A Letter to Shijiazhuang[1] Dafa General Assistance Center 

Shijiazhuang Dafa General Assistance Center: 

I have learned that your conference for sharing cultivation experiences met with obstacles. There are three reasons for this, from which you will certainly learn a lesson. In fact, this incident has directly affected the Dafa activities in Beijing and the entire country, and it will have a certain negative impact on normal Dafa activities later on. I think that you will definitely realize this and do better in the future. 

Additionally, let me say a few more words about the seminars held by a certain student. When in a few, select instances seminars have been held involving students with supernormal abilities, the point was to validate Dafa's scientific nature with scientific means, having the scientific and technological community, or the academic world, come to understand Dafa. The point was not to have those individuals discourse among students, as doing so would not do any good at all and would only cause new students, or disciples without a solid understanding of the Fa, to develop attachments. Those disciples who study the Fa well will, without any need to listen to such speeches, continue their determined cultivation in Dafa all the same.  

More importantly, I have taught the Fa for two years, and I have given disciples two years to practice cultivation. Over disciples' two years of doing actual cultivation, I have not allowed any activities that have nothing to do with actual cultivation to interfere with the orderly, step-by-step process of improvement arranged for students. If the speeches are not given to the scientific and academic communities to validate Dafa's scientific nature, but rather to the cultivating disciples who have limited time, think about it: Could there be a greater interference for students? I don't even meet with students face to face so that I will avoid disturbing them. Students cannot calm down for at least a few days after seeing me, and this disrupts the arrangements I had my Law Bodies make for them. I have told the Research Society about this problem, but perhaps it was not made clear to the student involved. Now that the matter is over, none of you should try to determine who should be held accountable. I think that the main reason this happened is that you did not realize it. But you must pay attention from now on. Everything we do today is to lay a foundation for the transmission of Dafa over countless years to come, and to leave a perfect, correct, error-free form of cultivation practice. Today I point this out not to criticize anyone, but to correct the form of cultivation practice and leave it for future generations.  

Distribute this letter to the assistance centers in different regions. 

Li Hongzhi

June 26, 1996

[1] Shijiazhuang (shr-jyah-jwahng)—a city located in Hebei province, not far south of Beijing.