Bear in Mind Forever  

Dafa Society:  

I suggest that every disciple immediately, on the spot, destroy everything that I have not publicly issued but that is in circulation without permission, such as: my speeches that came out of Chengde; the things about supernormal abilities that a practitioner from Beijing discussed; the speech of the assistance center coordinator in Dalian; the cave story from the coordinator of the Guizhou assistance center and other speeches; not to mention the speeches made by people in charge of different regions; what was said by students after seeing me; the speech given by people in charge of the Dafa Research Society, and so on, plus texts, recordings, videotapes, etc., that have been transcribed from my speeches without permission. All of these must be destroyed on the spot, and they cannot be kept regardless of the excuse. What is “safeguarding Dafa”? This is most thoroughly a safeguarding of Dafa, and a test of whether you can follow what I tell you and whether you are truly my disciples! Let me tell everyone once again that the Dharma taught by Buddha Sakyamuni was sabotaged this way. This is a lesson in history. From now on, nobody should tape record or videotape speeches given by any of the people in charge in different regions or by any disciples; even less can they be edited into texts or be spread around for people to read. This is not a problem of any particular person, nor is this to criticize any person in particular here; instead, this is rectifying Dafa. Bear in mind: Except for Dafa students’ experience sharing conferences for studying the Fa and activities organized by major assistance centers with the endorsement of the Research Society, anything that does not belong to Dafa but is being circulated in Dafa undermines Dafa. 

Li Hongzhi

June 18, 1997