In order for us to do better assistance work for Falun Dafa, and at the request of the Research Society and the assistance centers in various regions, my teaching the Fa and explaining the Fa at the assistant meetings are, after my review and approval, now formally published.

The meetings’ attendees also included a small number of assistants from other provinces and cities. After I taught the Fa and explained the Fa, some people put my words into written form according to the audio recordings, and also circulated and copied them in some places. Since I always teach the Fa and explain the Fa in specific circumstances, in specific situations, and for specific audiences, without those factors the copied and circulated transcripts will lead to different understandings from the Dafa I teach and are likely to be misunderstood. This isn’t good for the spreading of Dafa.

Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa is published as an internal reading material for the assistants. When every assistant spreads Falun Dafa, he must be responsible to himself, be responsible to the students, be responsible to society, and be responsible to Dafa. When promoting [Dafa] and answering questions, he should advance Dafa appropriately, as fitting the recipient’s degree of understanding of Dafa and capacity to accept it.

Li Hongzhi