It seems that there still exists a problem if we are to keep Dafa unchanged forever. Namely, there are always students who, driven by their desire to show off and their intention of being different, do things that interfere with Dafa as soon as an opportunity arises. This is sometimes really serious. For example, recently someone has been saying that I individually taught a student the essentials of the exercises (the fact is that I only corrected the student’s movements when he asked me). That in effect invalidates the exercise movements I have been teaching in different regions for the past few years. While I am still around and under the circumstance that the instructional videotape is still available, this person even publicly altered Dafa’s exercise movements. He told the students not to practice according to the videotape but to follow him, claiming that Teacher has high-level gong, is different from his students, and so on. He also told the students to practice according to their own conditions first, to gradually make changes in the future, and so on.

From the very beginning I have taught the exercises in their entirety, for I have been concerned that some students might make arbitrary changes. The energy mechanism can never be changed once it forms. This problem may seem insignificant, but it is actually the beginning of a serious disruption of the Fa. Some people take the transitional movements as individual ones and tell students to do them in a standardized way. Doing that sort of thing is trying to be different. This has brought about very serious effects in different regions at the present time. My disciples! My instructional videotapes are still available—why would you follow these people so readily?! Dafa is the solemn, great Fa of the universe. Even if you disrupt just a bit of it, what a mammoth sin that is! As a cultivator, you should practice cultivation in an open and dignified manner and look at the larger picture. How could it possibly be that everyone’s movements are exactly the same, without any slight differences? Don’t focus your mind on such trivialities. The exercise movements are a way to help reach Consummation, and they are certainly important. But instead of going down a dead end, you should devote more effort to improving your xinxing. In fact, most interference for Dafa comes internally, from practitioners themselves. External factors can only affect a few individuals and are unable to alter the Fa. Whether it be at present or in the future, those who can undermine our Fa are none other than our own disciples. Be careful! Our Fa is solid like diamond and immutable. Under no circumstances and for no reason can anyone alter even a bit of the movements with which we are to reach Consummation. Otherwise, this person is undermining the Fa, regardless of whether his motives are good or not. 

Li Hongzhi

May 11, 1996