The Fa Rectifies the Human Heart 

As the number of disciples practicing cultivation in Dafa increases, more and more people want to learn about Dafa. Yet some of them do not come here to practice cultivation. Instead, they want to find solutions in Dafa, as they have discovered that there is no way out for human society; this leads to the composition of practitioners as a whole being impure. At the same time, this has also interfered with Dafa from another angle. For instance, some people get some inspiration from Dafa and launch in society something like a civil movement. This kind of Fa-plagiarizing behavior, which originates from Dafa but fails to validate Dafa, works against Dafa from another perspective. As a matter of fact, no movement can bring about a fundamental change in the human heart. Nor do movements’ phenomena last—people become indifferent with the passage of time. Afterwards, unhealthy phenomena that are harder to tackle will emerge. Dafa absolutely can not fall into this kind of condition.

At present, of all the good citizens and good deeds publicized by the media—such as radio, TV, newspapers, etc.—many have been done by our Dafa practitioners since they practice cultivation in Dafa and have improved their xinxing. The news reports, however, claim that these people have done so because they are role models or key figures, etc., thereby completely disregarding the fact that their conduct was a result of their practicing Dafa cultivation. This is mainly caused by disciples themselves. Cultivation practice is a great and magnificent thing. Why can’t you tell the interviewers in an open and dignified manner that you do those things because you practice Dafa cultivation? If the reporter does not want to mention Dafa, we should not cover up for any form that plagiarizes Dafa and fails to validate it. All of us are trying to be good people, and this is in the interest of society and mankind. Why can’t we have a just and legitimate environment? Disciples, you should bear in mind that Dafa is harmonizing you and you are also harmonizing Dafa. 

Li Hongzhi

August 17, 1997