Take the Middle Way 

In order to have Dafa disciples avoid deviation in their cultivation practice, whenever a common or serious problem appears, I write an article to point it out in a timely manner so that disciples may realize it and Dafa will suffer fewer losses. This is because whether we can take the right way does not depend only on disciples’ cultivating righteously; whether Dafa’s overall form is righteous is also a key factor. So, as your teacher, I will often correct the deviations that occur.

Because of disciples’ differences in understanding, some disciples always go from one extreme to the other. Whenever they read the Fa I have written they take extreme actions, thereby causing new problems. When I tell you to change your human understandings, I am not asking you to maintain a human way of understanding Dafa. Yet neither should you be irrational or eccentric. I want you to be clearheaded in understanding Dafa.

Li Hongzhi

August 3, 1997