At present, the following, put forward by the Research Society, is being spread and studied in different regions as the Fa or my words: 

Meticulously read Dafa,

Truly cultivate your xinxing,

Painstakingly do the exercises,

… etc. 

Actually, they are not my words, nor do they have a deeper meaning—they certainly are not the Fa. The meaning of “meticulously read” differs greatly from my requirement in studying the Fa. As a matter of fact, I was very explicit about reading the books in the article, “Studying the Fa,” which I wrote on September 9, 1995. Besides, the meaning of “meticulously read” has caused serious interference with “Studying the Fa.” From now on you must pay attention to the seriousness of this problem. I have talked about the reason for Buddhism’s disappearance in India and its lesson. If no caution is taken in the future, it will be the beginning of the disruption of the Fa. Be careful: When a problem arises, do not try to find out who should be held accountable. Instead, you should examine your own conduct. Do not try to look into who wrote them. Take a lesson from it and be careful in the future. 

Li Hongzhi

April 28, 1996