Determination and Solidity  

The Buddha Fa cultivation practice is majestic. At the same time, it is also serious. Disciples, you only know that there exist truth and falsehood in the secular world, but you do not know that lives in other dimensions—including gods—vary greatly throughout the universe, due to their different levels. This leads to differences in their understandings of things and of the truth. In particular, due to the circumstance that they are unclear about the reality regarding the Fa-rectification, some have caused severe interference and resistance, doing damage by using different methods to come into contact with students. They have thereby caused some students who have their Third Eye open at low levels to have doubts and confusion about Dafa. Among these beings within the Three Realms (the so-called “gods”) and the various so-called “high-level beings” who have fled over from higher dimensions in order to escape the Fa-rectification, most of them[1] do not know the truth about the Fa-rectification and resist the Fa-rectification itself. They are undermining the students’ upstanding faith and determination by exhibiting or telling the students some of their understandings based on their own notions, or by imparting some things to the students, and so on. Actually, those are all very low-level things and are deceptive lies. Since they are gods, they appear to be very kind, causing groups of students who have insufficient understanding of Dafa to develop thoughts of wavering. Consequently, some people have stopped studying Dafa, and some have even gone to the opposite side. At present, this problem is very serious. Because of this, these people’s situation is extremely lamentable. At the same time, they will never regain what they have lost, and this is a huge disaster in their life. 

I have already mentioned all of this to you in Essentials for Further Advancement and in Zhuan Falun, in the topics: “no second cultivation way,” and “how to practice cultivation with your Third Eye open.” Why can’t you handle yourself properly once you see those so-called “higher beings,” who feign kindness, talking to you? Can they have you reach Consummation? Why don’t you think about it? Why did they ignore you before you learned Dafa? Why have they become so concerned about you after you have learned Dafa? Cultivation is serious. I have already taught you all the principles of the Fa. All of these things are something that you have to go through and tests that you have to pass in your personal cultivation practice. Failing to pass them is your own doing. All this time I have been giving you opportunities to realize this and to get back on track. For the sake of Dafa, I could not wait any longer and had to write this article. I know that when you read this article you are bound to be awakened; but this does not come from your own cultivation. Why haven’t others been interfered with? I have said that the Fa-rectification started from outside of the Three Realms, and therefore some so-called “gods” within the Three Realms could not see it. Thus, they dared to do things that harmed Dafa. When the Fa-rectification entered the Three Realms and the human world, they had nowhere to escape to. However, there are records of everything they have done, which then become the future positions that they place themselves into. Some will lower their levels, and some will become human beings. Some will become ghosts in the netherworld, and some will be completely destroyed through almost endless and repeated destruction as payment for all that they have done; this is because those are the positions that they get through the most truthful exhibition of their own xinxing. This way, all lives from above are also rearranging their positions in Dafa, not to mention these things in the human world and its ordinary human beings. In the Fa-rectification, there are those who ascend, there are those who descend, and there are those who are destroyed. Regardless of whether they are gods, humans, or ghosts, all will be placed anew in one of the positions in different realms—from survival to total elimination. You human beings are treasured because you are able to practice cultivation; that is why you are taught such high-level principles. You are treasured because through cultivation you are capable of becoming truly great Enlightened Beings with virtuous enlightenment and righteous Fa.  

Li Hongzhi

March 16, 1999 

[1] As in the above footnote, a second pronoun is given in parentheses, this time one used for “it.”