A Heavy Blow 

To make it convenient for more people to practice cultivation, Dafa at present mainly takes the form of cultivation practice in the society of everyday people; practitioners temper themselves in their workplaces and other environments of everyday persons. Only monks and nuns need to roam around. Yet some people are now traveling all over the country and calling themselves Dafa disciples. They live in the homes of Dafa disciples for no reason, while eating, drinking, taking, and asking for things. Swindling and bluffing, they take advantage of Dafa by capitalizing on the kind nature of students. But why can’t our students distinguish them? Practicing cultivation is to cultivate one’s own self. Think about it: Why don’t these people do actual cultivation calmly in their own homes? A difficult environment can help a person cultivate himself better. Why do these people disregard my words and move around the whole country? Why do these people eat, take, and ask for students’ things, yet ask them to abandon their attachments? Is this what I’ve taught them? Even worse, some stay in students’ homes for a few consecutive months. Isn’t this flagrantly interfering with and harming students’ cultivation practice? I think that these people need to pay back in full what they have eaten and taken by swindling. Dafa won’t permit it to be otherwise. If this sort of thing occurs again in the future, you can treat that person as a regular swindler and report him to the police, for that person absolutely is not our student. 

Also, in some regions people have organized so-called “Fa-preaching groups” without permission, acting pretentiously among students and swindling people everywhere. There are people who also invite individuals to give speeches, thereby undermining and interfering with students’ cultivation. On the surface these people appear to be spreading Dafa, but in reality they are promoting themselves. A student’s cultivation is arranged systematically by my Law Bodies. It is only that some students don’t know this or they remain unaware of it. So aren’t these people causing interference? It is especially difficult for those who have just started learning the Fa to make a clear distinction. There are also people delivering so-called “speeches” in conferences that are attended by thousands. What they say is all about themselves. They even define some sentences of Dafa or interpret Dafa, with their bodies emitting to the students black karma and attachment substances. I have stated explicitly in Zhuan Falun that this is forbidden. Why don’t you think about this? This is especially so for those who are in charge of hosting and have invited people to do those things, for you might have inflicted some intangible harm to Dafa disciples, and you are no longer qualified to be in charge of Dafa disciples. Without listening to me or following the requirements of Dafa, how could you be my disciples? Isn’t this going against Dafa? If this isn’t an act of harming Dafa, what is it? My disciples, you shouldn’t always be unaware of these things until I point them out. In fact, everything is included in the Fa. Why not read the books more? I suggest that everyone set his mind to reading ten times the book I wrote, Essentials for Further Advancement, which you call scripture. When your mind isn’t at peace, studying the Fa is not effective. You should study it with a peaceful mind. 

In a few regions we have people in charge who don’t read the books or study the Fa. What’s more, they claim that they have headaches whenever they read the Fa. Isn’t it obvious that demons are interfering with them, and yet they don’t want to break from their control? Even a new student can realize this. How can such people be in charge? I think it is better for people like that to voluntarily become common students and actually practice cultivation for a period of time peacefully—this is good for both Dafa and them. There was also someone who understood my letter of criticism to her in the opposite way. She made copies and distributed them to show off, without realizing her mistake. She claimed, “Teacher even wrote to me.” Also, in order to have students follow their commands, some people often use words in their speeches like, “On behalf of Teacher Li, I ...,” and so on. Nobody can represent me. How could your words become my words? My words are the Fa. Could your words be the Fa? My disciples! I suggest that you first become common students for a period of time, and then resume your work after becoming clearheaded. No matter how much work a person in charge has done among everyday people, he is working for Dafa out of his own will. The success of his work is only a manifestation among ordinary humans. It is the mighty power of Dafa itself and the specific arrangements made by my Law Bodies that enable people to obtain the Fa and spread the Fa widely. Without my Law Bodies doing these things, even protecting the people in charge could hardly be ensured, let alone spreading the Fa widely. So don’t always think of yourselves too highly. There is no fame, self-interest, or official titles in Dafa, but only cultivation practice.  

Li Hongzhi

June 18, 1997