Issue of Pursuit

        Many people have entered into our cultivation field with an attachment of pursuit. Some crave after supernormal capabilities; some want to hear the theory; some hope to be cured of their diseases; some intend to get a Falun. They have come here with various desires. Some even said to me, "One of my family members didn't come to attend the lecturing session. I'll pay the tuition. Would you please give him a Falun?" How can you expect to get a Falun, a product of so many generations' efforts which was formed in an extremely long period with a horrifying number of years, by spending dozens of Yuan? How can we give it to each of you without conditions? It is simply because you want to be a cultivator. This heart can never be bought with money. It means that you have developed your Buddha-nature. Therefore, we can do such a thing for you.

        You cling to your attachment of pursuit. Have you come here just for getting a Falun? My Law body in another space knows everything you are thinking about. As there is a different concept of spacetime in the two spaces. Seen from another space, the formation of your thinking is an extremely slow process. My Law body even knows your thought before you have it. So you must give up all of your incorrect thoughts. The Buddha School believes in affinity. It is your predestined luck that has brought you here. Maybe it is predestined for you to get it. Therefore, when you have got it, you should treasure it. Do not hold on to any pursuit.

        In the religious cultivation of the past, the Buddha School taught Emptiness. They thought about nothing and entered the Door of Emptiness. The Tao School taught Nothingness. They had nothing, wanted nothing and sought after nothing. A practitioner stresses unintentional acquisition of the energy through intentional cultivation. If you cultivate in a state of active no action and care about nothing but cultivating your Xinxing, you are going through one level after another and will certainly acquire what you ought to possess. If you cling to your pursuits, doesn't it mean that you have an attachment? We have taught such a high Law to you all at once, so the demands on your Xinxing should also be high. So you should not come to learn the Law with pursuit in mind.

        We are leading you to the right way. To hold myself responsible to you all, I have to give a thorough exposition of the Law. When one seeks after the Celestial Eye, his Celestial Eye will be blocked by itself and he himself will be sealed by something. What's more, I tell you that in the cultivation of Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law) all the supernormal capabilities one has developed are the primordial instincts one carries in his physical body, which are now called supernatural powers. They can only work and control an ordinary person in this space, that is, in our physical world. What do you seek after these minor powers and petty magic arts for? Even if you have acquired them after a desperate pursuit, they have no use in another space after you have entered into the cultivation of Chu Shi Jian Fa ( the Beyond-Triple-World-Law). When you have gone beyond the cultivation of the In-Triple-World-Law, all these capabilities have to be thrown away and pressed into a profound space to be stored up there, which can only be used as a record of your cultivation process for you to look up in the future.

        One has to re-cultivate himself when he has gone beyond the cultivation of the In-Triple-World-Law. His body is the one which has transcended the Five Elements as I mentioned above; that is, a Buddha body. Isn't it right to call such a body a Buddha body? A Buddha body has to go through a fresh cultivation and develop new powers, which are no longer called supernormal capabilities, but the divine powers of Buddha Law. With an invincible force, the divine power is something that can really work effectively in different spaces. So what is the use of your pursuing supernormal capabilities? If you pursue them, do you want to use them or display them among ordinary people? Otherwise, what do you want them for? They are invisible and intangible. To choose an article merely for show you should pick up something pretty. I am sure that you have a desire to use them for some purpose in your subconsciousness. They cannot be acquired as skills of ordinary people. They are entirely supernormal things which are not allowed to be displayed among ordinary people. The display itself implies a very strong attachment, a very bad heart, a heart that a cultivator should get rid of. It would be even worse if you want to use them to earn money, to make a fortune, or to reach a goal among ordinary people through personal struggle, because you are trying to use something of a high order to disturb and disrupt the society of ordinary people. This is an even worse idea. So you are not allowed to use your abilities freely.

        Generally speaking, children and old people are likely to develop their powers, especially old women, as more often than not they have good control of their Xinxing and have not the attachments of ordinary people. When they have developed their supernormal capabilities, they can easily control them because they have no desire to show off. Why is it difficult for young people to develop their powers? Because young people, especially young men, still want to struggle in the society of ordinary people to attain their goals. Once they have developed their supernormal capabilities, they will use them to reach their goals, taking them as abilities to achieve their goals. This can never be allowed to happen. Therefore, they will not develop their capabilities.

        Cultivation is not a trifling matter, nor a skill of ordinary people. But it is a very serious matter. It all depends on how to improve your Xinxing whether you want or are able to cultivate yourself. It would be a bad thing if someone had really got supernormal capabilities by means of pursuit. He would never think about the matter of cultivation from then on. As his Xinxing would be no higher than that of ordinary people and his powers were acquired through pursuit, he might do all kinds of evil deeds. There is much money in the bank. He might use the magic of removal and take some money from it. There are plenty of lotteries run in the street. He might go and pick out the first prize ticket. Why have such things never happened? Some qigong masters say that one is prone to do evil deeds when he has developed his powers if he pays no attention to the improvement of his virtues. I say this is an erroneous statement. It is not the case at all. If you pay no attention to the improvement of your virtues and do not cultivate your Xinxing, you will never develop your supernormal capabilities. Of course, there is also another case: A person of good Xinxing who has developed his powers on his own level will do what he should not do later when he cannot restrain himself. But once he does evil, his powers will be weakened or lost. If he has lost them, he will never regain them. What's more, the worst thing is that they can arouse one's attachments.

        Some qigong masters say, as if advertising, that one will be able to cure diseases three to five days after he has learned their qigong. Such qigong masters should be called qigong dealers. Just imagine, as an ordinary person, how can you cure others' diseases by just releasing some of your qi? Ordinary people also possess qi in their bodies just as you do. You have just begun to practise and only have opened your acupoints of Laogong, through which you can take in or release the qi. When you tried to treat diseases in others, the qi in their bodies may have cured your own disease. How could one's own qi dictate to the qi of another? Qi does not cure at all. Moreover, when you are treating a patient, you and the patient form a field, and all of his pathogenic qi will come into your body. As a result, you will have as much pathogenic qi as the patient. Though the root of the illness grows in the patient's body, you will also fall ill if you have taken in much of his pathogenic qi. Once you believe that you are able to cure diseases, you will begin the practice to treat patients and refuse nobody's request. Thus, your attachment will be aroused. How happy you are when you have cured someone of his disease! Why is it that you can cure diseases? Why not think about it? As all pseudo qigong masters are possessed by evil spirits. In order to make you believe them, they will give you some message. When you have treated three, five, eight or ten patients, the message will disappear. As it is a kind of consumption of energy, you will no longer have such energy from then on. You yourself possess no energy. Where can you get it? We qigong masters have gone through dozens of years of cultivation. It was very difficult to cultivate the Tao in the past. It is quite hard for one to cultivate through a side gate or in an unorthodox school instead of taking hold of an Orthodox School.

        You see that some great qigong masters have earned wide fame. But only through dozens of years' cultivation have they developed such a little energy. You have not cultivated yourself. How is it possible that you could have acquired energy by just attending a training class? Then, your attachment will be aroused from that point on. With this attachment, you will get worried if you cannot cure a disease. In order to maintain his fame, someone even has such a thought when treating a patient: "Let me suffer from this disease so that the patient will be free from his illness." It is not out of compassion that he has such a thought. He has not got rid of the desire for fame and gain at all. How can he have developed the heart of compassion? He is afraid of losing his fame. So he wishes he could suffer from the disease lest he should lose his fame. What an intense desire for fame! Well, when he has such a wish, the disease can really be transferred from the patient to him at once. He goes home to suffer from the disease. The patient is well, but he feels ill at home after treating the disease. When you believe that you have cured someone of his disease and hear him calling you qigong master, you will get complacent and be extremely pleased with yourself. Isn't it an attachment? When you fail to cure it, you will be crestfallen. Isn't it caused by your desire for fame and gain? Moreover, the pathogenic qi of your patient will all come to your body. The pseudo qigong master teaches you how to dispel it from your body. I tell you that you are unable to dispel it at all, even a bit of it, because you yourself have no ability to distinguish the bad qi from the good qi. In the long run, your body will be all black inside. That is the karma.

        When you really want to cultivate yourself, there will be quite an ordeal for you. What shall you do? How much suffering will you have to undergo to transform it into a white substance? It is a hard job. A person of good inborn qualities is usually more likely to have this problem. Some people keep seeking the powers to cure diseases. Seeing such a desire in your mind, the animal will come to possess your body, which is called spirit possession. Do you want to cure diseases? It will give you a hand. But it will not help you for nothing. No loss, no gain. It is really a danger to you. How can you cultivate yourself when you have invited it to your body? You have been completely ruined.

        Some people who have good inborn qualities are in fact exchanging their inborn qualities for other people's karma. A sick man usually has a heavy karma. If you treat a serious case, you will feel very ill when you go home after the treatment. Many people who treated diseases in the past had such an experience that their patients became well but they themselves suffered from serious diseases at home. With the passage of time, much karma will be transferred to you. You give your De (virtues) to other people to take the karma, as you will gain nothing if you have lost nothing. Though what you want is disease, you also have to exchange your De (virtues) for karma. There is a principle in this universe: Nobody will stop you from taking something, nor will they say that you are good. There is also a specific tenet in the universe: He who has much karma is a bad person. You have exchanged your inborn qualities for karma. With much karma, how could you cultivate yourself? Your entire inborn qualities are ruined. How dreadful it is! The patient is well and feels comfortable, but you go home to suffer. If you cured two cancer patients, you would take their place to die. Isn't it a dangerous thing? It certainly is. But many people do not know the truth of the matter.

        Some pseudo qigong masters enjoy a high reputation. But reputation itself does not necessarily mean being wise. What on earth do ordinary people know? They just echo the views of others and believe in something blindly. What the pseudo qigong masters are doing now does harm not only to others but also to themselves. A couple of years later you will see what will become of them. Cultivation is not to be disrupted in this way. One can cure diseases through cultivation, but to cure diseases is not the aim of cultivation. Cultivation is something supernormal, not a skill of ordinary people. You are absolutely not allowed to disrupt it at will like that. Now some pseudo qigong masters have created a foul atmosphere, using qigong as a means to seek fame and make a fortune. They are trying to form an evil clique to expand their forces. Now the pseudo qigong masters outnumber the true ones by many times. Ordinary people all say so and do such things. Is it the reason for you believing them? You think that qigong is just something like that. No, it is not. What I tell you is the true principle.

        To gain personal interests, an ordinary person will do evil in his contact with other people in various social relationships, and he has to pay what he owes to others by enduring some sufferings. Suppose you could really cure disease and do it as you like, could you be allowed to do so? There are so many Buddhas that they are present everywhere. Why don't they do such a thing? How wonderful if they could make all the human beings live comfortably! Why haven't they done so? One's karmic debt has to be repaid by oneself. Nobody dares to break this principle. In the course of cultivation, out of compassion one may occasionally give aid to others, but he can do nothing but postpone their illness. So they may feel well at the moment but will still have to suffer afterwards. He may also transform your illness so that you would lose money or suffer some misfortune instead of suffering from an illness. To really cure one of his disease means to eliminate that karma all at once. However, we can only do such a thing for a cultivator, not for an ordinary person. Here I am not talking about the principle of our school. I am talking about the truth of the whole universe. I am talking about the actual situation in the world of cultivation.

        We do not teach you how to cure diseases here. We are leading you to the great way and the right way, taking you upward. So I say in every lecturing session that a cultivator of Falun Dafa shall not treat diseases. If you treat diseases, you are not a follower of Falun Dafa. As we are leading you to the right way, we are purifying your body again and again until it is completely transformed by the high-energy matter when you are in the course of the cultivation of Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law). But you yourself are trying to take those black things into your body. How could you cultivate? That is karma! You can never cultivate. With much karma, you are not able to bear it. If you suffer too much, you will find it impossible to cultivate. This is where the reason lies. I have spread the Great Law to the public. Maybe you still do not know what I have taught to you. Since I am able to teach the Great Law to the public, I have ways to protect it. If you treat diseases, my Law body will take back everything for cultivation planted in your body. We cannot allow you to so casually ruin such valuable things to gain fame and wealth. If you do not act on the requirements of the Law, you are not a follower of Falun Dafa. Your body will be reduced to the level of an ordinary person and the bad things will be returned to you, because you want to be an ordinary person.

        After attending my lecture yesterday, many of you began to feel the whole body light. However, a very small number of you who are seriously ill have gone ahead of the rest and have begun to feel unwell since yesterday. Yesterday after I removed the bad things from your bodies, most of you felt the whole body light and very comfortable. However, there is a principle in this universe: no loss, no gain. We cannot remove all of your bad things. It absolutely won't do for you to bear nothing. That is to say, we have removed the root cause of your illness and of your poor health. But you still have a disease field. When your Celestial Eye is open on a very low plane, you can see in your body balls of black qi, the turbid pathogenic qi which are concentrated masses of black qi with great density. When these balls become scattered, the black qi will fill your whole body.

        From today on, some of you will feel cold all over the body as if having got a heavy cold, perhaps feeling pain even in the bones. Most of you will feel unwell in parts of the body, such as feeling pain in the leg or feeling dizzy. You may have felt your affected part healed through practice of qigong or cured by a qigong master, but now you will suffer from it again. That is because he only postponed your illness instead of curing it, as a result, with the disease still in the original place, you will have a relapse later. We have to turn it all out and drive it away so that it will be all removed by the root. In this way, you may feel that you have a relapse. In fact, it is a fundamental dissolution of your karma. Therefore, you will have some reaction. Some people will have reaction in parts of the body. They will feel unwell this way or that way and bear all kinds of sufferings. All this is normal. I tell you that no matter how ill you feel, you must come to attend my lecture. As long as you come to the session, all your symptoms will disappear and you will be in no danger at all. I should make it clear to you that no matter how difficult it is for you to endure the "illness", you are expected to come to the session, because it is hard to obtain the Law. When you feel very ill, it means that the thing has reached the extreme and will turn into its opposite, that is, your whole body will be purified and has to be completely purified. The root of your illness has been removed. Only this black qi is left rising outward for itself so that you will undergo a bit of tribulation and bear some suffering. It would never do for you to endure nothing.

        In the society of ordinary people, owing to the desire for fame and gain and the competition with others, you do not have a good sleep or enjoy a good meal. You are quite ruined in health. Seen from another space, the bones of your body are all black. To purify such a body in such a short while, it is impossible for you to have no reaction. So you will have some reaction. Some of you may vomit and have loose bowels. In the past many students from different areas told me about this in their experience reports that after class they had been looking for toilets all the way until they got home, because their internal organs all needed to be purified. A few of you may sleep in class and will wake up when I finish my lecture. Why? Because they have brain trouble which needs to be put right. But they could never stand such an adjustment of their brains. So they must be put into a state of anesthesia so that they will feel nothing. However, some of them have no problem in the sense of hearing. Though they are sleeping soundly, they do not miss a single word. Afterwards, they will find themselves full of vigour and will not feel sleepy even if they have not got any sleep for two days. All these are different states which need to be adjusted, as your whole body must be completely purified.

        If you are a true cultivator of Falun Dafa and can let go of your attachments, from now on you will have some reaction. Some people are unable to let go of their attachments. Though they say they have let go of them, in fact they can never do so. Therefore, it would be very hard to purify their bodies. Some people let go of their attachments when they begin to understand what I talk about at the end of the session, and their bodies are now purified. The others have found their bodies light from head to foot, but they have just begun to get rid of their diseases and are beginning to feel unwell. In each session there are such people who do not have good awakening quality and lag behind the others. So whatever has happened to you is normal. Such a case also occurred in the sessions I held in other areas. There was someone who felt so ill that he lay prone on the chair waiting for me to walk down from the platform to give him some treatment. I won't do such a thing. In the course of your cultivation, you will meet with a lot of great ordeals. If you are even unable to pass this ordeal, how can you cultivate later on? Can't you abide such a small tribulation? You certainly can. So do not ask me for treatment again. I do not treat diseases. When you mention the word "illness" to me, I'm not willing to listen.

        Man is very hard to save. There are always about five or ten percent of the students in each session who cannot keep up with the others. It is impossible for everyone to attain the Tao. Even if you can persevere in cultivation, it is still hard to say whether you can make it in cultivation or have inflexible determination to cultivate. It is impossible for everyone to attain Buddhahood. A true cultivator of the Great Law, however, will experience the same state and get all he should have by just reading this book.

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