Comments for Republication

When Further Discussions on Falun Dafa was initially published, it was mainly for the purpose of improving the quality of the Assistants1 and their abilities to guide and help others. If new, average students hadn’t been able to accept it, harm and interference might have been brought to Dafa. For this reason its publication was limited.

In the time since disciples across the country began to study the Fa and do actual cultivation, you have deepened your understanding of the Fa. Through actually doing cultivation you have come to truly experience the immenseness of Dafa and its close connection to the improvement of your levels, and your understanding has noticeably improved. This being the case, I have decided to republish Further Discussions on Falun Dafa. However, there is a tendency you should be cautious of: don’t go looking for new and unheard-of things in Dafa. Some people do, in fact, constantly try to find out what new things I have said, what new books have come out, what the new direction is, other sorts of things, and so on. You need to calm your minds and continue cultivating steadily. The truth is, no matter how many more scriptures we publish, they are merely supplementary materials to Zhuan Falun. Only Zhuan Falun can truly guide your cultivation. It contains inner meanings that go from the level of ordinary people to incomparable heights. As long as you continue to cultivate, Zhuan Falun will always guide your elevation in cultivation.

Although the superficial language of Zhuan Falun isn’t fancy and doesn’t even conform to modern grammar, if I were to use modern grammar to organize the book of Dafa, a serious problem would come about: the language and structure would be in keeping with norms and be beautiful, but it would lack deeper and higher meanings. This is because with the modern, standardized vocabulary it is absolutely impossible to express Dafa’s guidance at different higher levels and the manifestation of the Fa at each level so as to drive the real changes, such as the transformation and improvement of the students’ benti and gong.

The publication of this book, Further Discussions, is also for the purpose of guiding you to learn Zhuan Falun well. I hope that Dafa disciples can take the Fa as their teacher, deter interference, and cultivate solidly—this is how a person makes diligent progress.

Hongzhi Li

Footnotes: (from the translators)

1 Designated volunteers who assist the Falun Dafa community. > Books