Dafa Cannot be Used 

Dafa can save all beings. Standing before the great facts, even those so-called “high-level beings” who are escaping into the Three Realms and those from the Three Realms who have done damage to Dafa can no longer deny it. Even so, a problem has come along and has manifest itself among ordinary humans. For example, some people who used to oppose Dafa or did not believe in Dafa have also come to learn to practice Dafa cultivation. Dafa can save all beings. I do not object to anyone coming to learn it, and in fact I have been teaching Dafa to all beings. The key point is that deep down inside these people do not regard me as their true master. Their purpose for learning Dafa is to use it to protect things deep down inside that they[1] cannot let go of, things in religion, or God. This is an act of plagiarizing the Fa. The intention of using Dafa is itself an unforgivable sin. For some of them, however, the human side of their minds is not quite so aware; therefore, I have been observing them all along. Since I think that regardless of the reason they have taken up the path of Dafa, it is still a rare opportunity for them, I am giving wrongdoers another chance. After all, he or she was born into a time when Dafa is being spread widely, and he or she is also in a human body. I have been waiting for them to come to realize this. 

There is actually also a group of people who came like this and have completely changed their original understanding, becoming determined, genuine Dafa disciples. But there is still another group of people who do not intend to change and who have long been stumbling along in Dafa. For the sake of Dafa’s stability in the human world, I cannot condone their continuing any further. Thus, they will really miss their chance. As I said, superficial changes are for others to see. Whether or not you can be saved depends on the change and ascension of your own heart. If change does not occur there, you cannot improve and nothing can be achieved. Actually, it is because of reading Zhuan Falun that your body has been somewhat blessed on the surface. Other than that, you have not attained anything. With a mind that ill, could you attain anything else? Human beings! Think about it! What should you believe? What shouldn’t you believe? Why do you practice cultivation? For whom do you practice cultivation? For whom does your life exist? I trust that you will weigh such questions properly. Otherwise, you will never be able to make up for what you will lose. When Dafa reveals itself to mankind, these are not the only things that you will lose.  

Li Hongzhi

March 16, 1999 

[1] In this and many other instances throughout this article, such as where “they” or “them” appears, Teacher specifically uses a second pronoun (in addition to the male pronoun) in parentheses to include the female form of “they,” “them,” etc. in Chinese.