Another Comment on Evaluation Criteria 

Recently, there have been a great number of new students who have not yet gained a deeper understanding of Dafa’s requirements. There are some regions in particular where the Dafa practitioners in charge are new, too. Therefore, within a very short time you are required to study the Fa in depth so that all your conduct and your demeanor will conform to Dafa. Meanwhile, the general assistance centers in different regions need to be careful selecting people. Those who mislead students should be replaced as soon as possible, and those who study Dafa well should be selected to take charge.

Of late, some assistance centers have asked those whose Third Eye (tianmu) are said to be open to examine students’ cultivation. Everything those people have seen is in fact false and illusory. I said long ago that the criterion for evaluating a disciple is nothing but his xinxing, and I will never allow anyone who hasn’t attained Enlightenment or reached Consummation to see clearly my disciples’ actual cultivation states. What is visible to those who can see are merely manifestations shown to them at their particular low levels, and they are unable to see things at higher levels. If someone in charge uses such a person to examine other students, this person will develop an attachment to showing off. Moreover, his demon-nature will also cause interference and damage, so what he sees will be transformed by his mind activities. It was wrong for him to examine Dafa disciples in the first place. The person in charge who asked him to examine students also didn’t follow my words. Why don’t you listen to your Master’s words: “The only criterion for evaluating a student’s cultivation is his xinxing”? Don’t you know that all dimensions exist simultaneously in the same place? Living beings in any dimension are likely to overlap with human bodies, and they look very much like possessing spirits (futi). Yet they exist in different dimensions and have nothing to do with humans. Can those whose Third Eye are said to be open understand these complex situations?

Also, some people casually claim that this person is possessed or that person is possessed. Let me tell you that the problem lies in those who make such statements themselves. 

This universe’s dimensions are extremely complex. What I have said has exhausted all expressions of human language. A lot of situations are beyond the description of human language. Even a disciple who has reached Consummation can only see clearly what he has enlightened to at his Attainment Status, not to mention a person who is still practicing cultivation.  

Li Hongzhi

June 18, 1997