Cosmic Language

        What is cosmic language? One may suddenly mumble an inexplicable language, but he himself doesn't understand what he is talking about. A person who possesses the capability of telepathy can catch a general idea, but is unable to understand the exact meaning. Some people can even speak several such languages. Some take it as an ability or supernormal capability, and swell with pride. Actually, it is not a power or an ability, nor can it represent one's attainment level. What is it, then? The fact is that your mind is dominated by a subtle being from another space. But you think it quite good. You are delighted to get it. You are pleased with yourself. The more you are pleased, the more firmly it will control you. As a true cultivator, how can you let it dominate you? Besides, it comes from a very low dimension. Therefore, as true cultivators, we should never try to incur such trouble.

        Man is the most precious and the supreme intelligence of all things. How can you permit those things to dominate you? You even do not want your body. How sad it is! Some of those things possess a human body. Some do not enter into a human body. They just keep their distance from a person, but they can control and dominate him. If you want to speak that language, they will make you mumble it. It can be transmitted to another person. If that person wants to learn it and is bold enough to open his mouth, he can also speak it. In fact, those things present themselves in packs. If you want to speak, one of them will come to you and make you speak it.

        Why can such a case occur? As I said, the subtle being wants to raise its level, but as there is no suffering for it to endure in its own place, it cannot cultivate or improve itself. So it tries to improve itself by doing good deeds for human beings. But it doesn't know how to do it. However, it knows that energy it has released will have a soothing effect on the sick and relieve him from suffering for the moment though it is unable to cure him, and it also knows that it can achieve such an effect by releasing the energy through a human mouth. This is how the case is. Some people also call it celestial language. Still others call it Buddha's language. This slanders Buddha. I say that's sheer nonsense!

        As is known, Buddha seldom opens his mouth. Should he open his mouth to speak in our world, he may bring an earthquake to mankind. How terrible such a booming would be! Some people say, "I see with my Celestial Eye that he is talking to me." He does not talk to them. Some see my Law body talking to them. In fact, he does not talk to them. He gives out his intention which has a stereophonic sound. When it reaches your ears, you will feel as if he were talking. He usually speaks in his own space. But when his words are transmitted to our world, you can not tell what he says, because there is a difference in the concept of spacetime between the two spaces. One Shichen, that is, a period of two hours, in our world is equal to a year in that large space. That is to say, the time of our world goes slower than that of his space.

        There was a saying in the past which goes, "One day in Heaven above is equal to a thousand years on Earth." It refers to an individual paradise in which there is no concept of space and time, that is, the paradise where the great enlightened beings stay. It refers to such places as the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss, the Glazed Paradise, the Falun Paradise and the Lotus Paradise, etc.. However, in that large space time goes faster than that in ours. Some people have got their ears opened and possess the capability of clairaudience. If you can receive or hear one speaking, you will find that you cannot tell what he says. Whatever you hear sounds the same, just like the twitter of a bird or the high speed turning of a record player. You simply cannot catch a single word. Of course, some can hear the music or the talking. But only through a supernormal capability which can be used as a carrier to eliminate the time difference can you clearly hear the words which have been transmitted to your ears. This is how the case is. Some say it is Buddhas' language. It is not at all.

        When the enlightened beings meet, a smile is enough for them to fully understand each other, because they use the soundless telepathy which has a stereophonic sound to the ears of the one who has received it. The moment they smile, they have exchanged their views. This is not the only way they use. Sometimes they also use another way. As you know, the lamas of Tibet in the Esoteric Sect are good at making hand-signs. But when you ask a lama what the hand-sign is, he will tell you that it is the Supreme Yoga. What is it exactly? He does not know, either. In fact, it is just the language of the enlightened being. When there are a lot of people, he will make a large hand-sign which is very beautiful, and there are various large hand-signs. When there are a few people, he will make a small hand-sign, which is also very beautiful. The small hand-sign is composed of different hand signs, which are very complex and rich in variety, since it is a language. In the past all this was regarded as a secret of heaven, but now we have revealed it. What is adopted in Tibet are only some movements which are used exclusively for the practice of their exercise. Though the movements have been classified and systematized, they are no more than a language exclusively for the practice of their exercise, the several forms of the practice of their qigong exercise. The real hand-sign is quite complex.

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