Principles for Disciples Who Are Monks and Nuns

Recently, a number of disciples who are monks and nuns in a religion have begun practicing Dafa cultivation. To enable themselves to improve as quickly as possible, they should abandon the bad inclinations modern religions have developed over a long period of time. In this regard, our Dafa disciples practicing cultivation among everyday people should not encourage these people to develop such things. The cultivation method that Buddha Sakyamuni left for monks and nuns was very good. But modern monks and nuns have altered it because many of them could not let go of their attachment to money. They have even made up some excuses to justify themselves over this, such as renovating temples, building Buddha statues, printing Buddhist scriptures, covering the expenses for maintaining temples, and so on. None of these are cultivation practice; instead, they are all intention-filled actions that have nothing to do with actual cultivation. A person absolutely cannot achieve Consummation by means of them. 

If you want to cultivate in Dafa, you must let go of attachments to money and possessions. Otherwise, how could you meet the standard for being a Dafa disciple? Additionally, except in special situations, disciples who are monks or nuns are not allowed to travel by motor vehicle, plane, or ship. All should travel on foot. Only through enduring hardships can one repay one's karma. You can collect alms with an alms bowl when you are hungry (you should only beg for food, but never for money or goods). At night, you may stay at the homes of Dafa disciples in different regions, but not for long. You must set strict requirements for yourselves! Otherwise, you are not my disciples. Because disciples who are monks or nuns have different cultivation circumstances from those of disciples who practice cultivation at home, society does not treat you as everyday people, either. To achieve Consummation soon, disciples who are monks and nuns should temper themselves in the human world. You should never be attached to comfort or pleasure, nor should you use any excuse to seek fame or gain. Still less should you ask for money to send home. If you cannot abandon worldly thoughts, you should not have become a monk or nun. In ancient times there were very strict requirements for becoming a monk or nun. Dafa disciples who are monks or nuns should set even stricter requirements for themselves. Since you have become a monk or nun, why can't you let go of worldly thoughts?

Disciples! As for disciples practicing cultivation at home, they will gradually, thoroughly abandon attachments to the secular world. But for disciples who are monks or nuns, this is a prerequisite that they must meet from the very beginning, as well as a requirement for becoming a monk or nun.

Li Hongzhi

October 16, 1997