It is time to make a few remarks on the current methods of work employed by assistance center coordinators in different regions. It is correct to implement the requirements of the Research Society, but you should mind the way you do it. I often say that if all a person wants is the well-being of others and if this is without the slightest personal motivation or personal understanding, what he says will move the listener to tears. I have not only taught you Dafa, but have also left you my demeanor. While working, your tone of voice, your kindheartedness, and your reasoning can change a person’s heart, whereas commands never could! If others are not convinced deep down inside but only superficially comply, they will still conduct themselves according to their own will when no one is around to see them. 

Any work in Dafa is intended for people to obtain the Fa and for disciples to improve themselves. Anything other than these two points is meaningless. Therefore, all activities should be organized according to local conditions and students’ situations, instead of being made absolute. Even learning Dafa is voluntary, not to mention organizing activities! As a matter of fact, the person in charge of a center is first of all a leader in studying the Fa. If a person does not study the Fa well himself, he will not do a good job in his work. The experience sharing conferences organized by assistance centers in different regions should never be turned into self-criticism conferences. Such solemn Fa Conferences for sharing cultivation experiences in Dafa should never be turned into exhibitional conferences for exposing the dark side of society, still less should you force students to reveal the shortcomings they had and mistakes they made when they were everyday people; you would thereby inflict serious, negative effects, damaging Dafa’s reputation. You should be clear on what you should do and what you should not do. This is solemn cultivation practice. The experience sharing conferences are intended for the improvement of students and the promotion of Dafa, but not for publicizing how bad our students once were. They are for talking about doing Dafa cultivation practice, not dumping so-called “dirty water”! The work you do for Dafa is not irrelevant to your cultivation practice. Factors that are to improve your xinxing appear everywhere in your work. You should not only do your work, but also reach Consummation. I know that a few of you seldom read the books or study the Fa, nor do you examine yourselves according to the several articles I have written for you that you call scriptures. What are the “scriptures”? They are simply articles to be read frequently. Do you read them? If you study the Fa more, you will not do a bad job in your work. I point out your shortcomings in order to make Dafa develop in a more healthy way, with fewer problems. In fact, Dafa is also enriching your insights and creating the elite of Dafa. 

Li Hongzhi

June 13, 1997 in Hong Kong.