultivates to, the greater his abilities. This is because the more levels of cosmos he breaks through, the less and lighter matter’s weight on his being is, the stronger his innate abilities (supernormal abilities) are, and the greater the number and the more comprehensive are his abilities that are freed. I have taught in the Fa that in Dafa cultivation one’s supernormal abilities are developed the most comprehensively because Dafa disciples are to cultivate to higher levels—the higher the level one breaks through, the more he is freed from matter, and he will thus fully demonstrate his innate abilities (supernormal abilities). Dafa disciples have already been bringing their supernormal abilities into full play in Fa-rectification. For instance, while doing Fa-rectification, when the righteous thoughts are very pure, their supernormal abilities are comprehensively utilized. Moreover, with righteous thoughts many disciples are able to use them at will—whatever they want to use, they almost always have it. For example, to freeze those wicked evildoers that persecute Dafa disciples, they just need to say, "freeze" or "stay there and don’t move," or point to the group of evildoers, and then they definitely won’t be able to move; afterwards they just need to think "release," and it will be lifted. Actually, you can use your will to command those evil ones who have no human nature—such as those evildoers, who are worse than beasts, who beat people to death or rape female Dafa disciples—as well as those chief evil ones. The wicked evildoers will do whatever you have them do.

A being’s level is determined by his xinxing. That is, when you use supernormal abilities your righteous thoughts must be strong. An inadequate state of mind—such as fearing the evil, wavering in your thoughts when you use your supernormal abilities, or doubting whether they will work—can affect or interfere with the outcome of the supernormal abilities.

Consummation is the conclusion of a Dafa disciple’s cultivation, while Fa-rectification is a Dafa disciple’s mission. For a Dafa disciple, Consummation is only a matter of the time of return, whereas Fa-rectification is to be left for the future. The future of the cosmos that beings at different levels have seen actually doesn’t exist and is an illusion. At present, humankind’s every day is arranged according to Dafa’s needs; Dafa disciples’ performance in the human world is to be left for history. In different historic times of the future, if in the cosmos damage to Dafa occurs or when beings perform differently, how Dafa will rectify the Fa and make everything perfect and indestructible is extremely important. Everything Dafa disciples are doing at present is creating the future, and right now everything in the Three Realms exists for Dafa. When Dafa has consummated everything amidst the tribulation, all of the evil that persecutes Dafa will end.

Li Hongzhi
June 14, 2001