Rectification of One’s Character  

As Dafa is being cultivated more deeply, many disciples have successively attained Enlightenment or achieved Gradual Enlightenment. They can see the actual, splendid, magnificent scenes in other dimensions. The disciples experiencing the Enlightenment process are so excited that they call my Law Bodies the “second master,” or take my Law Bodies as a true and independent master—this is a misunderstanding. Law Bodies are the manifest image of my omnipresent wisdom, but not an independent living being. Some other disciples call the Falun[1] “Master Falun.” This is absolutely, grossly wrong. The Falun is another manifest form of my Fa power’s nature and Dafa’s wisdom—things too wonderful to describe in words. The Falun is the manifestation of the nature of the Fa of all matter in the universe, from the macroscopic level to the microscopic level, and it is not an independent living being.

When you see my Law Bodies and Falun doing those great, miraculous, and magnificent things for you, you disciples must remember not to view or compliment my Law Bodies or Falun with ordinary human thinking. That kind of thinking is a mixed expression of inferior enlightenment quality and inferior xinxing. As a matter of fact, all forms that manifest are the concrete manifestations of my using the enormous power of Fa to rectify the Fa and save people. 

Li Hongzhi

July 2, 1996

[1] Falun (fah-lun)—“Law Wheel”.