Purge Demon-Nature  

In the wake of the Western U.S. Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, some people who listened to the Fa with attachments claimed that cultivation practice would soon come to an end and that Master would leave, taking a portion of practitioners with him. This is an act that seriously damages Dafa, and it is a massive exposure of demon-nature. When did I ever make such statements? This comes from your understanding things wrong due to your attachments. How do you know that you will achieve Consummation? How could you achieve Consummation when you are not even able to let go of your own attachments? Dafa is serious. How could it follow what evil religions do? What other forms of demon-nature do you still harbor? Why do you have to switch to the opposite side of Dafa? If you still want to be my disciples, immediately stop being used by demons when you are talking. 

Disciples, I have said repeatedly that cultivation practice is both serious and sacred. At the same time, our cultivation should be responsible to society, mankind, and ourselves. Why can’t you practice cultivation nobly and in a way that conforms to the society of everyday people? For all those who told others that there was no time left, that they were making their final arrangements, or that the Master would leave and take so-and-so with him, and so on, I suggest that you immediately undo the impact that you have either directly or indirectly caused. Not even one sentence should be taken advantage of by demons. Our way of achieving Consummation must be open and aboveboard. 

Li Hongzhi

March 30, 1999